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Opinion Volume 5 Issue 3

Organism Cleansing and Human Life Prolongation

Bolot Asanov

Correspondence: Bolot Asanov, Director Scientific and technical centre, Kyrgyzstan

Received: January 01, 1971 | Published: March 17, 2017

Citation: Asanov B (2017) Organism Cleansing and Human Life Prolongation. MOJ Immunol 5(3): 00157. DOI: 10.15406/moji.2017.05.00157

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"Flushing out slag from the body" is a snappy tagline that must have stuck in the memories of the general public. For medical purposes such non-medical terms as "slag" and "flushing out" are not connected. We can cleanse the intestine or vessels. For commercial purposes the technical term "slag" may imply toxins, viruses, ghost cells and other wastes from human activity. For easy understanding of our technology and its effects we will explain it in simple terms. Let us imagine a human organism as a mechanical system or a 60-80% liquid-filled ware (meaning intertissue liquid, blood, lymph and other). So, to ensure due operation of this mechanism (namely, a human organism) there exist two vascular systems. First one is a well-known blood vascular system delivering nutrients and oxygen to all organs. Second is a lesser-known lymphatic vascular system which is as yet little understood due to inaccessibility of lymph. If blood draw is simple, then lymph sampling requires a major medical operation, and this is what our project is focused on.

The lymphatic system plays a prominent role in removal of slag from the organism. Beginning at the tiptoes and fingertips the lymphatic system runs throughout the body amalgamating and increasing in diameter and flushes slag out from the organs. Then, running through the lymph nodes it removes slag from the lymph, and the latter flows into blood through the ductus thoracicus under the collar bone. Our technology offers to inject a device (a catheter) into the ductus thoracicus for lymph sampling, its cleansing and reintroduction of the purified lymph into blood. Slaggy organism may cause failure of the lymphatic system and then lead to the following: Cardiac insufficiency; renal insufficiency; hepatocirrhosis; peritonitis; pancreatitis; burns; alcoholic, alimentary or narcotic intoxication; gerontology.

Therefore, our technology allows to draw, mechanically flush and purify the lymph leaving blood clean to effectively cleanse liver and kidney. Thus, we will reduce stress on liver and kidneys and stave off hepatocirrhosis and renal insufficiency. This is just one among the many methods of application of our technology. It can also be used for prophylactic purposes. If a healthy person occasionally applies our technology he/she will avoid the above mentioned diseases, thereby ensuring prolongation of his/her life. Considering the above and based on the worst-case estimates, at least, fifth part of the world population will apply our technology both for treatment and for prophylactic purposes. Flexibility and diversity of our technology makes us sure of the above anticipated figures. The lymph is what cleanse all the organs from slags, and if the lymphatic system fails, our technology will come useful. It is difficult to pre-estimate a multitude of people willing to prolong their lives and seeking to apply our technology for prophylactic purposes. At the moment the technology is developed, patented and is at a prototype development stage what requires investment attraction.



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