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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry

Perspective Volume 4 Issue 1

Common Sense about Life

Linda King

Wholistic Medical Massage, USA

Correspondence: Linda King, Wholistic Medical Massage, Pismo Beach, CA 93449, USA

Received: October 06, 2014 | Published: October 16, 2015

Citation: King L (2015) Common Sense about Life. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 4(1): 00179. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.04.00179

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This essay is another attempt to put the truth about abundant life and personal mastery or physical immortality in one page. One way of revealing it is spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community. Another way of saying it is to enjoy just being, which may have many healthy purposes, to have pleasurable activities to do every day of which spiritual purification practices are a part of our healthy habits, and to have an abundance of healthy relationships with lots of enlightened people who are doing the same thing.

If you understand the words of the preceding paragraph, you have all the secrets that you require for a long, pleasurable, productive, and meaningful life, which can and probably will include physical immortality. At least, you will have a personal and easy choice about it. Spiritual enlightenment involves knowing the basic truths about life.

“Energy becomes what it thinks about” is one way of expressing it. All there is, is energy, thought, and form. We are Infinite Being, Infinite Intelligence, and Infinite Manifestation and can express ourselves artistically forever. When we realize this in the space between our thoughts, we are spiritually enlightened, and can exercise almost absolute control over our personal reality.

And of course, when we are in that space between our thoughts, we are one with the absolute power of the Universe. Our next thought as we move out of that space tends to determine our future. Then we have to participate in or with the Universe. We can express it another way by saying to enjoy participating in life in all its wonders. This involves living with the rhythms of life. The existence of the physical universe is dependent upon cosmic habits like the dependable turning of the earth, the daily light and heat from the sun, sleeping and waking, eating, working, relationships with people, our shelter, etc.

The physical universe is the intelligent interaction of earth, air, water, and fire. Therefore, the human body is the supreme intelligent action of earth or matter, air, water, and fire. Consciously honoring this action or interaction of the basic elements of life is the secret to spiritual purification. Building this awareness into ordinary, but special and actually very pleasurable spiritual practices is what gives full aliveness to our mind and body. These practices are bathing twice per day, conscious energy breathing, a healthy vegetarian diet, adequate exercise, and adequate exposure to fire sufficiently to clean and balance our energy body. The flames of fire can clean our emotional body as bathing in water does. They each do different things that maintain our creativity and bliss.

This assumes that we are aware that we have an energy body. Happiness, productivity, health and human life as we know it, seems to be dependent upon basic spiritual practices that maintain the life energy in the body. Spiritual community involves the enjoyment of other people in our environment who are doing enough purification to support rather than drain or damage our energy body. It involves participating in pleasurable ways with others in our purposes for using our minds in community projects, political goals, and the economy in ways that are meaningful and satisfying to all.

Our community consists in agreements in time and space. Honoring the principles of spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community, seems to make physical immortality natural and eternally pleasurable.



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