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Gerontology & Geriatrics

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics (MOJGG) is an internationally peer-reviewed open access journal related to the latest trends and advances in the field of gerontology and geriatrics. Gerontology and geriatrics is a speciality that focuses on social, psychological, biological aspects of aging and health care of elderly people. It aims in studying biogerontology, sociogerontology, geroscience, psychogerontology, investigating the effects of an ageing population on society, applying this knowledge to policies and programs, including the macroscopic (for example, government planning) and microscopic (for example, running a nursing home) perspectives. MOJGG welcomes original research papers, reviews and evaluation, expert opinions, case studies and short notes of scientific excellence related to afore mentioned field.

Latest Articles

Mini Review Open Access

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy in elderly with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

Yeny Concha-Cisternas,1,2 Eduardo Guzmán-Muñoz1

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - January 10, 2020

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Case Report Open Access

Iatrogenic kaposi sarcoma: case report with review of the literature

Khadija Elboukhari, Kaoutar Achehboune,Salim Gallouj, Sara Elloudi, Hanane BayBay, Fatima Zahra Mernissi

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - January 9, 2020

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Perspective Open Access

An approach to death education

João Carlos Macedo

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - December 27, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Study between elderly and adults of jequitinhonha valley: treatment adherence and prevalence of comorbidities

Pedro Henrique de Almeida Andrade,1 Maria Isabel Menezes Guedes,1 Mariana América Gonçalves,1 Bruno Souto Rangel de Castro,1 Gabriel Junqueira Lopes,1 Gustavo Antunes Rodrigues Duarte,1 Gustavo Couto Pereira da Silva,1 Hugo Pimenta Ferreira,1 Juliana Toledo Mesquita,1 Maria Carolina Padovani Guerra,1 Mateus Pinto Ribeiro,1 Rafael Las Casas,1 Rebeca Carolina Campos e Almeida Silva,1 Vitor Barbosa Abrantes,1 Ana Paula Bernardes Real,2 Fernanda Mendes Amorim,2 Lívia Pires Calastri,2 Lucas Bastos Pereira Carneiro,2 Nathanna Fernandes Maciel,2 Fernando Henrique Pereira,3 Bruno Cézar Lage Cota,4 Luís Felipe José Ravic de Miranda4

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - December 20, 2019

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Commentary Open Access

Adequate management for various problems of geriatric syndrome in elder diabetic patients

Hiroshi Bando

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - December 19, 2019

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Research Article Open Access

Do mole-rats follow the same rules in their longevity and aging in nature?

G Montero,1 E Silva,1 R Mansilla,JM Nieto-Villar1

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - December 4, 2019

Mini Review Open Access

Aging of balance and risk of falls in elderly

Yeny Concha-Cisternas1,2

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - December 2, 2019

Literature Review Open Access

The lack of family support to the institutionalized elderly: an integrative literature review

Bruno Vilas Boas Dias,1 Luana Rodrigues do Nascimento Boschero,2 Maria Kaline Xavier Nunes,2Amanda Gomes Agustinelli,2 Sílvia Maria Ribeiro Oyama3

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - November 18, 2019

Mini Review Open Access

Dietary approaches toprevent the development of cataract in elderly

Manjula Suri

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - November 12, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Assessment of WHOQOL-old death and dying dimension in older adults residing in long-term care facilities in Brazil

Marina Celly Martins Ribeiro de Souza,Carolina Marques Borges,1 Klara Bieniasz,2 Anna Kellaher,Justine Wilson,Natália de Cássia Horta,Tatiana Teixeira Barral de Lacerda,Karla Geovani Marcelino4

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - November 8, 2019