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Opinion Volume 7 Issue 1

Mother’s Health Directly Impacts the Recovery Timeline of the Autistic Child

Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy

Authentic Autism Solutions, India

Correspondence: Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, Authentic Autism Solutions(TM), Chennai, India

Received: December 20, 2016 | Published: January 3, 2017

Citation: Kandaswamy R (2017) Mother's Health Directly Impacts the Recovery Timeline of the Autistic Child. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 7(1): 00413. DOI: DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2017.07.00413

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The recent studies and a document publication by the NHF (Neurological Health Foundation) has revealed that the health condition of the Mother of a child with Autism DIRECTLY affects the ability of the autistic child to recover fully from the limiting symptoms of autism and other co-morbid conditions. Today, cutting-edge treatment modalities in autism based on the emerging science of Epigenetics and Applied Intentional Epigenetics are helping the autistic child to thrive free from the limiting symptoms of autism. This healing in the child is greatly accelerated once the mother’s health challenges, including and especially the psychological challenges are addressed and healed. This article draws attention to the largely ignored connection between the health - spiritual, mental and emotional well being of women and mothers dealing with children with autism and their direct impact on the thriving or the absence of thriving of the autistic child under their care.

Keywords: Autism; Autism treatment; Autism mothers; Epigenetics; Applied intentional epigenetics; Evidence based medicine in autism; Energetic stress; Pregnancy and stress


EBM: Evidence Based Medicine; NHF: Neurological Health Foundation


Women dealing with children with autism, especially the Mothers of the autistic children are amongst the highly stressed category of people on the planet. Add to this the fact that the incidence and prevalence of autism globally is 1 in 68 and rising, and the fact that a large population of these autism mothers are Unaware that there is an EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) Solution for autism, and you get a population of women who are at high risk for delivering more children with the limiting symptoms of autism.

What are the implications and ramifications of this fact with respect to the future of human beings/autistic beings on this planet?

While one implication is that autism is here to stay and grow as it is the next stage in human evolution ( One can peruse these articles to know How and Why autism is the next stage in Human Evolution and Why Autistic beings are a New Species on this planet, here: The Third Brain In Autism [1], Autism and the Neurological Basis of Creation [2] and Shift from the Problem to the Solution in Autism [3] ) and therefore nothing to worry about, the other point that needs to be addressed is that these children who are the next stage in human evolution need not unnecessarily suffer from the limiting symptoms of autism .

In fact they can thrive in all their glory and take the human race forward in unimaginable and expansive directions in a joyous manner. This and more is possible provided the health and wellbeing of these women and mothers is taken care of. Right from today.

The root cause of mothers of children with autism invariably having health issues themselves

While it may all be dumped under one word, namely- Stress, the REAL underlying cause for the stress is in fact ENERGY Depletion and that in turn causes Energetic Stress (It would be worthwhile to peruse this article that details the importance and impact of the stress in the mother affecting the fetus, here: Energetic Stress during Pregnancy and the Manifestation of the Limiting Symptoms in Autism [4].)

This above point is just one side if the coin.

The other side of the coin (that also adds to the already existing Energy Depleted state) is this: The erroneous premise and mindset that they have to be and need to be available for the autistic child almost 24/7 and BE there for the child because of the list of “limitations" they perceive the child to be having. Which, in many cases are not actual limitations at all, or, are limitations that can be easily cleared and/ or overcome. Most mothers and both parents in some cases unknowingly perpetuate this cycle of dependence simply by holding on to the above point of view. Thus preventing the child from gaining freedom from the perceived "limiting symptoms”.

Another factor that" subconsciously" makes most mothers (and in some cases fathers too) to put their wellbeing and health especially as the last on the list of priorities is the heavy cultural and societal conditioning that the mother is the self-sacrificing embodiment of "love" especially when it comes to a child such as one with autism. Added to this is the glorification of this kind of image about mothers in general. This invariably triggers the ever present button of Guilt in the mother even if she actually wants to take care of her health.

As an extreme manifestation of the “Protective Maternal Instinct“, more often than not, the Self-Sacrificing mother of the autistic child operates under the (often unconscious) notion "if there was some way I could suffer instead of my poor child, I would readily and gladly do it". At a deeper level, there is also an element of “The sicker I become the better my child gets “ kind of mindset that operates in many cases as if this were some kind of “exchange deal“ between the mother and the child. In many other cases, the mother of the autistic child manifests some illness or the other in herself in order to buy more time to avoid dealing with the issues she is in denial about or is avoiding (often unconscious).

