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Historical Archaeology & Anthropological Sciences

Mini Review Volume 2 Issue 1

Zionist master of “three jihads”

M Jamil Hanifi

Professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University, USA

Correspondence: M Jamil Hanifi, Professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University, USA

Received: October 31, 2016 | Published: November 3, 2017

Citation: Hanifi MJ. Zionist master of “three jihads”. J His Arch & Anthropol Sci. 2017;2(1):8-10. DOI: 10.15406/jhaas.2017.02.00040

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The essays by Laura Nader1 and Adam Blitz together with Laura Nader’s elusive response,2 speak either deliberately or unintentionally past each other. In order to place the core subject of these voices on an interactive track we need an explicit and non-evasive encounter with the Zionist jihad which Laura Nader does not coherently and forcefully address and which Adam Blitz, in his hazy “wandering and wordy” text either fails to understand or tactfully disguises with the declaration that “Judaism, though not pacifistic, calls for minimization of violence. It does not possess a biblical Hebrew equivalent of either ‘just’ or ‘holy’ war” (italics added).

This essay offers a brief comparative overview of three (Christian, Jewish, Muslim) ideologies and practices of domination and resistance in the Middle East during the past seven decades. Nader suggests that this interactive triangle of tensions is cradled in the memories of historical Christian ventures (Crusades) and the policies and practices of their spiritual descendants-the recent Euro-American military interventions in the Middle East and the ideological and armed Muslim resistance to this unwelcome Euro-American presence. She sidesteps the prominence of Zionism in this triangle of bloody conflicts. In reality the triangle is governed by overt or stealth Zionism that is tactfully sheltered in the American Judeo-Christian cosmology and imaginings of the Crusades. The following comment recently appeared in a major American newspaper: “Crusades were undertaken because Muslim beasts in 1095 were doing what Muslim terrorists are doing today: massacring Christians. The only thing wrong with the Crusaders was that these Christian soldiers returned home before they had civilized the Muslim barbarians” [3] An objective glance at the post-WWII history of the Middle East produces substantial evidence for the presence of this outlook in the policies and practices of Euro-America (including Israel) in this region. This history is full of evidence for the conclusion that the most powerful component-the rhetorical hypotenuse of the “Three jihads” triangle is the expansionist colonial policies and practices of the theocracy of Israel, a European colony that is self-legitimated by the ideologies and religiously couched tactics of “Birthright”, “God’s Chosen People”, “the Promised Land”, “God given land to His favorite children” and by the strategies of the “Law of Return” (facilitating the “right of return”) and the “Holocaust” for the promotion and continuous expansion of the European Zionist Jewish settler colony in Palestine starting in 1948. Ever since the installation of this expanding Zionist colony the world, especially the Middle East has not experienced one day of peace, the Euro-American popular media and political discourse blatantly overstates the Muslim component of Nader’s “Three jihads” while tactfully understating its Christian, especially its Jewish component. The American media obsessively produce reports about Muslim individual and collective violence aimed at Judeo-Christian targets in Euro-America and in the Middle East. The earliest and most widely narrated instance of the Muslim jihad has been associated with the anti-Soviet “jihad1 by the so called Mojaheddin terrorists (dubbed “holy warriors” by Western media) in Afghanistan. President Ronald Reagan called these terrorists “Freedom Fighters” and the “equivalent of our (American) founding fathers”. During the early 1990s the Taliban and al-Qaeda movements in Central and South Asia evolved out of the Mojaheddin gangs of terrorists. (For the correct phonetic and syntactic construction of the label Taliban see).4 The United States government, through the Afghanistan Studies Center at the University of Nebraska, provided textbooks for the Taliban primary schools in Pakistan. In these textbooks numbers were illustrated with drawing of pistols and Kalashnikov rifles.5 The recent Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Syria and Lebanon) are the ideological descendents of al-Qaeda.

1The nuanced meaning of the doctrine of jehad is rooted in the variable Arabic verb jahd (to resist, to toil, to exert, to struggle, to strive, to strain, to fight, to wage, to endeavor). These subtle variations of jahd may be used in conjunction with and contextualized in varieties of adjectives, adverbs, and nouns but not used syntactically as a free standing noun. I use jehad as a verb—an activity, action, practice, or performance—that individually or collectively mutates into “struggle” toward a particular objective. This usage is consistent with the local linguistic syntax and cultural norms. It should be emphasized that the word “al-jehad” translates as “struggle” (verb) in the Arabic phrase “al-jehad fi sabil Allah” (struggle for the sake of Allah). Talal Asad succinctly argues for the importance of ideologies that anchor the motivation and intent for all that is currently labeled as Islamic jehad. The driving ideology and strategies of Zionism and the neo-Crusader Judeo-Christian American war of terror in the Middle East are fundamentally the flip side of the Islamic jehad.

