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Women's Health

Opinion Volume 4 Issue 4

Psychosocial impact on women health

Gaytri Batra

College of Nursing, India

Correspondence: Gaytri Batra, College of Nursing, AIIMS, New Delhi, India

Received: February 23, 2017 | Published: March 8, 2017

Citation: Batra. Psychosocial impact on women health. MOJ Womens Health. 2017;4(4):88. DOI: 10.15406/mojwh.2017.04.00091

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Mr. Mathur talks of women empowerment and sends his daughters to school, appreciates their presence and praises them all the time. Yet he comes home drunk and beats his wife occasionally. Mr. Abdul Sheikh has a trophy wife, beautiful, smart and witty and is willing to pursue post-graduation but Mr. Abdul thinks contrarily, he assures her that she is married and does not need to study further. This leads to the conclusion that concept of women empowerment we have been teaching is perhaps fraudulent so, what exactly is going wrong and where? A daughter is born; the birth itself is the victory to the nation of power of women. She is sent to school and is educated, yet another vein, then, she reaches the age of 23 and all are in a hurry to marry her off. She is married and all are again in worry for child bearing of the newlyweds. A daughter is born yet again but this time there is one win and one defeat. The child wins upon being born in this country of where female feticide makes his home. But her mother is snatched of her dreams and aspirations being bound to the family life henceforth.

We finally figure out the key points now. Although women have been handed over their rights to education and their choice of occupation but dishearteningly and age limit has been set by our society to do so. “Before marriage” is the time limit for a woman to complete her dreams in times today whereas it is much needed thereafter. Females in our society have still not been able to be financially independent and hence are forced to live under the shadow of their husbands. In the recent survey it was seen that only one in thousands marriages in India ends in divorce whereas, on the other hand Netherlands has been noted as the country having happiest couples in yet another survey. Now the question comes, if couples in our country are not happy why are they not getting divorced? The answer to this question lies in two aspects. The first aspect is the financial instability of the wife and hence feeling of inferiority and economical dependent on husband. The second aspect lies on social pressure where a divorced woman, although self-equipped, is looked upon derogatorily, which leads to psychological dependence. The concept of women empowerment has been focusing on education and occupational independence for so long that it has forgotten the psychological parameter.

A woman who is working and earning enough to support her family is being abused every day at her workplace; she is empowered in certain terms but is broken in terms of others. The right to speak, the right to voice her opinion, the right to stand up against her abuse is still in progress at certain places. Even for spiritual issues Gender discrimination is there as in the latest boost for women demanding equal access to temples, mosques and other holy sites. Discrimination against menstruating women is common in some parts of the India, where they are forbidden from entering houses or temples and taking part in festivals and community events. The problem does not lie in laws and orders of the country that have been passed by the court regarding empowering women, the basic problem lies in the mentality of its citizens. The question now is that many people talk and write about women empowerment but who should take the step? Most probably the ones who are willing and talking of it because, they have understood the notion in it’s true meaning and can serve as key points to radiate the same.



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