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Physics & Astronomy International Journal

Conceptual Paper Volume 6 Issue 2

Photons with real magnetic charges and absurdity of concept expansion universe

Robert A Sizov

Correspondence: Robert A Sizov, Institute of Solid State Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Paustovskogo st. 3−566, Moscow, Russia, Tel +7 495 4226 930

Received: February 28, 2022 | Published: June 2, 2022

Citation: Sizov RA. Photons with real magnetic charges and absurdity of concept expansion universe. Phys Astron Int J. 2022;6(2):44?46. DOI: 10.15406/paij.2022.06.00249

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The results of the study of the physics of photons with real magnetic charges showed that photons do not form any light waves. The circular frequency of photons produced under the conditions of the translational motion of the photon source differs from о by the value , which is determined solely by the change in the velocity ∆V of the translational motion of the photon source at the moment of photon formation.  It is important to understand that the circular frequency of photons, born at any moment of the movement of their sources, is an internal property (parameter) of the photon and remains unchanged throughout the entire photon “life”. Moreover, the photon frequency cannot depend on any movements of the observer.

Keywords: Magnetic charges, Magnetic dipoles, true Antielectrons, S-Gravitons, Gravitational field, Ferro-and paragravitation, spinors and spinor fields, spin cones, frequency redshift, "expansion" of the Universe

How grand physicists is "yawn" real magnetic charges, curved space and sentenced the universe to expansion

Experiments by F. Ehrenhaft1 with followers, as well as experimental and theoretical researchеs of the author (period: 1968 – present) have shown that it is the magnetic charges and not the electrons moving are the direct sources of all magnetic fields and magnetic manifestations in nature. Vortex currents of magnetic charges (the rotating magnetic dipoles), untwisted by electric current in conductors are direct sources of the vortex magnetic field rotH.  Magnetic charges together with electric charges make up the shells of atoms which in reality are electromagnetic, and not electronic. It is the electromagnetic shells of atoms are the sources of gravitational field which is the vortex electromagnetic field and is described by the vortex vector rot[E H]. The main reason that the true sources of the magnetic field the magnetic charges were "buried alive" in physical science are the hard conditions for the confinement of these fundamental particles in the structures of substance which are fundamentally different from the confinement of electrons. In addition to magnetic charges in similar state of hard confinement in substance are true antielectrons which are also not recognized in the existing science. Thus, paradoxically, but the existing physical theory has succeeded in ignoring three quarters of the spinors, i.e. charged particles, which forced by have been replaced with suitable theoretical surrogates. Magnetic charges were replaced by magnetic moments of electrons, and true antielectrons by Dirac holes or electron vacancies. In addition to the above (main) reason for ignoring magnetic charges, very negative role here was played by Maxwell's2 flawed concept of electric magnetism (1873). This erroneous concept was the result of a primitively superficial reading by Great Maxwell of the well-known experience of Oersted, which, nevertheless, was accepted by the world physical community and as an objective true dominate the natural sciences for almost 150 years.    

The introduction of real magnetic charges into basic physics showed that the expansion of the Universe and Big Bang were the result of E. Hubble's erroneous (superficial) perception, back in 1929,3 of the manifestation of the cosmological red shift of the photon frequency, which he interpreted as a Doppler shift in the frequency of the so-called light waves. It follows from Physics with real magnetic charges that the frequency processes in photons are determined by intra-photonic physics and cannot manifest themselves in the form of any spatial wave formations in the environment, and shifts of the photonic frequency have nothing to do with the effect Doppler's. The values of the red shift of the frequency of photons, under conditions of translational motion of their sources, are exactly the same, both in the case of the source moving towards the observer, and in the case of its movement, at the same speed, from the observer. As for violet shift of the photon frequency, this is an unambiguous sign of the rotational dynamics of photonic sources, and in the case of combined source motion (translational and rotational), for example, the mechanism of photonic frequency pulsations is possible.

