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Women's Health

Proceeding Volume 5 Issue 6

‘How the NHS and worldwide health services are currently worsening everyone’s health’

Paul Wilkins

Public Relations and Communications, UK

Correspondence: Paul Wilkins, Public Relations and Communications, UK

Received: September 01, 2017 | Published: September 8, 2017

Citation: Wilkins P. ‘How the NHS & Worldwide Health Services are Currently Worsening Everyone’s Health’. MOJ Womens Health. 2017;5(6):320. DOI: 10.15406/mojwh.2017.05.00142 DOI: 10.15406/mojwh.2017.05.00142

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The NHS and worldwide health organisations are currently worsening all health problems via the use of the unnatural/unexplicit word ‘Doctor’.

For just about all health problems, including mental, physical, stress, depression and alcoholism/drug taking, to be thought of less therefore suffered a lot less this word needs changing to a much more natural/explicit title, which staying less stuck on people’s minds will result in health problems being thought of a lot less therefore suffered a lot less; especially though not only with mental health problems. Please see a further explanation below:
The longer it takes for the all the different countries Government of Health to listen to this, the more embarrassed they'll be for Not Listening a month or year earlier!

Going along with what’s about to be pointed out needing doing - to follow below - would improve Patient Engagement too. This is something for Health Secretary MPs and many NHS/Worldwide Health Services to debate, before for many people/patients it gets too late.

Lots of people have complimented me as having better than average intelligence, including my GP and a certain Psychiatrist both calling me a genius. When recently taking an IQ test I scored 126.

In 2008 it came to mind a way in which the NHS are worsening everyone in this country/world's health - especially, though not only, mentally.

One Unnatural/Unexplicit word currently staying stuck on everyone's mind, making all Health Problems also stay stuck on everyone's mind is 'Doctor'

Explicit titles such as the following wouldn't stay stuck on people's minds anywhere near as much, so Health Problems wouldn't stay stuck on people's mind anywhere near as much either:

If people were to see a 'Health Consultant' they'd eventually think 'Oh, someone they could see for Consultation about their Health'

If people were to see a 'Health Assistant' they’d eventually think 'Oh, someone they could see for Assistance with their Health'

If people were to see a 'Treatment Consultant' they'd eventually think 'Oh, someone they could see for treatment and consultation about their Health'

With them having a meaning these titles* wouldn’t stay stuck on people's minds, therefore health problems wouldn’t either!

Where-as the current Unnatural/Unexplicit word 'Doctor' so stays stuck on people's minds that Health Problems Always 'Do' a lot more as-well!

How much longer are we going to put up with this? Or by changing the Word 'Doctor' (currently used by GPs, Psychologists and Psychiatrists etc) to a much more Natural/Explicit Title - Like the three examples given above - Have Everyone In This World Much Healthier And Happier.

The natural/explicit words of 'General Practitioner', 'Psychologist', 'Psychiatrist' and 'Nurse' etc individually are okay to be used. The unnatural/unexplicit word that need's changing though, To Heal Everyone To Some Deep Extent' is the silly word 'Doctor'.

This needs a careful thought - the future of everyone in this World’s Health and Happiness deeply depends on it!



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