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eISSN: 2573-2919

Ecology & Environmental Sciences


 Nasser Najibi
The City University of New York, United States
Research Interest: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hydroclimate Drivers and Atmospheric Dynamics of Floods, Climate Change and Global Warming Analysis using GIS Tools
 Santosh Kumar Mishra
SNDT Women's University, India
Research Interest: Agriculture analysis
 Adriano Ciani
University of Perugia , Italy
Research Interest: Farm Accounting And Farm Management, Agricultural Economics, Marketing Of Agricultural Products, Land And Environmental Evaluation, Agritourism And Rural Tourism , Sustainable Development Strategy
 Lazhar Bechki
University of Ouargla, Algeria
Research Interest: Mathematics and Subject Sciences Department of Chemistry
 Frederico M Scarelli
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Research Interest: Marine Geology, Environmental Sciences, Geoscientist and Environmental Scientist Researcher to carry out research in the coastal system, to develop coastal management programs and Master Plan in the coastal zones.
 Arup Giri
Arni University, India
Research Interest: Evaluation of some heavy metals and trace minerals, water and their bioavailability, Hydrology, river
 Raimi Morufu Olalekan
Niger Delta University, Nigeria
Research Interest: Environmental Health, Environmental Management, Pollution Control Management, Waste Management, Climate Change, Water, Air and Land Pollution, Bio-remediation, Disaster Management, Population Health, Environmental Sustainability, Monitoring and Evaluation, Environmental Management Systems etc.
 Joshua Baker
Portland Community College, United States
Research Interest: Climate crisis, Environmental Studies,
 Prof. Dr. Faruque Hossain
American International University, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Soil Plant Relationship (Growth and Production); C and N Dynamics, Climate Change and Food Security; Sequestration and Accounting Storages, GHGs Emission and Measuring Flux; Soil and Water Quality; Soil Survey, Mapping, Genesis, Classification and Mineralogy (using TEM, SEM & X-RD); Environmental Chemistry (Organic & Inorganic Pollutants); Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation; Arsenic Quantification and Remediation; Community Adaptation
 Jitendra Kumar
Banaras Hindu University, India
Research Interest: Soil Science & Soil Physics, Soil quality and Soil nutrient, Carbon dynamics
University 17 agustus 1945 jakarta, Indonesia
Research Interest: Plant microbes, Molecular biology and biotechnology
 Dr. Hanan Essa Esmaeil Ghanem
Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI), Egypt
Research Interest: Wheat Physiology, Stress Physiology, Drought Stress, Salinity Stress, Stress Tolerance, Water Relations, Antioxidant capacity
 Dr. Neaz Al Hasan
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Agricultural, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Aquatic Epidemiology
 Dr. Shweta Bhodiwal
Vidhya Bharti Public School, India
Research Interest: Photobiology, Phytochemistry and Plant Biotechnology, Smart Agricultural & Biodiversity, Sustainable Development
 Juan Andrés Sandoval Herrera
English Industrial University of Santander, Colombia
Research Interest: Waste management, Fluid mechanics, Mass balance, Solid operations, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, State of the art
 Dr. Adamu Abdulhameed
Bauchi State University, Nigeria
Research Interest: Developing adsorbents for use in water treatment, Sustainable agriculture, Pollution and remediation, Waste as a resource, Catalysis
 Carolina de Lima Accorsi Montefusco
Federal University of Acre, Brazil
Research Interest: Hydraulics, Sanitation, Water Resources, Applied Hydrology, Civil Construction
 Wilians Montefusco da Cruz
Instituto Federal do Acre, Brazil
Research Interest: Hydraulics, Hydrology, Sanitation, Water Resources, Civil Construction, Construction Materials, Structures, Roads
 Dr. Asif Iqbal
Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan
Research Interest: Environmental Microbiology And Bioelectrical Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology and Microbial Genetics, Wastewater treatment, Nitrogen removal, Bioelectricity production
 Fernando Ariel Carabajal
Virgen de Loreto College, Argentina
Research Interest: Biology, Environment and health, Biotechnology
 Dr. Yisa Benjamin NMA
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Nigeria
Research Interest: Environmental toxicology/biochemistry, Industrial biochemistry
 Dr Roheela Yasmeen
Lahore Garrison University, Pakistan
Research Interest: Wildlife and Environmental Sciences, Zoology