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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry

Research Article Volume 5 Issue 1

An Epidemic of Man-Made Mass Delusions

Alen J Salerian

Salerian Center for Neuroscience and Pain, USA

Correspondence: Alen J Salerian, Salerian Center for Neuroscience and Pain, 8409 Carlynn Drive, MD 20817, Bethesda, USA, Tel 301-204-9004

Received: January 14, 2016 | Published: January 22, 2016

Citation: Salerian AJ (2016) An Epidemic of Man-Made Mass Delusions. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 5(1): 00250. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2016.05.00250

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This study reviews possible evidence of man-made mass delusions related to four Sentinel events in America.

The study findings indicate commonly held public views of “No Genocide committed by allied forces during the second world war”, “Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy”, “Adam Lanza massacred 26 children and three adults at the Sandy Hook elementary school” and “9/11 tragedy was primarily caused by Moslem terrorists” seem to be false beliefs.

Man-made mass delusions may delay progress by failure to learn from past errors. Political leaders and healthcare professionals should be warned about the adverse consequences of mass delusions. Adoption of scientific principles to study sentinel events is necessary.


In general we can observe that most Americans believe “America is immune to mass crimes against humanity. Any cover up virtually impossible because of our excellent internal systems”. Our Constitution, judicial and academic institutions, democratic traditions and free press have strongly contributed to our overall perception of immunity against major violations against inhumane acts. However our extraordinary ability to generate mass delusions to represent Sentinel events may be a serious impediment to progress.

The aim of this study to determine whether it is possible to generate mass false delusions in advanced Western societies. A delusion is a false belief. Almost always it indicates severe psychiatric impairment. Mass delusion is a false belief shared by a large group of people.

In contrast to delusions caused by psychiatric disorders, mass delusions are man-made by diverse influences to promote financial, political or psychosocial goals. In general mass delusions emerge in oppressive societies with limited access to accurate information reinforced by highly censored information.

It is almost impossible to imagine the possible emergence of man-made mass delusions in advanced democratic societies with free access to information. Yet, this very paradigm-the virtual impossibility of mass delusions in advanced Western democratic societies-seems to have been partly responsible for a serious and silent societal problem to possibly grow worse.


4 sentinel events as commonly perceived by large group of Americans will be studied and compared with scientifically valid information.

The current descriptions of sentinel events by major US newspapers will be used as representative of man-made mass delusions.

  1. Oswald killed JFK.
  2. The Allied forces never committed genocide or Holocaust in the Second World War.
  3. Muslim terrorists destroyed world trade centers and assaulted the Pentagon on 9/11/2001.
  4. Adam Lanza massacred 26 children and 3 adults at Sandy Hook elementary school on December 14, 2012.

A brief overview of 4 sentinel events as perceived by a large number of people no genocide by

Allies during the Second World War

During Second World War millions perished with Holocaust by Nazi Germany killing some 6 million European Jews Allied forces did not commit holocaust or genocide in this war.

The assassination of pres. John F. Kennedy

On November 22, 1963 as the president was traveling that on Elm Street at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas several gunshots were fired. The president was declared dead at 1 PM the same day. Governor Connelly traveling with the president suffered multiple wounds but recovered. A young that communist sympathizer, Lee Harvey Oswald was quickly identified as the lone assassin and arrested within a few hours after the gunfire.

The Warren commission chaired by chief justice Earl Warren investigated the assassination and concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for the president’s death and he acted alone.

Muslim terrorists destroyed world trade centers and assaulted the Pentagon on 9/11/2001

On 9/11/2001 4 hijacked passenger jet planes piloted by Muslim terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda crashed into the World Tower Centers in New York City, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania killing all the passengers on board. Also some 3500 people perished when both twin towers collapsed.

The official 9/11 investigation concluded that the collapse of both twin towers was caused by extremely high temperatures melting the steel and cement of both structures. The report did not explain how the seventh building a 47 story high rise next of the twin towers collapsed although it had not been struck by an airplane.

The official security centered review of the assault concluded that 16 Al Qaeda members all citizens of Saudi Arabia were responsible for 9/11.

Sandy hook

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, a mentally unstable young man, previously diagnosed as autistic massacred 26 children and 3 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton Connecticut. He had apparently killed his mother and then drove to the elementary school where he took his own life after killing all his victims without any help from others.

The autopsy findings, the death certificates of all deceased were not made public because of privacy and psychological concerns. Within several months the elementary school was demolished out of concern to the traumatic memories associated with the massacre. The investigators discovered a large collection of weapons in Lanza’s home.

Advanced public notices of some sentinel events before they occurred consistent with the likelihood that they were engineered

  1. JFK: the Christchurch Star in New Zealand published the news of the assassination identifying Oswald as the killer before JFK was killed [1] (Figure 1 & Table 1).
  2. Figure 1: Dresden Bombing, photos and military summary.



