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eISSN: 2471-139X

Anatomy & Physiology


 Sandip Lahange
National Institute of Ayurveda, India
 Arpan Haldar
Utkal University, India
 Senthil Kumar
Variyaar Medical College, India
 Bijo Elsy
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, India
Research Interest: Research in animal experimental studies
 Gergana Ingilizova
Vita Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment,, Bulgaria
Research Interest: Embryology, Male/Female infertility, Assisted Reproduction, Gamete and embryo micromanipulation
 Júlio César Chaves Nunes Filho
Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
Research Interest: Clinical research involving human beings, Physiological, Pathological and Pharmacological Aspects
 Roman Idelevich Aizman
Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Russia
Research Interest: Renal Physiology and Water-Salt Metabolism, Sport Physiology, Developmental Physiology, Psychophysiology, Life sciences, Education.