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Journal of
eISSN: 2378-3184

Aquaculture & Marine Biology


 Rajan Kumar
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, India
Research Interest: Marine Fisheries
 Ayman Mabrouk
Michigan State University, United States
Research Interest: Marine Ecologist
 Pratyush Das
Berhampur University, India
Research Interest: Fishery Survey
 Panagiotis Pantazis
University of Thessaly, Greece
Research Interest: Ichthyology, Aquaculture
 Shashikant Jaychand Meshram
College of Fisheries, India
Research Interest: Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology, Aquaculture
 Ali Reza Radkhah
Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Iran, India
Research Interest: Aquaculture, Fisheries
 Tarang Kumar Shah
College of Fisheries GBPUAT Pantnagar, India
Research Interest: Fisheries, Aquaculture
 Loai Aljerf
University of Damascus, Syria
 Nadia Gabr Mohamed Ali
National institute of Oceanography and fishery, Egypt
Research Interest: Diagnosis and treatment of fish diseases, Isolation and identification of bacterial, Fungal and parasitic using molecular tools
 Fawad Aziz
University of Swabi, Pakistan
Research Interest: Fisheries and Aquaculture
 Sami Mili
Higher Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Bizerte, Tunisia
Research Interest: Production and aquatic ecosystem
 Manoel Adriano da Cruz Neto
Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco, Brazil
Research Interest: Aquaculture, fish farming, poultry and pigs; animal nutrition and physiology