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Translational Medicine & Research


Dr Francesco Falciglia

Bambino Gesu Children's Hospital
Research Interest: Traumatology, Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery

Assoc. Professor Barbara Budzynska

Medical University of Lublin
Research Interest: Temporomandibuar Joint

Assoc. Professor Jeannette Lechner Scott

University of Newcastle
Research Interest:

Dr Carla Alexandra Ribeiro Da Silva

University Hospital of Coimbra
Research Interest: Preventive Medicine, Neuroanatomy, Medical Psychology

Dr Claudia Colomba

University of Palermo
Research Interest: Neurosurgery

Dr Constantinos Avgoustou

General Hospital
Research Interest: Hemorrhoidal disease

Dr Dorina Lauritano

University of Milano
Research Interest: Oral medicine, oral oncology, oral biology, dental materials, implant dentistry.

Dr Francesco Sala

University of Verona
Research Interest: Ortho

Dr Georgi Tosev

University of Heidelberg
Research Interest: Noval PC and NCC therapeutics,risk adapted P-specific antigen screening

Dr Gesa Meyer-hamme

University Medical Center Hamburg
Research Interest: Diabetes

Dr Grewal DS

Punjab Technical University,
Research Interest:

Dr Hala Alnuaim

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University
Saudi Arabia
Research Interest: Medicine

Dr Irfan Ali

College of Dental Sciences and Research
Research Interest: Oral health, Dental

Dr Joe James

Government Medical College Kozhikode
Research Interest: Neurology and Internal Medicine

Dr Julita Kulbacka

Wroclaw Medical University
Research Interest: Kidney

Dr Lars Niclauss

Lausanne University Hospital
Research Interest: Subclavian Steal Syndrome, Transient Ischemic Attack Mimic

Dr Marcello Trizzino

University of Palermo
Research Interest: Tropical diseases

Dr Martaÿtroya Castilla

New Economic School
Research Interest: Oral medicine, oral oncology, oral biology, dental materials, implant dentistry.

Dr Melissa E Hogg

University of Wisconsin
United States
Research Interest: Surgery

Dr Misbahuddin M Rafeeq

King Abdulaziz University
Saudi Arabia
Research Interest: pharmaco-epidemiological study of drug

Dr Mohammad Daneshzand

University of bridgeport
United States
Research Interest: Computational neuroscience

Dr Omer Ibrahim

Yale University School of Medicine
United States
Research Interest: Microbiology

Dr Omer Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Mohammed

University of El-imam El-mahdi
Research Interest: Medicine and health sciences

Dr Peter Schwarz

Glostrup Hospital
United Kingdom
Research Interest: Mandible

Dr Philippe M Tscholl

University of Zurich
Research Interest: Femoral

Dr Rufida Said Thabet Kamal Eldeen

Ibn Sina University
Research Interest: Pediatricphysiotheraphy

Dr Sergio Hoyos

University of Villareal
United States
Research Interest: Biomedical

Dr Stuart B Goodman

Stanford University
United States
Research Interest: Orthopaedic surgery

Dr Tabbabi Ahmed

University of Monastir
Research Interest: Medicine

Dr Wakiro Sato

Institute of Neuroscience
Research Interest: Immunology

Dr Wallyÿbaffone

University of degli Studi di Urbino
Research Interest: Drugs

Dr Younglee Kim

California State University
United States
Research Interest: postpartum women

Dr Zongmin Zhao

Harvard University
United States
Research Interest: Immunization & Drugs

Parin Shah

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
United States
Research Interest: Immunology, Oncology (Breast, Melanoma, Ovarian, Pancreas and Lung), Tumor Micro environment, Molecular and Cell-biology, Genetically modifying T-cells for Adoptive T-cell therapy, Cell signaling, Targeted and Immuno therapies, Targeted Drug delivery systems, delivery systems, micro RNA, Pharmacology and pharmaceutical Sciences.

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