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eISSN: 2573-2935

Addiction Medicine & Therapy

Aims and Scope

MOJ Addiction Medicine & Therapy (MOJAMT) deals with the study of medicine that puts the person in habitual compulsion to use a substance, or to engage in an activity without much regard for its disastrous effects on a person's physical, mental, epidemiological, financial, social science, spiritual well-being, addictive behavior, drug abuses, individual abuse patterns, addiction psychiatry, co-occurring social, psychiatric and medical problems and its therapy. This journal publishes peer-reviewed research papers, reviews, expert opinions, case studies and short notes of scientific excellence related to afore mentioned field.


  • Internal Addiction
  • Behavioral Addiction
  • Internet Addiction
  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Opiate Addiction
  • Game Addiction
  • Oncogene Addiction
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Exercise Addiction
  • Anti Addictives
  • Detoxification
  • Addictive Behavior
  • Withdrawal Related Symptomsm
  • Physiologic Tolerance/Withdrawal
  • Psychiatric and Neuroscience Disorders
  • Recovery Programs
  • Rehabilitation Therapy