The tragic situation in physical science, which has developed as a result of the vicious ignoring, for almost 150 years, of magnetic charges, as well as true antielectrons led to an incredible complication of physical theory. All this is not difficult to understand, given that the theoretical surrogates (the magnetic moments of electrons and Dirac holes) used to replace the ignored particles could not completely replace these real particles.  In order to present the level of forced complexity that distinguishes the existing physical theory in the current vicious circumstances, it is possible, with apologies, to use an exotic example with laparoscopic removal of tonsils person, which is realized through the anus. Of course, such removal can take place only if the “surgeons”, for some reason, could not detect the existence of a mouth in the “patient”.

As result of the vicious theoretical delusions noted, physical science has become the kingdom of crooked mirrors in which domineer Great theories that are not related to physical reality. It is precisely the circumstances noted above tragic for the fundamental physical theory, that determined the emergence of such global theoretical mystifications as the curvature of the 4-dimensional space-time, explaining the nature of gravitational field, the global expansion of Universe and big bang, annihilation of particles in particle-antiparticle pairs, fictitious Higgs boson which rewards particles with mass and the huge variety of others.

Especially regrettable existing in physics representation of the gravitational field which, as shown by the author's experiments, is just a vortex electromagnetic field. For its formation and use in practice, there is no need to bend the 4-dimensional space-time. All you need for this, is to legalize real magnetic charges and learn how to work with them.


The grandiose falsifications in Physics dealt for severe blow to the related natural sciences. So, for example, in chemistry, biophysics and biology, in an “absence” of magnetic charges and true anti-electrons in atomic shells, the vicious electronic concept of chemical bonding has been established. The scale of damage that vicious (electronic) physics has inflicted on the related sciences still needs to be determined. In addition to the general physical aspects described above, the existing vicious electronic physics has closed all possibilities of approaching new, very useful effects and technologies.   First of all, these are technologies associated with the use of the energy potential of the Earth's gravitational field. Such technologies are based on the effects formed in the interaction of artificial (technical) gravitational fields, such as ferro- and paragravitational fields, with the Earth's gravitational field. An example of such an interaction is the effect of gravitational (ferrogravitational) levitation discovered and investigated by the author. In the publications describe such technologies developed by the present author.

The vicious EM-concept of Maxwell, which is called in the publication author as "vicious virus Maxwell's", can to associate with the “cancerous” an education in “body” of the Physical science the “metastasis” of which pierce through many directions of physical theory, giving them a false and even mystical significance. Conducting global “chemotherapy” of the modern physical theory with the purpose of eliminating the numerous misconceptions generated by Maxwell’s vicious   concept, according to the author, is the most urgent task for today. All this needs to be done, and as soon as possible because after 10 - 15 years even robots will   laugh at us.

Note. Experimental and theoretical substantiation of the provisions set forth in the publication can be found in the following articles (see. References).4-22


The main reasons for ignoring real magnetic charges in existing physics.

Real magnetic charges, as well as true antielectrons, which make up 3/4 of atomic shells, were "buried alive" in existing physics as a result of four basic physical and general human circumstances.

  1. Physics of hard confinement of magnetic charges and true antielectrons in structures of substance is the main reason for their vicious ignore in physical science

It is the physics of hard confinement mentioned above that was the main reason why these particles very difficult to experimentally extract from the substance and to study in detail.

The conditions for confinement electric and magnetic charges in the normal (non-superconducting) state of a conductor are submitted by in Figure, which shows the location of the levels of electrons, true anti-electrons and magnetic charges (magnetons and antimagnetons) on of energy scale.

As you know, electronic levels are in a potential "well" and for an electron to come out into a free state from connection with the conductor lattice it is necessary to increase its internal energy, for example, by heating. As for the magnetic charges and true anti-electrons, their energy levels are located under the potential “dome” and for these particles to enter the free state, the substance should be cooled, i.e. reduce his internal energy. At deep stages of cooling of some substances, their superconducting state is realized which is associated with the transition of magnetic charges and true anti-electrons into a state free from coupling with the superconductor lattice. Under conditions of superconductivity the differences in the physics of confinement of electric and magnetic charges in the lattice of a solid are removed which manifests itself in the complete symmetry of electromagnetic effects and manifestations.