While the mothers themselves may argue that it is the other way round - that it is the stress of the autistic child having the limiting symptoms which in turn makes them stressed, the fact is that it is the stress in the mother that precipitates and triggers the symptoms in the child. And this has been revealed by the studies shared in this article. When the health of the mother improves, there is corresponding improvement in the autistic child’s health. Not only that if the mother’s health is ignored and the healing sessions are started for the child it takes a longer time for the autistic child to become completely free of the limiting symptoms and takes a longer time for the child to get into the thriving mode which is what complete healing in autism actually is.

Every single day the mother of an autistic child has to make countless choices and decisions to know and do what is best for her child .This can only be possible when the mother’s mental and emotional health primarily and physical health secondarily ( if one goes into the specifics ), is in alignment and in an energetic stress-free state first .This holds the key to making the right choices and decisions that then helps her autistic child be healed from all the limiting symptoms in the shortest possible time.

To understand this further and to know HOW to apply the same to see the results in every child with autism it is recommended to peruse this article Being Ones Own Authority in Autism.

Consider these facts of great importance and implications that have been revealed by two independent studies

  1. Fearful memories from Mother are “genetically” passed on from mother to the child and to the grandchild.

This study has been published in the Journal ‘Nature Neuroscience‘Titled ‘Parental olfactory experience influences behavior and neural structure in subsequent generations‘ [5].

Quoting geneticist at UCL, professor marcus pembrey

“It is high time public health researchers took human transgenerational responses seriously. I suspect we will not understand the rise in neuropsychiatric disorders or obesity, diabetes and metabolic disruptions generally without taking a multigenerational approach.”

The Same applies in Autism too

  1. “Children are the most important resource for the future of our society. Today, far too many children have developmental disabilities (autism, cognitive disabilities, ADHD, etc.) and serious health problems (diabetes, asthma, depression, food allergies, cancer, etc.). The incidence of most of those problems has increased greatly over the last 20-40 years. Today, approximately 30% of children in the US suffer from serious mental and/or physical health problems (Chronic Disorders). In fact, the chance of having an autistic child in the 1950s was virtually non-existent. According to Autism Speaks, the largest autism advocacy not for profit in the US, as well as the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) the chances are now approximately 1 in 68.

Many of these disorders are preventable. Solid scientific and medical evidence reveal that many chronic disorders are linked to measurable nutritional deficiencies and toxic burdens in mothers during pregnancy and nursing. We believe parents can dramatically improve the probability of a safe, full-term pregnancy and a baby unfettered by Chronic Disorders by improving their nutritional status and reducing their exposure to toxins. But most Americans, including most prospective and recent parents, lack knowledge of the specific preventive steps that they might take on their own. Thus, the essential first step to attacking the problem is to raise awareness. “

This has been published in the document of the NHF ( Neurological Health Foundation), titled‘ empowering parents to have healthy children free of Chronic disorders

The almost 24/7 fear based “Fight/Flight” Stress mode of operating that activates the Reptilian Brain chronically and suppressing the activity of the Neocortex of the Mothers dealing with child/children with autism augments and accelerates the manifestation of most of the limiting symptoms in autism. These symptoms may be expressed as Anxiety (including social anxiety, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) symptoms, inability of communicating through speech and / or symptoms manifested as a way of trying to overcome the underlying anxiety and background tension and more). The ONE term that covers ALL these symptoms is - ‘Energetic Stress ‘. To know about the impact of this Energetic Stress in the mother and how it causes the limiting symptoms of autism in the child, it is recommended to peruse this article Impact of Energetic Stress during Pregnancy [6] and , it is This“ ENERGETIC Stress “ that is transmitted from the mother to the child and grandchild.

What is the Solution?

Epigenetic methods hold the key. Epigenetics means “Control above Genes. To understand more about Epigenetics and how it is being applied in healing all the limiting symptoms in autism and showing results right from day one, it is recommended to peruse this article here: Can you gain Control over Autism Genes? Epigenetics is the Key [7].


Maternal health directly impacts the recovery timeline of the autistic child. This is mainly brought about due to the Energetic Stress in the mother. Epigenetic methods such as Applied Energy Medicine and Applied Intentional Epigenetics can Completely PREVENT and REVERSE this kind of “genetic” transmission , as early as today . When these cutting-edge techniques are applied as early as possible, BOTH in the mother and in the autistic child the limiting symptoms of autism in the child disappear in no time thus cutting short the recovery timeline of the autistic child. Not just the autistic child but also the entire family gets healed in the process. More can be known from this link here: Authentic Autism Solutions [8].


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