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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry

Editorial Volume 13 Issue 1

Elevating the level of Life “Steps towards Megaliving’’ through Bhagawad Gita

Anurag Protim Das

Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University, India

Correspondence: Anurag Protim Das, Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University, India

Received: March 04, 2022 | Published: March 29, 2022

Citation: Das AP. Elevating the level of Life “Steps towards Megaliving’’ through Bhagawad Gita. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry. 2022;13(1):1. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2022.13.00704

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Even with all sorts of available pleasure attributes, recent scenario depicts manifold increase in human sufferings. Short terms pleasures from physical to mental without ethics have resulted in discontent, depression and chronic sadness. Adoption of rational, logical spiritual living is the last refuge to dwell a satisfied and blissful life. To end all human miseries and lead a happy & skillful life, Bhagawad Gita (“The Song of God”), the ancient Hindu scripture, dictates the most powerful and applied wisdom.

Keywords: Human sufferings, Bhagawad Gita, spiritual living, blissful life


Modern living has changed in all frontiers due to advancement of modern sciences & technology. Instant and ease of access to creative and immediate pleasure attributes has transformed the life style and changed the globe into heavenly replica. Inspite of all the pleasure attributes a large section of find themselves trapped in the labyrinth of chronic sufferings viz. mental distress due to anxiety to vulnerable stages of depression.

Current & modern lifestyle has been invaded with countless supernormal attributes having addictive potential. In context of attaining temporary pleasure and instant satisfaction mankind is attached to supernormal vices like life threatening drugs to brain toxication porn, addicting video games, fake social media with immediate gratification to unhealthy junk foods. The youth while searching for the next twitching for the feeling of instant high are now in a stage of drowning for instant temporary pleasures without any ethical value. Irrespective of all the attributes for instant gratification the sufferings in the form of dissatisfaction, anxiety and depression has exponentially increased in modern times. So, for attaining temporary satisfaction and pleasures, there is a deviation from the logical basis & reasoning behind searching ultimate serenity & mental satisfaction to blissfulness and most significantly ones detachment from intellectual and spiritual states will leave us in a state of dilemma and confusion. If closely observed and investigated the core reason behind majority of sufferings is inevitably the unregulated attachment towards physical pleasures without logic. To lead a skillful life with greater & higher purpose and meaning, spiritual awakening with adequate scientific and logical reasoning is must to navigate the web of complex modern living.

An epic battle took place about 5000 years ago between the Pandavas with Kauravas intended for establishment of dharma – the integrity based on truth, righteousness and logical action, in the battlefield known as Kurukshetra.1 To establish justice the war took place between relatives & associated members of the same family, close friends and even honored teachers, for the call of duty were ready to slaughter. The lead character of this story Arjuna, the famous archer, in spite of being towards the side of truth & dharma was unable to convince oneself to take part in the war and massacre his own brothers and teachers. So, in a confused state and moral dilemma Arjuna was ready to abandon the battle and quit his duty as a warrior. Lord Krishna, an embodiment of dharma, who was closely associated with Arjuna and assisted him as his charioteer. Lord Krishna confronted him in the middle of the battlefield of Kurukshetra and a divine conversation took place between them which investigated the truth, morality, logic and action leading to discovery of dharma and to dwell life at its superior level. The divine conversation that occurred between Lord Krishna and Arjuna is known and acclaimed as the Bhagawad Gita “The Song of God’’.1 Bhagawad Gita, documented and described in 18 chapters with 700 verses known as slokas has proven to be the powerful wisdom to live a skillful and satisfied life at the most superior level. To upgrade the level and dwell at the highest level of life one of the most powerful verses of Bhagawad Gita (documented in the ancient language of Sanskrit) is depicted as (Chapter 2, Verse: 59);

visaya vinivartante niraharasya dehinah

rasa-varjam raso py asya param drstva nivartate

It states that there are four levels on which any human being can dwell his life viz. at the bottom is the bodily level followed by mental, intellectual and spiritual. So, to live a life of purpose at the highest level we should develop a higher taste to discard the lower one. So, to live a skillful life at the peak one should to dwell in the intellectual and spiritual level. Which dictates that, wise and intelligent transcendentalist will discard or regulate the material pleasures arising at the physical level to the minimum need. The physical senses are like wild horses without any known limits of satisfaction. They are impetuous and reckless, so the intelligent one has to fight within himself to attain discipline to focus on the higher attributes of life. So, the noble soul discards the lower level of satisfaction arising from temporary physical pleasures and aims at the superior level and achieves the higher meaning of life by dwelling at the long lasting intellectual and spiritual state.



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