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eISSN: 2376-0060

Lung, Pulmonary & Respiratory Research

Editorial Volume 9 Issue 2

Nurses are modern Angels

Mayank Gyan Vats,1 Deepa Khandelwal,2 Spraha Vats3

1Senior Specialist, Department of Pulmonary and Sleep medicine Rashid hospital, Dubai, UAE
2Specialist ENT and Pediatric sleep medicine, Department of Pulmonary and Sleep medicine Rashid hospital, Dubai, UAE
3Gems modern academy, Department of Pulmonary and Sleep medicine Rashid hospital, Dubai, UAE

Correspondence: Dr. Mayank Vats, Senior Specialist, Department of Pulmonary and Sleep medicine Rashid hospital, Dubai, UAE.

Received: May 16, 2022 | Published: May 18, 2022

Citation: Vats MG, Khandelwal D,Vats S. Nurses are modern Angels. J Lung Pulm Respir Res. 2022;9(2):38. DOI: 10.15406/jlprr.2022.09.00276

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A tribute and appreciation of worldwide nurses for their ‘frontline heroic work in COVID19 pandemic and from centuries’


On the occasion of International Nurses Day, I would like to convey my and on behalf of all medical fraternity and patients, sincere thanks and appreciation to all worldwide nurse who worked as frontline during COVID pandemic with full dedication, passion and empathy to save the lives.

The duty of a nurse is not easy, its time demanding and full of stress from the first day of their job till the end of their services. However unfortunately their dedicated efforts were never recognized or appreciated by anyone.

It took a more then full 2yrs of pandemic to make the world acknowledge and appreciate the roles of a nurse as life saviour. Nursing has always been touching lives, caring for patients, walking with them to make them happy and cured when they are in a state of suffering.

 Every day, they have new challenges to help patients live happy, healthy, and longer, and all nurses are accomplishing their task with perfection.

Nurses are back bones of any efficient health care system and an essential partners in making healthcare a total safe/effective and state of the art health care system. They are passionate about helping healthcare reach farther horizons by using their experience, observation, helping doctors and patients at the same time and with simultaneous training of their colleagues and junior nurses to improve their services.

Patient welfare is their main motto and they are the key layer for the same. Nurses are high-impact leaders combining training, knowledge, scientific research, experience, empathy, soft skills, and emotional intelligence together on daily basis on different types of patients and hence it’s the most complex skills required in humans to manage doctors and patients of different psychology with care and empathy.

During COVID pandemic, hundreds of thousands of nurses acquired COVID infection, some may have died and many would have suffered long term by COVID but then also they were always on the front line to help doctors to treat their patients. This is the best example, which one can narrate demonstrating selfless bravery, heroisms, dedication, passion and the determination of nurses.

In future more and more nurses would be required and they should be encouraged to learn, train, and expand their horizons in health care system including nurse leaders and mentors so that they will be contributing more in the efficiency of health cared delivery system with the End of COVID pandemic, we have learnt a lot, We have come a long way, and we are heading towards more sophisticated technology, and advanced modern heath care hence all nurses should be properly trained in the new technologies and should be given ample facilities to learn and work for brighter future and achievements in all spectrum of health care which ultimately would lead to BEST, efficient, standard health care which is needed for the mankind.

On the other hand, Nurses have key role in by helping people live longer and healthier lives. Preventive medicine is an intrinsic aspect of medicine to build healthier societies. They are the best promoters and first point of contact preventive healthcare whose role has evolved through the decades, from focusing on disease management to promote               disease   prevention. Nurses are central to a patient's management and have trust and rapport with the patient during the vulnerable sickness period of patients and patient relies on them and hence they can promote preventive education to patients and hence they play crucial cornerstone role in curative as well as preventive services. They offset patients vulnerabilities (stress, anxiety, pain, concerns about the treatment and future) and nurses always console the patients by close communication. And give the empathetic touch and care which boost the morale of patient and hence generate positive vibes faster recovery.
As per statement given by one nurse: We are here to save lives, and we will do it every minute,      every hour, and every day 24/7 / 365 days

Nurses are the True warriors Heart, soul and back bones of any health care system and we should salute from core of heart for their selfless dedicated work not only in COVID times but from many centuries.


Spraha vats, student of Gems modern academy, Dubai for helping in search of literature and formatting, proof reading and typing.

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