The mujahidin terrorist gangs were created by the United States they were recruited, trained, paid and entertained by the CIA in military camps in Pakistan and Egypt in order to destabilize Muslim Afghanistan and to embarrass and dishonor the Soviet Union in exchange for the humiliating American defeat in Vietnam. As part of the long range Zionist strategy, the mujahidin terrorists and their benefactors sowed the seeds of division and fragmentation in Afghanistan and the surrounding region. The label “jihad” for the operations of the mujahidin terrorists in Afghanistan was an exonym assigned by their American sponsors. I have rarely heard or seen the use of “jihad” as an autonym by and for the mujahidin terrorists.6

On May 4, 2015 two anti-Zionist young Americans were killed by state security forces in Garland, Texas. The young men were protesting the showing of profane images of the Prophet Mohammad at a conference organized by Pamela Geller a well known Zionist Jewish activist and some other elements of the Israeli lobby in the United States and Europe. A TV commentator (Juan Williams) noted that Pamela Geller “is like a pyromaniac who goes before a judge and says ‘I am setting those fires just to see how fast the fire department responds’. Since one of the murdered young Americans had allegedly visited an ISIS website there were widespread theories and speculations in US media and among the American security forces about the penetration of America by ISIS supporters. On May 8, 2015 AOL circulated the following headlines on its website: “Jihadist threats prompts military to heighten security”, “US military bumps up threat level at bases in North America”, “threat level raised due to ISIS activity in the US”. Zionised American government and media have injected the American public with eternal fear of real and imagined anti-Zionist (to read anti-American) struggles at home and abroad. The “USA Today” newspaper7 included the following headlines:”FBI chief: U. S. can’t keep up with ISIL, Recruiting outpaces ability to track in USA” and “U. S. begins training Syrian fighters, first 5000-member force will be paid, equipped with arms” against ISIS and against the Shi’a dominated government of Syria if the latter interferes with the so called American anti-ISIS operations. In the service of expansionist Israel, Zionised United States is committed to the destabilization, fragmentation and destruction of the Middle East. Some analysts have suggested that if it wasn’t for the military might (especially nuclear arsenal) of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, the United States of Israel would have pulverized everything from Northwest Africa to the Indus River and beyond in order to safeguard the “Promised Land” for “God’s Chosen People”.

An ethnographically and historically informed engagement of Nader’s “Three Jihads” and Blitz’ “Fictions and Artifices” produces a triangle of smoke and mirrors “holy wars” that are ideologically and operationally governed by the agency of Israel and its interlocutors located in all strategic locations of power in the American state apparatus and throughout the Euro-American political and civil societies. The alleged Muslim component of the “Three Jihads” is in reality produced and manipulated by the unified Israeli and American policies and operations for the exclusive benefit of the Israeli theocracy and its expansion in Palestine and the suppression of any kind of opposition to Israeli colonial hegemony.8

Destabilizing, fragmenting, dividing, dominating and controlling the Muslim Middle East (and the Muslim World in the long run) are the master narrative of Zionised Euro-American jihad. During the 1980s global Zionist agencies persuaded the United States to orchestrate the war between Iran and Iraq. Both countries received massive quantities of weapons from the United States for this war. This American subsidized conflict resulted in the death of millions of Iranians and Iraqis and provided the preface for the first Gulf War and the pretext for the destruction of the secular state of Iraq during 2003. The ideological fuel for the destruction of Iraq was provided by Zionist “neo-con” think tanks in the United States for the benefit of Zionist Israel.9,10

A critical and informed engagement of the so-called “Arab Spring”, the destruction of secular and stable Iraq and Libya, the rise of ISIS or ISIL and other Muslim jihadi groups in the Middle East are tactfully constructed Israeli-American creations (like the Taliban and al-Qaeda) to promote discord and tensions between Sunnis and Shi’as and between Arabs and non-Arabs in order to further destabilize, fragment and divide the region to the advantage of Zionist Israel. In the short run some Sunni collaborators in the region (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kurds, Turkey) have benefited from collaboration with Israel and the United States. The current anti-Shi’a (anti-Iran and anti-Syria) phase of American intervention (through the agency of Saudi Arabia) in Southwest Asia is the prelude to a large scale Israeli-American military intervention aimed at creating a Kurdish state-a “Kurdistan”- that will destabilize and rearticulate the region and will create a “national” pro-Zionist (and pro Euro-American) state for the 23 million Kurds spread over northwestern Iran, northern Iraq and eastern Turkey. These destabilization programs by the United States and Israel will create another Zionist subsidized political, ideological and territorial divide and conflict zone between the Sunnis and the Shi’as and between Arab, Kurdish, Persian, and Turkish ethno linguistic groups. More importantly, the Jewish jihad, subsidized by the crafty pretense of the union of Judeo-Christian America, has succeeded in drawing Shi’a Iran into direct military confrontation with the Sunni Saudi Arabia as evidenced by the events of the past two weeks. This is probably the first step for creating the pretext to “bomb” and destabilize Iran.11

