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Opinion Special Issue Psychiatrist Cures Justice - II

The Death of America

Samuel A Nigro M D

Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA

Correspondence: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D., Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel 216 932-0575

Received: April 19, 2014 | Published: June 16, 2015

Citation: Nigro SA (2015) The Death of America. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 2(6): 00110. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.02.00110

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FOUR PLACES IN HISTORY* (written January 23, 1973)

Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Vietnam, And Children-To-Be.
Four places in history,
Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Vietnam, And Children-To-Be.
At each place someone died,
Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Vietnam, And Children-To-Be.
The last is where everyone died,
Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Vietnam, And Children-To-Be.
For America commited suicide,
at Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Vietnam, and Children-To-Be.

DEATH TRAIL: SCIENCE (to ohio house judiciary committee june 1971)

Take a group of children between the ages 4 and 8 to a science museum and show them the section on prenatal development. Explain the process and show them this beautiful life-giving sequence of events. Answer their questions, explain prenatal life. Then tell them about abortion and let the children -decide its right or wrongness.

The true difficulty is that science is killing again. Science has taken an anti-life route again. A poem has been written about science and it is called “death trail: Ten Small Letters.” It is very short, and I would like to read it to you.

Dear Science, you misanthrope,
Make life stop killing
Again in the name of Life.
Go straight to Science!

Napalm the defoliants
And unnerve the gaseous chemists
Who could not say “no.”

Bubonic dear,
Put plague in the wishes and dreams
Of the warring biologists
Who could not say “no.”

Hiroshima Nagasaki,
You radioactivate the megatons
Of the no-matter physicists
Who could not say “no.”

Hey Miracle Engineer,
You made “breathing” a dirty word.
Go breathe yourself
The exhausts and vapors of industry.

Psychiatrists, other doctors, and
(Oh God!) social workers too:
Why did all of you join
The death trail of science? At most
You made the killing invisible again.

Now, Abortion,
You have replaced war by killing more
To preserve the mental health
Of the social psychic medical experts
Who cannot say “no” to the Lorelei of science.

Listen, teenagers: Make love
Not babies to be killed unborn.
Better love is out of bed
And a new kind of peace Is saying “no”.

Adulting adults,
Does maturity mean you cannot say “no”?
Males never could. Can Unmales?
Again: The reasons are so good this time!
No. Hell no I won’t go
To kill again with science.

Oh saccharine science,
How do you turn back from the death trail?
Having once killed, the mind cannot say “no”
Unless it admits
To totally being wrong
And totally wronging Being.
No. No? No!

I hope that the members of the Judiciary Committee will say “no” to a change in Ohio’s abortion law. The only guideline that has really held true throughout history is life. We must choose life. Man has always feared the future and regretted the past. I don’t know why we fear the future because things keep getting better in spite of the prophets of doom who have always been wrong. However, I do know why we regret the past. It is because we have killed in the name of life, and we keep killing because we fear the future. As long as mankind fears the future, we are doomed to regret the past. You can break this cycle by maintaining a pro-life posture that includes mankind from the day of conception. A pro-life position is the only one to have.

COEXISTENCE* (written 1972)

FATHER’S DAY* (written 1973)

A masculine woman is but
Half-a-man on Mother’s Day
Unless the sex-typing is incomplete.
(As long as men accept it)

Before that, Diana
(Who wanted to be male) had become
Heracles hating his children
Until culture imposed on everyone equally:
An Equal Misery Amendment.
(As long as men tolerate it)

Thereby Medea and Atreus
Could oppress children —
Those culturally sacred possessions
Who so badly want
Socially deviant desiderata called
Mommy and daddy
That they are informally
Excluded from personhood.
(As long as men don’t mind it)

However, culture imposes on everyone
Equally: “Tis cowardly to attack a woman” —
Even when she contemptously both
Has her child and kills it too!
(As long as men won’t use their muscles)

That menses increases crime

increases accidents
increases agitation

And decreases performance
Is no longer sanctioned
Liberated Women:
i.e. women who are independently wealthy
i.e. women who have job security
i.e. women who have careers awaiting
i.e. women who have marriages already

failed once

twice or more
or not at all

i.e. women who need no protective safeguards

for their homemaking

society saving humanbeingness

So that
They may now indeed impose
Their liberation onto others.

