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eISSN: 2379-6383

Public Health


 professor Ammara Asif
Center of Wellbeing, United Arab Emirates
Research Interest: Clinical Psychology, Identify psychological, emotional or behavioural issues, Diagnose psychological
 Devsmita Das
University of Texas , United States
Research Interest: Numerous pioneering clinical trials that have led to significant improvements in the treatment of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Clinical medicine, Public health
 professor Padma Kanta Dahal
University of Wollongong, Australia
Research Interest: Public health, Global health
 Kejian Wang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Research Interest: Computational toxicology, Data mining, Large scale data analysis, Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Drug repositioning, Biomarker discovery, Genetic association, Medical records analysis
 Lele Li
Baylor College of Medicine, United States
Research Interest: Cardiovascular sciences, Heart regeneration
 Mario Saia
University of Padua, Italy
Research Interest: Hygiene, Epidemiology
 Naureen Omar
University of Health Sciences, Pakistan
Research Interest: Epidemiology, Non communicable diseases, Maternal and child Health, Infectious diseases, Demography, Population, Family planning, Environmental health
 Elias Teages Adgoy
Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry, Eritrea
Research Interest: Community medicine, Primary health care
 Razvan Hainarosie
University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania
Research Interest: Head and neck oncology, Epidemiology
 Thiago Piola
Federal University of Parana, Brazil
Research Interest: Physical activity and health, Public health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics
 Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad
Elsheikh Abdallah Elbadri University, Sudan
Research Interest: Medical parasitology, Medical Immunology, Immunology, Embryology, Endocrinology
 Raimi Morufu Olalekan
Niger Delta University, Nigeria
Research Interest: Community medicine, Pollution Control Management, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, WASH, Waste Management, Anthropogenic Climate, Monitoring and evaluation, Environmental Health, Bioremediation, Air, Water and Land Pollution
 Sanjeev Kumar Shah
National Institute of Health & Environment (NIHE), Nepal
Research Interest: Public Health
 El Hadji Seydou MBAYE
Aristide The Dantec Hospital, Senegal
Research Interest: Women genital sphere infections, Cancer, Viruses, Immunology, Pesticides and cancer, Microbiology, Human Bio-banking, Vaccines and Vaccination Program
 Dereje Geleta Negera
Hawassa University, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Public health
 Biniyam Sahiledengle Gebermariyam
Madda Walabu University, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Health education, Environmental health science, Health management, Infection prevention
 Professor Fe Fernandez Hernandez
University of Medical Science of Havana, Cuba
Research Interest: Health Economy, Health Education, Mental Health Studies
 Professor Motuma Getachew
Wollega university , Ethiopia
Research Interest: Public health, Reproductive Health, Child health, Infectious diseases
 Shewayiref Geremew Gebremichael
Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Public Health, Bio statistics, Statistical applications, Survival data analysis and longitudinal data analysis
 Nidhi Awasthi
King George`s Medical University, India
Research Interest: Respiratory diseases (asthma & pneumonia), Molecular genetics
 Dr. Mebrate Dufera
Wollega Uniiversity, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Public Health, Infectious Diseases, Health related researches
 Caren Leticia de Souza Milani
Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Cacoal, Brazil
Research Interest: Nursing, Hospital management, health promotion, pandemic, health care
 Obasanjo Afolabi Bolarinwa
University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Research Interest: Public health, Sexual and reproductive health, Demography & Social statistics
 Dr Aneeta Khoso
Liaquat National Medical College Karachi, Pakistan
Research Interest: Public Health, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Community Medicine
 Nasir Muwfaq Younis
University of Mosul/College of Nursing, Iraq
Research Interest: Community Health , Health Promotion
 Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmed
University of Mosul/College of Nursing, Iraq
Research Interest: Community Health , Health Promotion , Research
 Sorif Hossain
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Public health, child and women's health, psychology