The American “Military Industrial Complex” is heavily burdened by the ideology of unqualified support for the theocracy of Israel. There is not a single location of power in the United States from the White House to the US Congress, to the Federal Reserve, to the State and Defense Departments, to the Supreme Court, to academia, to the judiciary, to the banking system, to the media, to the professions (law and medicine) to Hollywood that is not controlled by Zionist Jews and their Christian collaborators. Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States has publicly declared “I am a Zionist…You don’t have to be a Jew in order to be a Zionist” (Ynetnews, April 23, 2008). Rashid Khalidi12,13 offers a succinct portrayal of how Zionism penetrated and continues to dominate American political and civil society. According to President Jimmy Carter the United States has provided more than two hundred nuclear weapons to Israel. Israel receives more than six billion dollars from the United States annually. Large numbers of the graduates of the various United State military academies visit Israel for joint military exercises and for symbolic reasons which promote learning “to hate the enemy, Palestine”. Rahm Emanuel, the current mayor of Chicago, served as the Chief of Staff of President Barak Obama during 2008-2010. Rahm Emanuel served in the Israeli army during the first Gulf War (1990-1991). His father Benjamin Emanuel served in the Irgun, the Israeli terrorist gang during 1947-1948. The national security structure and operations of the United States are modeled after their Israeli counterparts. Every day dozens of Jewish families migrate from the United States to Israel for settlement in occupied Palestine the Jewish “Promised Land” and the fulfillment of the Jewish “Birthright” fantasy.

Zionist tactics and strategies to the advantage of Israel are systematically discussed in the scholarly writings of Kevin MacDonald10,14,15 and John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.11 These highly organized and manipulative strategies have effectively installed in the mind and consciousness of Americans the software for a sacred organic unity with Israel as a “democracy” and the “staunchest ally” of America. America has become the “holy mother” of Israel. The American Jewish Israeli baby is convinced that its mother will shield it from every form of international sanctions for its violation of basic human rights and other forms of criminal behavior against the Palestinians others in the neighborhood and even against the United States itself. Every attempt by the international community to hold Israel responsible for its perennial unlawful and criminal conduct is blocked by the veto of mommy USA. The United States has never voted for sanctions against the theocracy of Israel in the United Nations.

Zionist strategists and tacticians in American media have taken Erving Goffman’s “Impression Management” model to highly refined postmodern levels of perfection. Islam, Arabs, Iran, Syria, Taliban, al-Qaeda, President Bashar al-Assad, Afghanistan, President Rouhani, ISIL, and everything else that immediately or potentially, explicitly or implicitly, directly or indirectly, threatens the interests of expansionist Israel become automatically anti-Semitic and anti-American. Zionist Jews and their Christian collaborators make every effort to create tensions and conflicts between the United States and the Muslim world they calculate that the wider the gulf and more violent the tensions and conflicts between the Muslim world and the United States the closer will Israel be to its American benefactor. In the American media representations of roars of “Death to Israel” instantly produce echoes of “Death to America” and vice versa.

In American public discourse-in print, art or speech-reference to “Jew”, “Jewish” and Jewish Israel is a taboo tantamount to “thou shalt not take the name of the Lord (Jew) thy God (Israel) in vain”. The mere mention of these labels in public space evokes unease and thoughts of “anti-Semitism”.16 The label “anti-Semite” or “anti-Semitic” is automatically earned if one identifies or even hints in public at the Jewish identity of Zionists like Alan Dershowitz, Billy Krystal, Joseph Lieberman, Frank Gaffny, Rahm Emanuel, Daniel Pipes, David Axelrod, or David Horowitz, to name a few. Dershowitz has called President Jimmy Carter an “anti-Israeli bigot” because of Carter’s pro-Palestinian views (Shalom TV, March 8, 2008). One never hears the label “Semitic” or “anti-Semitic” in reference to the close to 400 million Arabs and their Semitic culture and language. Zionist strategist and tacticians have produced the cosmology that Jewish humanity is superior to other forms of humanity. Zionism has crafted an exceptional victim status for Jews. This status is often punctuated with six million Jewish victims in Germany during WWII. There is a vast Zionist “Holocaust Industry” that promotes the ideology of Jewish exceptionalism and manipulation of the number of Jewish victims in Germany during WWII.17 In fourteen European countries it is a crime to deny, question or be critical of the historical validity, location(s), scope or size of the Jewish “Holocaust” in Europe during WWII. A similar law is being considered in the state of California. Zionist activists tactfully discourage the application of the term “holocaust” to other mass killings of human beings by other human beings such as the 17th-19th century slaughter of millions of Native Americans by European colonists, the 13th century killing of millions by Changaez Khan in Central and West Asia, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of defenseless Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by American nuclear bombs during August 1945 and the 1982 massacre of thousands of Palestinians by Israeli armed forces in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon. However, there is an emerging critical popular and academic discourse about the Jewish holocaust as a mere “holohoax”. I have seen estimates of only a few hundred thousand in reference to the number of Jewish “Holocaust” victims in Germany during World War II.

American sponsored Zionist Israel will not rest until it totally drowns the Muslim Middle East in its own blood. But given the ease with which modern technology can produce and circulate weapons of mass destruction, movement toward achieving this American subsidized Zionist objective potentially brings the apartheid Zionist theocracy of Israel ever so closer to committing the greatest mass suicide in the history of mankind.18



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