As long as men accept it,
As long as men tolerate it,
As long as men don’t mind it,
As long as men won’t use their muscles
They can have their liberation,

Kill their procreation,


by feminine frailty feigned
enslave men too.

VICIOUS CYCLE * (written January 23, 1973)

Somewhere our forbears left
To seek America
And existence for children not found
In their country of national origin.

Some found what they were seeking:
America allowed
Existence not to be found
In what they left behind.

Some found existence they were seeking
In America
But children brought “not-allowed”
From what they left behind.

Some children seeking existence
In America
Found forbears seeking
Existence for children not allowed.

Some children are not allowed
In America
To exist, and they found
What their forbears left behind.


The Women Libers of TIME Magazine,
Have aborted the news media into
A travesty in re:
Balance, Honesty,
And Objectivity
(Which means shelving one’s personal views
for the sake of Journalism).

TIME’s Women Libers have demonstrated
A subjective approach to the news
That disqualifies them
From Honor, precludes them
From Competence, and demasculinizes them
From Manhood, whereas
Women they are not.

Complete Failure: The “Freedom of the Press”
Is now a genuine myth.
The “Freedom of the Press” has become a tyranny
Of proseltyzing dishonest imbalance in one topic only
(And one topic is all it takes to destroy the freedom)
Women’s Libers Public Relations Expert Editors
Who, heady in their new freedom and power,
Manipulate the public
To Promote Pontifically
Their Intractability Instead of Integrity.

“Be men about it,” girls,
Which is, of course, no better
Than what editors have always been.

Thanks to you, it is a man’s world,
And the press is better dead than read
Because the oppressed became the oppressors.

The “LAST ICON” (written 1974)

Many die so the dishonest may lie
And lie And lie And lie.
However the media
Lives and lives and lives.

In the sweat of patriots
The media lives
For those who sweat
Only on the golf course
(Give me liberty and give you death)
And for the other corporate aristocrats
Who dictate what the media
Gives and gives and gives:

Sale! Sale! Sale!
Watergate Abortion Infanticide Euthanasia
Strontium-90 Napalm Ingelfingerism
Nerve Gas Flesh-in-every-pot .
for those able to afford the very best:
An electrode brain implant that gives
Sex (all sex any sex every sex)
By the push of a button
Without having to fuss with people
(end of commercial for
Corporate Executives & Rock-Fellers
in the prehistoric panting & nudity-violence
Caves of

Oh well, ask not what your country can do for you.
Really, it can do nothing
Because it has grown too
Small and ‘tis but a fragment of
the world —
The fragment of the obese over-rich
Perpetrating their overkill.

Oh well, ask what you can do for your country.
Really Really Really
Abandon It Abandon It Abandon It
Before you truthful honest ones
Die preserving the monied few on top of the

No life after death
No life before birth
My country ‘tis at thee
Evolution stops dead dead dead
Until the last icon falleth
Where upon Peace becomes reality.

Thank you, bishop (written december 2000)

Deo gratiasfor what you do for us:
The Sacraments especially the Mass!
"Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again.
"And "Christ is here right now!" in the Mass. Thanks to you.

Deo gratiasfor participation in the Mass with your priests:
The chance to mentally, silently lip synch with the celebrants,
Reverently saying the old Latin when remembered when appropriate,
Reverently saying the vernacular (all prayers, all readings, all songs)
With the priest, lectors, cantor and choir, in loud silence
Tuning out the world, nay, leaving the world nobly versed in
Spiritual things more real than anything ever outside the Mass.

