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Microbiology & Experimentation

Opinion Volume 4 Issue 3

The Importance of the Microbiology in the Food Industry

Mayerly Andrea Gomez Bejarano

National Quality Manager at Parmalat, Italy

Correspondence: Mayerly Andrea Gomez Bejarano, National Quality Manager at Parmalat, Italy

Received: January 30, 2016 | Published: March 17, 2017

Citation: Bejarano MAG (2017) The Importance of the Microbiology in the Food Industry. J Microbiol Exp 4(3): 00114. DOI: 10.15406/jmen.2017.04.00114

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In my fifteen years of experience in the food industry, I have understood how the microbiologic topic is relevant in production plants and it’s a very good support for resolutions that generate improvement in all the process and in the final product. The union between the industry and the microbiology was getting increasingly stronger.

In many cases or situations where is necessary to make decisions in a plant, professionals had to study and analyses some variables and one of these is the microbiology.

Where do we look for clues about problems in our products?

We usually go to “Genba”. This word means the floor of the plant. It’s the place where we go to see, to smell and to touch anything like pipes, machines, equipments and in general surfaces that have contact with food product, looking for clues.

Microbiologic results in the final product, surfaces of machines, environmental samples are a very good guide for find causes of contaminations, or causes of biofilms niches. These problems impact the final product by damage in the quality, change in flavors and a smaller useful shelf life.

The kind of the microorganisms founded will permit understand the problem in plant.

In UTH “Ultra High Temperature” plants is microbiology a main tool for know and solve problems that happen in process and impact the quality of producers. Microorganisms are a sign of quality and cleanliness in the plants. Coli forms or enterobacterias are kind of microorganisms for know about good manufacture practices “GMP” and when this bacteria’s appear in analysis of surfaces or in final Products, it’s possible than cleanliness and disinfection program has a problem with inappropriate frequency, low flow of cleanliness solution, less temperature of disinfectants or unsuitable product for clean.

On the other hand, microorganisms like micrococcus are sign of problems with sterile air in aseptic tanks and bacillus sp. especially are indicator of environmental contamination: dust, soil, and particles with high levels of microorganism.

Many tests are based in the microbiologic controls, and the knowledge about this science is very important for the quality assurance program in plant. Finally, I consider that is necessary to go in depth about relation between microbiology with industry, because more every day we have defiance for accomplish the best quality en our products and ours plants.

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