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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry

Case Report Volume 4 Issue 2

Case Report: A Non-Surgical, Non-Pharmacologic, Mind-Body Intervention for Ovarian Tumor

Laurie Nadel

Psychotherapist, USA

Correspondence: Laurie Nadel, Psychotherapist, New York, USA

Received: March 27, 2015 | Published: October 30, 2015

Citation: Nadel L (2015) Case Report: A Non-Surgical, Non-Pharmacologic, Mind-Body Intervention for Ovarian Tumor. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 4(2): 00189. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.04.00189

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A 60-year old female patient designed an experimental protocol of distant prayer, Reiki, and guided imagery to successfully treat an ovarian tumor measuring 2.5centimeters.

Background: On October 8, 2008, multiplanar imaging using T1-T2 weighted technique/MRI of patient’s lumbar spine reported “a suspected cyst within the right ovary measuring 2.5centimeters”.1

Patient: The patient is a psychologist who is also a Reiki master. Her decision to experiment with prayer, Reiki and guided imagery was due to the size of the tumor which was smaller than the 3cm. required for surgical intervention.

Setting: The patient’s home office was the setting for the experiment.

Intervention: Due to a medical crisis in the patient’s family, she was delayed in scheduling an office visit with an obstetrician/gynecologist to follow up the findings in the MRI report of 10/8/08. On 10/10/08, she sent an email request to five Reiki masters to request distant Reiki be transmitted to the “suspected cyst.” The Reiki masters emailed their students, asking that they transmit Reiki to the patient’s right ovary.


In November 2008, the patient used guided imagery to dialogue with the “suspected cyst.” She drew upon the work of Jungian psychoanalyst Arnold Mindell who wrote, “If you are not working on your parts, a part is working on you”.2 The patient facilitated a medium state of self-hypnosis, then asked the Unconscious mind to inform her conscious mind as to the purpose of the “suspected cyst.” The “suspected cyst” said, “I feel that motherhood has betrayed me. I am showing up as crystallized hurt.”

In September 2008, the patient had been the subject of several explosive outbursts coming from her 23-year old daughter and interpreted the message from her Unconscious to be referential to these events. Patient began to utilize guided imagery of a healing angel visiting the cyst and flooding it with light. Hands-on Reiki was applied every night for 30minutes. Simultaneously, distant Reiki and prayers were transmitted on behalf of patient’s right ovary.

On 12/20/08, an ultrasound examination reported that the “suspected cyst” cited in the MRI report of 10/8/08 was a tumor. It had shrunk from 2.5centimeters to 2.0centimeters. Patient was sent for CA-125 blood test which showed no cancer.

The dancing cells

On 12/20/2008, the patient requested prayers via Facebook where she had a network of approximately 500 “friends.” One friend contacted a group called “Rosary Warriors,” a network of 100 Roman Catholic worshipers.3 From 12/20/08 through 1/7/09, members of Rosary Warriors prayed one decade of the rosary every hour of every day on behalf of the patient.

On 1/6/09, the patient was contacted by a spiritual healer, Amy Leigh Halvatez, who sent the patient an e-course called “Electromagnetic Feeling Science”.4 Halvatez specifically referred the patient to a guided imagery exercise called “A Joy Party.”

“Place your attention on the area that you have selected for healing…Feel the particles at the party inside of you begin to sway in unison…humming for peace, honoring joy. Lie down for at least 30minutes…”.5

Rather than utilize creative visualization, the patient induced a medium state of self-hypnosis and requested that her Unconscious mind work with the suggested imagery. “One of the most important differentiations is between spontaneous and induced imagery…Spontaneous images are those which arise into one’s consciousness without conscious effort…these images come from a part considerably deeper than the ego…they not only appear to awareness as visualizations, but also as feelings and intuitions”.6

While in a medium state of hypnotic trance, the patient “saw” healthy cells on a stage, dancing a chorus line to the music of Offenbach’s “Can-Can Overture.” The unhealthy cells were seated in the first three rows of the audience throughout the first chorus. As the second chorus got underway, the patient observed the unhealthy cells leave their seats to join the healthy cells in the chorus line. The healthy cells began kicking their legs higher as they exited stage left, followed by the unhealthy cells.


On 1/9/09, the patient received a second ultrasound examination of the tumor. The report stated, “Tumor is no longer visible.” The patient’s doctor asked if she had taken any medication or herbal supplements. The patient reported that she had asked people to pray and she had received Reiki.


“A new thoughtfulness, joy, greater awareness, and maturity can result from the regular practice of…self-hypnosis”.7,8

The patient concluded that although nothing works all the time for everyone neither aspirin nor prayer; neither surgery nor hypnosis objectively measurable improvement was achieved through this eclectic non-pharmacologic intervention.

Science class four. Maui, HI 1-7.



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