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eISSN: 2574-9927

Material Science & Engineering International Journal


 Dr Rivera Armenta Jl
National Technological Institute of Mexico, Mexico
Research Interest: Polymers, Nano Materials, Alternate Energies
 Asst. Professor Narendhran S
Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science, India
Research Interest: Nano Toxicology, Environmental Remediation
 Asst. Professor Ihsan H Dakhil
Al Muthanna University, Iraq
Research Interest: Wastewater treatment, Air pollution, Data analysis, Specifications of oil products
 Dr Mostafa Hasanian
Penn State University, United States
Research Interest: Material Characterization and nondestructive testing, Acoustics and ultrasonic with applications in NDT&E and SH M, Material characterization and modeling, Robotic inspection in hazardous and high temperature environments
 Dr Marcin Malek
Military University of Technology, Poland
Research Interest: Metals, Alloys, Ceramics And Polymers, Fibers, Waste Fibers Natural Additives Zeolite, Kaolinit, SiC
 Dr Alini Luisa Diehl Camacho
Laboratório de Caracterização e Valorização de Materiais, Brazil
Research Interest: Material and metallurgical engineering, Engenharia química, Materials and components of construction, Environmental science, Valorização e reciclagem de resíduos industriais
 Dr Natalia Lopes
Federal University of Minas Gerais , Brazil
Research Interest: Materials characterization, Physical metallurgy, Surface treatments and coatings, Corrosion and electrochemical techniques
 Dr Md Nafiujjaman
University of Development Alternative, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Biomaterials, Nanomedicine, Drug delivery, Hybrid nanoparticles for cancer imaging and therapy, Bioimaging, Intracelullar drug delivery ,Toxicology
 Dr Ijaz Ahmad Khan
Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan
Research Interest: Plasma processing of materials, Thin film deposition of transition metal nitride/oxides, Semiconductors and transition metal dichalcogenides thin films
 Dr Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed
Sohag University, Egypt
Research Interest: Material Science, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Catalysis
 Mohammed Elamin
North Carolina State University, United States
Research Interest: Composite Materials, Impact damages, Experimental and Computational Mechanics, High strain rate materials
 Dr Jiajun Chen
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States
Research Interest: Mechanism of self-assembly of biomolecules, Including peptide, Protein & Peptoid using in situ atomic force microscopy, Crystallization, Biomineralization, Cell encapsulation
 Dr Atef Mohamed Fathy Mohammed
National Research Centre, Egypt
Research Interest: Air pollution chemistry, Environmental sciences, Air pollution, Environmental impact assessment, Risk assessment, Air pollution modeling