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eISSN: 2573-2919

Ecology & Environmental Sciences


 Joshua Baker
Portland Community College, United States
Research Interest: Climate crisis, Environmental Studies,
 Jitendra Kumar
Banaras Hindu University, India
Research Interest: Soil Science & Soil Physics, Soil quality and Soil nutrient, Carbon dynamics
 Dr. Hanan Essa Esmaeil Ghanem
Field Crops Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Egypt
Research Interest: Wheat Physiology, Stress Physiology, Drought Stress, Salinity Stress, Stress Tolerance, Water Relations, Antioxidant capacity
 Dr. Neaz Al Hasan
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Agricultural, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Aquatic Epidemiology
 Dr. Shweta Bhodiwal
Vidhya Bharti Public School, India
Research Interest: Photobiology, Phytochemistry and Plant Biotechnology, Smart Agricultural & Biodiversity, Sustainable Development
 Juan Andrés Sandoval Herrera
English Industrial University of Santander, Colombia
Research Interest: Waste management, Fluid mechanics, Mass balance, Solid operations, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, State of the art
 Dr. Adamu Abdulhameed
Bauchi State University, Nigeria
Research Interest: Developing adsorbents for use in water treatment, Sustainable agriculture, Pollution and remediation, Waste as a resource, Catalysis
 Carolina de Lima Accorsi Montefusco
Federal University of Acre, Brazil
Research Interest: Hydraulics, Sanitation, Water Resources, Applied Hydrology, Civil Construction
 Wilians Montefusco da Cruz
Instituto Federal do Acre, Brazil
Research Interest: Hydraulics, Hydrology, Sanitation, Water Resources, Civil Construction, Construction Materials, Structures, Roads
 Dr. Asif Iqbal
Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan
Research Interest: Environmental Microbiology And Bioelectrical Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology and Microbial Genetics, Wastewater treatment, Nitrogen removal, Bioelectricity production
 Fernando Ariel Carabajal
Virgen de Loreto College, Argentina
Research Interest: Biology, Environment and health, Biotechnology
 Dr. Yisa Benjamin NMA
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Nigeria
Research Interest: Environmental toxicology/biochemistry, Industrial biochemistry
 Dr Roheela Yasmeen
Lahore Garrison University, Pakistan
Research Interest: Wildlife and Environmental Sciences, Zoology
 Haoyu Li
Clemson University, United States
Research Interest: Community Ecology, Plant Ecology, Invasion Ecology
 Gabriel Dias Costa
UNIBH University Center, Brazil
Research Interest: Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Fertilizer Production, Wastes management
 Elías Alberto Bedoya Marrugo
Comfenalco Technological University Foundation - Cartagena, Colombia
Research Interest: Environmental impact, Health and safety management systems, Industrial Safety, Recycling