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eISSN: 2577-8307

Forestry Research and Engineering: International Journal


 Mehari Alebachew Tesfaye
Ethiopian environment and forest research institute, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Forestry; Sustainable utilization and conservation of forest systems; Environmental sciences
 Sudhir Kumar Sharma
The West Coast Paper Mills Limited, India
Research Interest: Clonal technology; Mini hedge technology plant production; Nursery management; Farm and social forestry; Captive plantation under contract for farming & landscaping; Agroforestry development; Plant tissue culture; Plant breeding and tree improvement; Rural areas identification and development with plantation; Project formulation and administration; Agriculture biotechnology
 Arlindo Ananias Pereira Da Silva
Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
Research Interest: Ecology Plant nutrition Experimental statistics
 Dr Rodrigo Arce Rojas
National University of Engineering (UNI), Peru
Research Interest: Relationships between complex thinking and complexity sciences. Forest philosophy, Forest epistemology, Ontology, Forest ethics, Alternatives to development, Facilitation of social processes.
 Haoyu Li
Clemson University, United States
Research Interest: Forest Management, Conservation Management, Sustainable Land Use