However, it is important to understand that the difficulties of experimental work with real magnetic charges do not all mean at all that these particles do not exist.

  1. The primitive-superficial perception of J. Maxwell in 18732 of the results of well-known Oersted experiment

It is precisely J. Maxwell, based on his primitive and superficial impression of the famous Oersted experiment, introduced into physics the vicious myth that the direct sources of the magnetic field are moving electrons. The so-called first Maxwell equation k Je = rotH, in fact, is erroneous, since it involves two different physical processes: 1) k1 Je = rotJg и 2) k2 rotJg = rotH, where rotJg is the vortex orbital current of magnetic charges (a rotating magnetic dipole). The fact is that electrons in the composition of an electric current are exclusively mediators, which are capable only of spinning magnetic dipoles that actually exist in substance (see the first equation). As for the magnetic field, its direct sources are real magnetic charges which in the compositions of rotating magnetic dipoles and form the well-known vortex magnetic field rotH (see the second equation).

  1. The inertia of erroneous human thinking

During 150 years of the dominance of Maxwell's vicious electric magnetism, theoretical "Himalayas" were built in physical science, on which, starting from "kindergarten", many generations of scientists were brought up. It should also be noted that the physical theory in the described paradoxical circumstances was able to do the impossible, i.e. to provide, more or less, qualitative interpretations of most of the observed effects and manifestations, and even to make their satisfactory numerical estimates. Of course, the theoretical basis of existing physics, built in conditions of vicious disregard of magnetic charges and true antielectrons, cannot fully meet the natural realities.  At the same time, this "collection" of highly intelligent and beautiful theoretical constructions turned out to be very attractive to many physicists and out are not so easy to abandon. This is the rare case when of the expression "Woe from Wit" is appropriate.

One can understand the negative reaction of venerable physicists and, especially theorists, whose entire scientific life passed under the sign of Maxwell's vicious Electric Magnetism. It is this layer of scientists that determines now what is good in physics and what is bad. But the big question to the young generation entering physical science. Is it worth building your scientific future on the basis of the vicious delusions of the past?

  1. The discriminatory policy of leading physical Editorials

For example, the articles of author with the results of the study of real magnetic charges, sent to the so-called prestigious journals were immediately repudiate, with expert opinions which, in general, can be described by the expression: this can never be. Namely the leading physical Editions stand guard over the existing theoretical physics, creating numerous “chippers” that prevent the penetration of views on their pages that are alien to official physical dogmas.

Of course, it is possible to understand the noted "defensive" reaction of   Editorials and their experts, since the introduction into fundamental physics of real magnetic charges, as well as true antielectrons, presupposes a radical revision of the entire theoretical arsenal of physics created in 150 years of ignoring these particles. By the way, this arsenal accounts for at least 70% of the content of the leading physical journals for all the years of the dominance of vicious electric magnetism in the sciences, i.e. counting from 1873. Paradoxical as it may seem, but in the circumstances described, the entire existing physical theory, built over 150 years based on Maxwell's vicious electromagnetic concept, turned out to be in the status of a physical and mathematical fantasy that has little in common with reality.

At the same time, as it usually happens in life, any delusion, even such a grandiose one, as described above, sooner or later passes. Therefore, in the future we still have a very "fascinating" spectacle with the "fall" of modern physical theory from the conquered "peaks". Of course, only those who can live up to this moment will be able to see this.

*Robert A. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, specialist in the oblast of General physics with real magnetic charges. Currently, he works as an individual researcher. Extended information about his research on the topic: real magnetic charges in atoms and substance can be found by typing in Google: Robert Sizov physics.



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