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eISSN: 2576-4519

Applied Bionics and Biomechanics

Aims and Scope

MedCrave Online Journal of Applied Bionics and Biomechanics (MOJABB) is an international peer reviewed journal of advanced technological developments based on the science of biological systems. This journal covers all the aspects of bionic science and engineering including fundamental understandings of animals and plants for bionic engineering, such as locomotion and behaviors of animals, structures, composites, morphology and physical properties of plants and natural materials, applications of such understandings in engineering, technology and designs. MOJABB publishing research papers, review articles, short communications, case reports, mini-reviews, opinions, letter to editors, etc. in this field which will be enlightening the scientific community.


  • Biomechanics
  • Bioengineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Extracorporeal technologies that directly or indirectly affect biological function
  • Implantable
  • Attachable or Wearable Technologies
  • Augmented Reality and Augmented Perception
  • Bio-Robotics and Humanoid Robotics
  • Biomimetics
  • Diagnostic Technologies based on Biological Systems
  • Public Policy Considerations for Development of Bionics Technologies
  • Economic and Cost Issues
  • Societal and Individual Acceptance
  • and Quality of Life Implications
  • Ethical Matters