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Cell Science & Report


 Ankita Das
University of Southern California, United States
Research Interest: Developmental genetics, and epigenetics and molecular biology
 Asrar Ahmad
UMMC, United States
Research Interest: Pancreatic cancer pathogenesis and muscle cachexia
 Debanjan Goswami
Stanford University, United States
Research Interest: Neuronal cell biology, receptor trafficking, membrane organization and secretary pathways in diverse mammalian cell types. My technical expertise focused on various optical microscopy modalities, cellular-molecular biology, biochemistry and deep tissue imaging
 Debojit Bose
University of California, United States
Research Interest: Development of RNA based fluorescent biosensors against small molecule metabolites and secondary messengers and use these sensors to explore the biological pathways in different physiological conditions
 Guanyi Huang
Amgen, United States
Research Interest: Cardiac diseases, neuroscience, stem cells, reprogramming, differentiation, signaling pathway, genome editing, CRISPR-CAS9, transgenic and knockout rodents, cardiomyocytes, congenital heart diseases, gene delivery, cell therapy, drug target discovery, biomarker, genomics, assay-development, compound screening, genomics
 Girish Chander Gaur
Diagno Labs Pvt Ltd, India
Research Interest: 1. Management and Supervision of Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory Operations, ensuring the adherence of TAT for high end genomic testing. 2. Product Development and Management of the following products in the verticals of Oncology and Neuropsychiatry.
 Nidhi Gupta
Clearlight Diagnostics, United States
Research Interest: Wide range of cutting-edge genomics technologies and experience in developing research applications, cancer research, diagnostics and genomics, biotechnology and biomedical sciences
 Peipei Guo
Weill Cornell Medical College, United States
Research Interest: Hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis and reconstitution
 Suman Kalyan Pradhan
University of California, United States
Research Interest: Genomics, NGS data analysis, chromatin and epigenetics, gene knockout and genome engineering, transcription, spectroscopy and calorimetry
 Pranay Goel
University of Adelaide, Australia
Research Interest: Cancer biology involving molecular/ cell biology , genomics and integrative genetics.
 Priya Raman
University of Michigan Medical School, United States
Research Interest: Pharmacology & Toxicology, Immunology and Cancer Biology.
 Raghavendra Gowda
Penn State College of Medicine, United States
Research Interest: Drug discovery and development, target identification and validation, in vivo pharmacology, signal transduction, rational combination approach and design of nanoparticles
 Rohitashw Kumar
University at Buffalo, United States
Research Interest: Expertise in Generation and characterization of Monoclonal antibodies, working expertise in Deletion and Over-expression library construction in Yeast (Candida albicans) and Epitope Tagging in yeast cells, antimicrobial screening of Peptides and monoclonal antibodies in vitro (CLSI method) and in vivo .
 Ryan Fiorini
Perle Bioscience, United States
Research Interest: My research interests include determining the mechanism behind currently unknown etiology of various immune diseases. Specifically, adaptive immunity with the production of antibodies from B-cells as well as autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes. My PhD work focused on modulating the immune system and how to lower the steatosis (fat) in potential liver transplants from cadaveric donors.
 Saikat Nandi
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, United States
Research Interest: Mechanism of genome duplication leading to identification of potential anti-cancer drug targets
 Samarpita Sengupta
UT Southwestern Medical Center, United States
Research Interest: Cell regulation and neuroscience
 Saritha D Souza
University of Wisconsin, United States
Research Interest: Hematopoietic induction of human and non-human Pluripotent stem cells, development of endothelial and hematopoietic cells, tumor models and angiogenesis systems
 Shreya Raghavan
University of Michigan, United States
Research Interest: Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, investigate mechanisms of ovarian cancer metastasis and chemoresistance, microenvironmental effects responsible for chemoresistance.
 Shubhankar Nath
Harvard Medical School, United States
Research Interest: Tumor model for immune-oncology drug screening, Drug resistance in ovarian cancer model, Photodynamic therapy.
 Suchetana Bias Dutta
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Research Interest: Live imaging the birth of neuronal circuit variability at axon branching level
 Todd Richard Flower
Integrated Neurologics, United States
Research Interest: Parkinson’s disease, biophysical properties of the protein alpha-synuclein, protein folding, molecular chaperones, mis-folded or unfolded protein diseases, regenerative medicine, cellular therapy, somatic stem cells (cord blood stem cells, adipose stem cells, dental pulp stem cells, Wharton’s jelly stem cells, amniotic fluid stem cells), iPS technology, paracrine effect of mesenchymal stem cells, cellular stress response, therapeutic applications of cyotkines and growth factors, veterinary applications of stem cells, veterinary regenerative medicine
 Yan He
Oklahoma State University, United States
Research Interest: Innate Immunity, molecular biology and biochemistry
 Rui Yang
University of Vermont, United States
Research Interest: Focus on mitochondrial biology, Interleukin-6 function, T cell biology, immunology, cytokine signaling, T cell differentiation, cellular metabolism.
 Yiming Yin
University of Florida, United States
Research Interest: Metabolic defects in CD4 T cells from multiple murine models of SLE and patients, metabolic pathways as therapeutic targets of SLE
 Rashmi Rana
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, India
Research Interest: Cell Biology, Immunology and Proteomics
 Jes Paul
Albany Medical College, United States
Research Interest: My primary research interests continue to be in the development of practical/statistical sound methodology to address the challenges in such scenarios, with special emphasis on medical analysis, data mining and the genetics.