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eISSN: 2574-9773

Polymer Science


 Akos Szabo
Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Hungary
Research Interest: Polymer Chemistry, polymerization, isobutylene in carbocation, polyisobutylene - poly (poly (ethylene oxide) methacrylate) block copolymers and conetworks Preparation and Evaluation
 Venkatesh Raja K
VSA Group of Institutions, India
Research Interest: Finite Element Analysis, Engineering Optimization, Robotic Design, CAE, Contact Mechanics, Bio-Mechanics
 Arun Torris
CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory, India
Research Interest: Polymeric Biomaterials, Polymer Gel Electrolyte for Energy Storage and Conversion, 3D X-ray Microtomographic Imaging of Biomaterials and Devices, Double-network Hydrogels
 Youya Gao
DePaul University, Chicago,, United States
Research Interest: Pharmaceutical Regulations, Polymer Synthesis and Characterization, Risk Assessment Strategy, Analytical Method Validation and Transfer, Liposome Formulation Analysis
 Loai Aljerf
Damascus University, Syria
Research Interest: Analytical Chemistry, Analytic network process, Sustainable development
 Madhab Bera
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Research Interest: Graphene and graphene-based materials; Polymer nanocomposites; Polyurethane; Characterization; Structure-property relationship; Polymeric thin film
 Ajith James Jose
St Berchmans College , India
Research Interest: Polymer nano composites and blends for high performance applications, Polymer nanocomposites for biomedical applications, Synthesis of nanoparticles, Corrosion resistant polymer nanocomposite coating, Green superabsorbent polymers
 Hunge Yuvaraj Mohan
Shivaji University, , India
Research Interest: Semiconductor thin films: Preparation and Characterization, Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of organic impurities
 Reza Darvishi
Isfahan University of Technology, Iran
Research Interest: Polymerization process, Polymers chemistry & physics (coating and adhesives), Polymer nanocomposites, Modeling and simulation of kinetic polymerization
 Martin Koller
University of Graz, Austria
Research Interest: Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), Biopolymers, Sustainable process development
 Haroon ur Rasheed
Sarhad University, Pakistan
Research Interest: Elastic-Viscous, hydrodynamics, Coating, Fluid Flow, Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Magnetohydrodymanic
 Ashwini Wali
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, India
Research Interest: Thermodynamics, Hydrodynamics, polymer solutions, nano fibers, Non-ionic Cellulose Ethers, Polymeric Bio materials, Electrocoagulation, Chemical Engineering
 Shivshankar Mane
National Chemical Laboratory, India
Research Interest: Polymers for drug delivery application