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Opinion Special Issue Psychiatrist Cures Justice - II

Thoughts on American Anti-Virtuous-Male-Sexism

Samuel A Nigro M D

Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA

Correspondence: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D., Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel 216 932-0575

Received: April 19, 2014 | Published: June 16, 2015

Citation: Nigro SA (2015) Thoughts on American Anti-Virtuous-Male-Sexism. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 2(6): 00108. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.02.00108

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Something is wrong. American culture has been anti-virtue and anti-male for decades. It is unrecognized, universal, gross, blatantly sexist and terribly harmful to males. Basically, being very suggestible, males are being ruined by the press and media.

  1. Ads degrade men. AT&T and Time-Warner had and have ads where women and minority men look and sound good, while the white male is a wimp and stupidly unable to talk sense (None but a white male would have ever been demeaned in that way). That ad company should be shut down or be fined like the NBA did to its racist owner. What do young kids think when they see such crap?
  2. Men still give expensive engagement rings--an outrageous anti-male inequality never addressed by feminists, who want "to be men" but not treated as "men treat men." For males, "forget" about treating women as females--they want to be "equal" as men, then treat them that way. Get a law passed: call it "the Equal Misery Amendment."
  3. In most settings (whether work, home, public, government), females can act as aggressive males but males cannot. Professing "equality", females proceed; and males are told to step aside and not exert their own nature, because females are doing it for them.
  4. "Patriarchy" has been defamed and destroyed to the detriment of male development. Where there are no patriarchs, there are no feminists.
  5. "Virtue" (vir = man) has become anathema because of anti-religious prejudice. Also, "man" has become selfishly forbidden as the generic term for "bipedal human creature of any age, sex or nature" which means that "man", properly used, is “any creature with human DNA." "Man" actually is the abbreviated "mankind" or "humanity." The suppression of "man" is psychologically damaging to developing males by depriving them of the freedom and expectations for manly virtue identity and self-worth manhood as part of the human species, which includes the power to speak freely about what is un-virtuous.
  6. Childhood for males is destroyed by intrusion of adult sexuality with resulting distraction from needed pre-adult learning and development. Boys are easily seduced into prurience of any kind, routinely intensely offered day in and day out by the press & media. Normal "infatuation" or "puppy love" incidents easily become pathologically exaggerated into non-male gender identification or obsessional dysmorphic male disorders. Press and media self-inflating sensationalism are responsible.
  7. The abandonment of natural law and planetary aspects of human sexuality, by abortion and by contraception, has created a masturbatory entropic culture destroying family life as males are prohibited relevance and deprived of self-fulfillment and success as natural males being head of the family.
  8. The government has replaced men as providers for home, women and children--and jobs are sent overseas which might enable men to reassume a provider role. For the home and elsewhere, males have been rendered obsolete.
  9. Childhood for males is destroyed by an over-stimulating violent culture with resulting loss of self-reflective self-control consistent with prosocial and personal development. By violence, males are deprived of reflective empathic problem-solving learning experiences accurately characterized as "virtue." Press and media self-inflating sensationalism are responsible.
  10. Female hormones in birth control medications and diet contribute to the male predominance of attention deficit disorder, autism, atypical development, learning disabilities, anxiety-rage-mood disorders, and gender confusion. Female hormones are against males in nature. If 85% of these disorders were in girls rather than boys, there would be concerted efforts to find the cause and take corrective action.
  11. Homes, schools and organizations attend more and more to addressing learning and personal/personhood development for girls while boys are deprived and disregarded, more and more, as disciplinary problems. The "content of male character" is emptied. Press and media self-inflating sensationalism is responsible.
  12. The absence of and the inappropriate demeaning of fathers and other men as "oppressors" removes virtuous men as models for development, and conditions men to move to a non-virtuous mode. Sex-wise too: Husbands used to be respected as "belonging to his wife" and not to be "hit on" by other women--which is total disrespect for "the wife," is anti-virtue and destroys the family--Feminism at its self-proclaimed "best."
  13. Males are rendered unequal and inferior when females compete with males as if females are males but, at the same time, females egregiously demand special considerations as females, while male innate potentials are suppressed. Perhaps the worst is the "equality" of females to "party" like males; then unwittingly stimulate the males ("raping" them?); then protest, as "rape," the consequences of mutual loss of virtue.
  14. Males' innate higher energy seeks "escape" from any culture degrading and abusing them. Young desperate males readily find marihuana, alcohol, and street drugs as "escape" paralyzing them into lesser educated and lesser job qualified conditions in which their "escape" methods result in anti-social and criminal survival.
  15. Being a "productive and working" (essential to "virtuous") male has been de-emphasized into drug linked prurient violent paralysis, with press and media self-inflating sensationalism responsible. Work force data:

 All males not in work force (wf)--13% in 1948; 30 % in 2013.

Age 25-54 (working age) males not in wf--3% in 1951; 4% in 1970; 12% in 2013.

Age 25-54 (working age but not in wf) males refusing to work--54 % in 1994; 73 % in 2006; 64 % in 2013.

< 25 year old males not in wf--24% in 1976; 22 % in 1978; 43 % in 2013.

All females not in wf--67 % in 1948; 40 % in 2008; 43 % in 2013.

  1. Financial investments in private prisons and prison support industries by judges and any others in the legal system are enhanced by over-criminalization of males. The lack of genuine "rehabilitation" is just more profit for those investing in the prison system. Males incarcerated in 1945--250,000; in 2015--over 2.5 million. This over criminalization is an absolute proof of an anti-male culture.

The press and media in particular have failed the Founders' mandate and expectations that the First Amendment would maintain virtuous men to sustain our democracy. It is time other actions are taken to create virtuous males as well as females. "Freedom" has become "Anything goes, just call it 'art'" and "Do not tell me I am wrong"--paradigms resulting in existence without virtue--Press and media self-inflating sensationalism is responsible and is the undoing of the Founders because "deviant pseudo-freedom" has replaced responsible virtue. The "self-evident truths" no longer exist if un-virtuous or anti-transcendental. Unless there is a minimum of "virtue" (dare I say "Christian Virtue") in a system, overt or sub rosa, the people are no good to the degree that even laws will not sustain the so-called "culture," because virtuous men are essential for truth, oneness, good and beauty. Society must condition males to be virtuous. Anti-virtuous-male-sexism must stop.

Add: I just finished who Killed the American Family by Phyllis Schlafly...WND Press, Washington, D.C. 2014. It is an outstanding review and totally supported by my preceding comments above. She confirms my ideas also. I also recommend Domestic Tranquility: A Brief against Feminism by F. Carolyn Graglia...I have a full review available written in 2007. My review in 2012 of The Victim's Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind by Bruce Bawer is also helpful in understanding all the prejudices against men. My reviews of It Takes a Village by Hillary Clinton and It's Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris complete the destruction of virtuous men.



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