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eISSN: 2475-5540

Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics


 Dr Niket Patel
Rutgers University, United States
Research Interest: Targeted Therapy, Nanomedicine, Design and development of non-viral vectors (nanomedicine) for image-guided cancer gene therapy, Stem cell engineering for imaging and therapy of cancer, Recombinant production of difficult-to-make peptides/proteins.
 Dr Krishna Mohan Parsi
University of Massachusetts Medical School, United States
Research Interest: Stem cell, Microbiology, Genetics
 Dr Chandan R Bora
Windsor University, Canada
Research Interest: Microbiology/Molecular Biology/ Bacteriology/ Human cell culturing/ Flow cytometry
 Dr Anantha Marisetty
MD anderson Cancer Center, United States
Research Interest: Genetics, Biotechnology, Stem cell Research
 Dr Parin Mahir Shah
The University of Texas, United States
Research Interest: Immunology, Oncology (Breast, Melanoma, Ovarian, Pancreas and Lung), Tumor Microenvironment, Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetically modifying T-cells for Adoptive T-cell therapy, Cell signaling, Targeted and Immunotherapies, Tageted Drug delivery systems, delivery systems, microRNA, Pharmacology and pharmaceutical Sciences
 Dr Alexander Birbrair
Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Research Interest: Stem cell Biology, Pathology, Genetics of microorganisms, Muscle Biology
 Dr Dhvani Jhala
Central University of Gujarat, India
Research Interest: Stem cell, Biomaterial interaction, Nanofibers and hydrogels for tissue engineering applications.
 Dr Kirat Kumar Ganguly
Thomas Jefferson University, United States
Research Interest: Microbiology, Genetics
 Dr Sameer K Varma
APAC Biotech Pvt. Ltd, India
Research Interest: Immune-Oncology, Dendritic Cell Therapy
 Dr Anita Rajmane
University of Houston, United States
Research Interest: Vascular Pharmacology, Gene therapy and cell therapy, miRNA regulation