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Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Mini Review
Volume 3 Issue 4 - 2015
Surgical Treatment of the First Carpometacarpal Joint Arthritis Using a Mini External Fixation System
Athanasios Alexandris*, Georgios Varsanis, Nikolaos Tassios, Maria Sfakiotaki and Vaios Goulas
Department of Orthopedics, General Hospital of Trikala, Greece
Received: October 14, 2015 | Published: October 27, 2015
*Corresponding author: Athanasios Alexandris, Department of Orthopedics, General Hospital of Trikala, Karditsis 51 Trikala 42100, Greece, Tel: 00306947445950; Email:
Citation: Alexandris A, Varsanis G, Tassios N, Sfakiotaki M, Goulas V (2015) Surgical Treatment of the First Carpometacarpal Joint Arthritis Using a Mini External Fixation System. MOJ Orthop Rheumatol 3(4): 00101. DOI: 10.15406/mojor.2015.03.00101


Evaluation of our primary results from the use of a mini ex-fix system for the treatment of the first carpometacarpal joint arthritis [1-3] (Figure1).


We admitted in our clinic 10 patients the last 2 years. 7 females, 3 males, all of them were agriculture workers. The main age 62 was years old (55-72y).
All the patients complained for pain and tenderness to the base of the thumb more than 3 years and presented decrease grip strength [4].
In all the patients the anaesthesia was axillary block.
After an open debridement of the first carpometacarpal joint (Figure 2) we apply, under x-ray control, a mini ex-fix system [3,5] (Figure 3).
It’s very important the application of the first needle of the system to cause compression between the base of the first metacarpal and the trapezium (Figure 4 & 5) [6-10].


In all the patients the system was removed after six weeks in outpatient clinic.
One patient had a pin track infection which was treated by oral antibiotics.
The post-op evaluation of the patients includes clinical examination and x-ray control.
All the patients had a short course of physical therapy post-op [11-16].
All the patients had complete pain relief and most of them returned to their previous activity after 3 months postoperative [17-18].

Figure 1: Mini ex-fix system for the treatment of the first carpometacarpal joint arthritis.

Figure 2: After an open debridement of the first carpometacarpal joint.

Figure 3: Under x-ray control, a mini ex-fix system.

Figure 4: Under x-ray control, a mini ex-fix system.

Figure 5: Under x-ray control, a mini ex-fix system.


Even that the number of the patients and the follow up is short we believe that the above method is a safe and rigid method with satisfactory results (Figure 6) [19,20].

Figure 6: After treatment.


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