Deo gratiasfor participation in the Mass your diocese gives us:
Immersed in ancient secrets of 2000 years via Rome,
Mysteriously one with the celebrants as I recite with them,
Embracing the Universe transcendentally, detached tranquility,
Near ecstacy, Near God in the Statimuum,
Savoring the Roman Catholic Church as custodian, guardian and glorifier of
The transcendentals, virtues and the family.

Deo gratiasfor your priests and religious:
"Transcendental Engineers" of matter, form, truth, oneness, good and beauty.
Your priests as "Transcendental Warriors" wielding
the sword of matter,
the scalpel of form,
the battle ax of truth,
the throw net of oneness,
the battering ram of good,
the scaling ladder of beauty.
Your priests as MSAs—Masters of Sacrament Administration
knowing the real world, immune to the physical,
immune to the illusions of television, movies and newspapers,
never supporting the monkey worship of celebrities
(and all celebrity seekers are monkeys!).
Your priests, by their transcendental commitment, are
the most powerful of the powerful,
enabling us to become what we ought to be,
instead of following the fakery and flickering light ink smudged
decarnating nothingness of the press and media.
Your priests, not entertainers, not celebrities, not cults of personality
but leaders of mystery and mysterious experiences
beyond individuality if we participate with them in the Mass.

Deo gratiasfor what you do for us:
The spiritual real alternative to the electronocelluloid dung beetle culture of
Disgust and death by the necrophiliacs imposing boring passivity and
The unreality of expecting to be entertained immobile anergically all the time.
You give us immunity to the unreality, non-being and non-living of
lipstick, eyeshadow, macromastic callipygian idiocy, cartoons,
all advertising, all entertainers and celebrities, most politicians,
and the entire electronocelluloid universe of vapid nihilism including
useless talk shows and talk therapies and love is making a sterile deal.
You give us awareness of all the non-reality outside the Mass:
from the ephemeral satisfaction of sports to the
gutter entrapment of pornography, from old sins to new atrocities,
from the near total dishonest untrustable press and media to the
superficial, venal, put-on plague from Spice to the Evening News,
all designed to manipulate us into anti-Transcendental directions.

Deo gratias for what you do for us:
Still fighting the Church-hating French Revolution (ancestors to Hitler and Stalin)
Now current American Nazis (descendants of Hitler and Stalin) the same:
television is the guillotine, '
movie theaters are the noyades,
newspapers are the Committee of Public Safety,
liberal humanists are the Parisian Mob,
celebrities are all Robespierres,
feminists are the Death Cart drivers,
the ACLU is the Insurrectionary Commune,
university professors are the Abolishers of Christianity,
physicians are Jean-Paul-Marats, lawyers
are Fouquier-Tinvilles, and
the Supreme Court is the Jacobin Club.
Fighting the ethnic cleansers to preserve our 2000 year old
Traditions from aichitecture to song to language.

Deo gratias for protecting us:
From the cannon fodder State while liberals' and abortionists' offspring
must now serve first until a number equal to the aborted are dead,
in battles and work unable to be done by the forty million(?) missing
aborted by abortionists (anyone ever for abortion is an abortionist), and
the Churched stay as the home guard raising and protecting unaborted families.
By Church and State equally separate by no God on State grounds,
no State on Church grounds, no flags, no pledges, no anthems, no draft,
no State songs, no recruiters, no military chaplains, no military service, no
martial music, no ROTCs, no "Uncle Sams," no eagles, no nationalism,
no military movies (watch only "The Execution of Private Eddie Slovak"),
no place outside of ,one's homeland is worth a drop of blood,
and no service outside the State until abortionists and press and media
have paid by their offspring on casualty lists for all they have killed.
Let the anti-Catholics serve first die first? Separate Church and State
in your face.
And the mistreatment of Catholics in this land demands apology and compensation
for all the schools, colleges, universities, hospitals
and public service buildings and accomplishments.

