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Current Research & Reviews

MOJ Current Research & Reviews (MOJCRR) is an international peer reviewed open access journal and it publishes high quality research and review articles in all fields of science and technology. MOJCRR covers all aspects of pediatrics, nutritional engineering, anesthesia, orthopedics & rheumatology, ophthalmology, psychology, agriculture, neurology, toxicology, engineering, etc. The main aim of our journal is to explore new directions in current research & reviews across all medical and clinical fields.

Latest Articles

Research Article Open Access

Pull-through, a salvage technique?

Rita Vale Martins, Filipe Almeida, João Ribeiro, Ricardo Rocha, Paulo Alves, Paulo Mira

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - January 22, 2024

Review Article Open Access

Formal observation of the first nesting of the Loggerhead Caretta caretta (Linnaeus, 1758) in Algeria

Mourad AHMIM,1 Rachid BOUTEBIBA,2 Khaled LEULMI2

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - January 4, 2024

Review Article Open Access

Review Article Open Access

Emerging microorganisms that value industrial liquid waste and promote the circular economy

David Silva-Rodríguez

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - September 25, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Open and closed treatment of chest injuries: mortality, hospitalization, trauma indices and physiological data

Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy,1 Francisco de Assis Cury,2 Maria de Fatima Guerreiro Godoy OT,3 Andre Luciano Baitello2

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - March 20, 2020

Research Article Open Access

Review Article Open Access

Decriminalizing drug addiction: the effects of the label

Morgan Joyce, Emmalie Sklenar, Georgie Ann Weatherby

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - July 12, 2019

Review Article Open Access

Engineering photo cross-linked porous network for efficient and selective removal of toxicants from wastewater

Sayantani Bhattacharya, Ajith Nair, Arijit Bag, Pradip Kumar Ghorai, Raja Shunmugam

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - June 4, 2019

Review Article Open Access

Turmeric black tea as a multimodal theronostic dietary adjuvant aiding neuroprotection and ameliorating hypertension

Baishakhi De,1 Koushik Bhandari,2 Prakash Katakam,1 Gargi Saha,3 Tridib Kumar Goswami4

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - May 3, 2019

Review Article Open Access

Investigating customer’s perspective of service quality management 

Ming Kwan,1 Terry Lam,2Anthony Kong3

MOJ Current Research & Reviews - April 16, 2019