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Historical Archaeology & Anthropological Sciences

Mini Review Volume 3 Issue 1

An ignorance breakout: the long-term escape route of the middle east from tensions

Javad Bahmani,1 Esmaeil shafiee2

1PhD student, Political sociology, Islamic Azad University, Iran
2Supervisor, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Correspondence: Javad Bahmani, PhD student in political sociology, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Received: June 24, 2017 | Published: February 26, 2018

Citation: Bahmani J, shafiee E. An ignorance breakout: the long-term escape route of the middle east from tensions. J His Arch & Anthropol Sci. 2018;3(4):150-151. DOI: 10.15406/jhaas.2018.03.00077

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The basic instrument of disagreements and prevention from dialogues is dispossession of logics and arguments. The other cause is non-formation of the state-nation arrangement in most Middle East and Caucasus countries. Intellectual power and transmission of a structured discourse with a prevailing philosophical body are what we presently need. Dialogue means increased knowledge tiers in exchanging mutual knowhow; and, in regions where a teasing lack of such knowledge is felt and only bigoted conformances prevail, an influential current, which is devoid of courageousness to make a dialogue, gets on courage to slaughter. This is expressive of priority of human thought over his physique. Why human beings do not accord with the idea of prevention from ignorance knowing that science and knowledge are prioritized over bullets? This study intends to provide replies to this question. My main idea is that long- term education in certain parts of the world gives rise to a sort of ignorance, which might innately be held as egotism.

Keywords: ignorance, egotism, escapes from dialogue


Human-state or state-nation definitions, with all their defects, largely pave the way for processing of mind and thought. Governments led by Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein that are traditionally far off this viewpoint or get on a distance from this as a result of their need for power are those which make an ideological link between their governor and their nation. The Saudi Arabia that keeps its governance on basis of such ideologies and does not interfere in their educational affairs in order not to reject Salafis (like Wahhabis) stands at the extremity where crack-brained fanatics are born. Since Al-Ghazali wrote The Incoherence of the Philosophers and figures like Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Khonji rejected any type of denunciation of governors—even those who kill others to take the helm of a country’s affairs—the mentality of blind following was established and stood against state-nation mechanisms. Static and somber communities shall never be able to place human beings in their appropriate place.

Birthplace of political ignorance

The states who wish to suitably distribute the power and align it with requests of their civil society are not only fearless from development of political thoughts and entrance of different people into political circles, but also encourage the same, since they are committed to a wide-ranging development. If, however, affairs are taken out of the control of the central government, this is the civil society which is responsible for prevention from corruption and protection from the weak through its intellectual revelations. In this way, proletariat precursors shall find nowhere to permeate in governmental structures. In cases where present capitalist systems need to be modified, 1+99 is subject to expiration, and deposits of assets are usurped by billionaires who are reluctant to provide food with hungry and thirsty people, rules have to be targeted to fundamental changes. This poverty moves people off the political mechanisms surrounding them as they have to make ends meet rather than fight for the best.

Ignorance in experimental sciences

In the UN and other groups like G20, ASEAN, Group of Seven (G7), etc., all sociopolitical gatherings have to find their way into designing a global development. Global marketplace is only a first step in this route which compels different countries to make interactions with each other. What is, however, more important than this is education, on which I have repeatedly focused in my prior research. This is the Achilles’ heel of both religious and irreligious extremists. It is incorrect to have a regressive look at Islam, the religion which suggests that we have to combine affection, welfare, and Godly halals in all aspects of our lives and that technological advance are borderless. Proper education is able to reach these pernicious mentalities, which are afflicted by egotism, to origins of divine realities, that is peace and optimized life for the humankind. Other extremists intend to dictate their racial dominance and transmogrify human life and thought, for which education and training would be a key. Human technology and knowledge should be developed in a balanced manner, since extremism is rooted in those poor states and maledicted people and is evolved every now and then from ISIS or German racists to derail societies from their regulated development and improved life. Indisputably, development passes from the route of acquisition of technology and experimental sciences. The leaders for whom uniaxial governance, dictatorship, oligarchy, and authoritarianism are important would be averse to healthy circulation of knowledge and opposed to human sciences such as laws, political sciences, and any discipline which is interrelated to power, because of their dependence upon power rather than global knowledge in its real sense1,2.


The most powerful driving force for humankinds is possession of knowledge, with which they are able to move along solution of the unknown, discovery of better ways for living, and maintenance of ethicality, moral religiosity, and respect the human. At any rate, anyone would associate himself/herself with one of these viewpoints, unless he/she is a believer in nihilism. In the meanwhile, some might be afflicted by egotism based on their inappropriate educations, with whom the whole civilized world should physically fight in the short-run in a cohesive manner. Basically, education and training should be set as high objectives throughout the world, which should be applied by free-thinking intellectuals and assisted by the UN in order to confront birthplace of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and Talibanism in Pakistan—the issue which would prevent the next generations from such injudicious excitements.



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