Deo gratias for your leadership of the Ship For Those Who Go To God:
The creeky, old, sworn at, besieged, constantly leaking, perpetually ruined,
Always sinking barque, no bone in her teeth, magnanimous, charitable,
committed, non-political, rational, humanity promoting, agelessly revolutionary,
genuinely free and cultured, filled with ancient secrets, fertile, sacrificing,
identity conferring, truth seeking, oneness creating, good demanding,
beauty promoting, life dedicated, male/female complementing instead of competing,
environmentally sound by Natural Law, and helping any and every in all ways,
With never less than one-twelfth of its crew in mutiny or incompetent,
Plows along as the only Behemoth moving in the one direction flow of
The Divine Substance, rescuing anyone who reaches out a hand,
Collecting sinners who finally realize they have intrinsic value and worth
In the sight of God and can return to Him in the plan of Salvation.

Deo gratias for the International Treasure transcending, encompassing,
Harmonizing, adapting, sacramentali zing...and the Mass...
And the Greatest Organization in History--The Roman Catholic Church.

Deo gratias for Bishop Pilla who will not let us forget God,
Who never leaves God out. Who Incarnates our being and our souls
By his priests.

REAL ESTATE COMMI$$ION (written 1975)

House buyer or house seller? It matters not.
No you be careful of changing neighborhoods because You don't want to improve any place. The undersigned owns and hereby authoriies you to offer for sale the property with 710 industry's standards at the price and other terms stated below:
Part of the Only Part
Gets a commission by balancing the books and keeping different people unbalanced

Party 1:
Lookee what came in!
We'll call you back.
One house shown.
Don't call them back.
No houses in that price range.
Don't take them out there.
This area is over-priced.
That lot is zoned commercial.
Needs sod.
Unlit noisy park over there.

Party A--Prime;
One phone call.
Many houses offered.
Keep calling. Keep calling.
Many houses for you.
Don't take them in there.
This area is changing.
That lot is zoned residential.
Many possibilities here.
There is a beautiful park.

(Small print): The commission is to be paid to a Self-righteous community guardian,
Self appointed race distributor,
? create unrest     ?              frighten ?
But will with general effortlessness
Destabilize neighborhoods
By accentuating negatives thereby facilitating the
Flight to the special
Scantuary (for Party A-Prime types only) in order
To bring about the neighborhood
Deterioration promised and the commission desired,
Since both parties A-Prime and Z hereby agree
Not to live peacefully together, because they are
Different in accordance with
Fair housing which
Subsequent to and pursuant to this contract
Is defined as courteous,
Insidious community down-grading by
Manipulation of listing books, unselective transportation
And equal distribution of business caids.

(Large print): ThOs, we are dissolved of
Any responsibility as whipping boys,
Blockbusters, steerers, or segregationists, because
We exclude from the
Real Estate Board anyone
Not working in the best interest of the public
As we have defined those interests consistent with the
Basic attitude of any people of the community
As reflected in our sales associates
Who themselves
Are only community people who LOVE people less
Than those attitudes with which these sales ass-
ociates love themselves and the commissions for which
They live and work in a community
Without leadership and without a
Socialized Housing-Sales System
(using a standard contract and open listing by computer).
The undersigned acknowledge receipt of a copy of this
Loss of his life's
Equity to the Commi$$ioner.

INTERVIEW (written August 1975)

Rally ‘round the
Press, boys (and television and radio too).
Keep the media pure! Scream
“Freedom of the Press” with any hint of
Edit all but the media’s side
With journalistic norms only:
Provoke Embarrass Vindicate
Macerate Florid-ate Terminate
Game-Play Sob-Sister Half-Truth
Omit Omit Omit That!
Jazz-it-up Free-Boot-It
Flashy presentation and an all season
Mardi Gras covering that story.
Our Side Only!
“One does not accuse newspapers”...
Or television...or radio...of anything
That will ever get discussed in the
Freedom of the Press.
Verily the public has a right to know
What the editor says.
So say little to reporters--
They will write it their way better
If you say Nothing.

Down and outers (written january 2005)

Cleveland heights

The st. ann’s audit (written 2000)



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