    Advanced Notice

    Physically Impossible Claim

    Who Benefited

    CHRIST CHURCH  STAR Printing the details of the assassination identifying Oswald as the assassin before JFK was shot

    Magic Bullet

    Military-Industrial Complex


    BBC Announcing the collapse of WTC-building 7 15 minutes before it occurred

    Cell phones do not work on high altitudes

    Military-industrial complex

    Sandy Hook

    You Tube showing images of the massacre the day before it occurred

    A frail autistic man can not kill 29 people by himself and not a single injured survivor

    Antigun lobby

    Table 1: Clinical and biochemical variables of individuals with overweight-obesity.

    SD: Standard Deviation; BMI: Body Mass Index; WC: Waist Circumference; AC: Abdominal Circumference; HC: Hip Circumference; RER: Respiratory Exchange Ratio; HR: Hear Rate.

  3. Army Pvt. Office Eugene Dinkin accurately predicting the day and place of JFK assassination a month before it occurred at a press conference held in Geneva Switzerland [1].
  4. BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11 before the high-rise collapsed [2].
  5. The day before the December 14, 2012 alleged Sandy Hook massacre video clips on U tube showed images from the massacre [3].

Evidence of no allies genocide by allies during the second world war

United Nations resolution #260 defines genocide as “Acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part a national and ethnic racial or religious group”.

Some 80,000 civilians perished in Nagasaki by a nuclear bomb on August 9, 1945 [4,5]. Nagasaki did not have any military significance. In Tokyo some 100000 civilians perished by bombs on March 3, 1945 [6-8]. In Dresden a nonmilitary ancient town some 80000 civilians were killed by bombs in early February 1945 [9-13] (Figure 1).

The enormous civilian losses caused by targeted military assaults seem to be consistent with the United Nations resolution #260 definition of genocide.

This very limited review does not address the military and political reasons for the bombings nor its addresses whether it was necessary and vital for the final outcome. The focus is strictly on whether the above events meet the definition of genocide consistent with the UN definition of genocide.

Evidence consistent with the inaccuracy of “Oswald killed JFK ”

The commonly held view of Oswald assassinating JFK was initially based upon the Warren report [14]. The Warren report has been proven to be scientifically invalid because of major inconsistencies such as the magic bullet.: A bullet striking JFK, passing through his chest, jumping out for 2 feet, entering Governor Connaly’s arm, traveling through His forearm, exiting the wrist and resting on a stretcher at the parkland hospital emergency room to be discovered by a Secret Service agent and the pristine bullet showing no marks of damage [15].

The Warren report was also based upon the Zapruder movie which has also been shown not to be authentic and heavily edited [16]. The evidence of and high level conspiracy has been well-documented [16-19] (Figure 2).

Evidence consistent with the inaccuracy of “9/11 reports”

According to the official report Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon .No photo or video evidence supports this crash. Furthermore the FAA flight data did not indicate that flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon [2,20-23].

Claims of cell phone conversations between victims and their relatives were obviously false because cell phones did not work on high-altitudes [2].

WTC building 7 collapsed at 5:20 PM on 9 /11 /2001. This 47 story building was not hit by any airplane. There were no signs of a high-temperature fire that could have explained the collapse. The collapse had the appearance of a controlled demolition planned well in advance and incompatible with the official report [2,21].

The official claim of the discovery of an intact passport belonging to one of the terrorists on Ground Zero did not make any sense because of the fiery crash [2].

Evidence consistent with sandy hook massacre being a man -made delusion

As a psychiatrist - a former psychiatric consultant to the FBI-I observe that some of the official claims about the Sandy Hook events are scientifically suspect.

To begin with a mentally compromised autistic young adult weighing hundred pounds or less, with the use of heavy weaponry, by himself killing 26 children and 3 adults without a single injured victim surviving is not a believable story. It is a virtually impossible physical act. Of course this is a subjective observation and does not 100% rule out the possibility that indeed Adam Lanza did commit the massacre.

Figure 2: The Christ Church Star published the news of the assassination before it occurred.

That’s why I’m most grateful to the researchers (13 authors 6 of PhD’s) who meticulously documented the following [3]:

  1. 489 students and 70 teachers evacuated but nowhere to be found and no photos of the evacuation.
  2. Absence of Internet activity from 2008 two 2012 consistent with reports from local neighbors that the elementary school was closed at the time of the alleged massacre.
  3. FEMA manual obtained through freedom of information indicating that a rehearsal will be conducted on December 13, 2012 with a live event scheduled for December 14, 2012.
  4. The day before the alleged killings, video images of the photos from the operation shown on YouTube.
  5. Evidence of photo alterations of people claiming to be relatives of children (Parker).
  6. The FBI, Social Security Administration and the state of Connecticut records indicating no one died in Newton Connecticut on December 14, 2012.
  7. No publicly available death certificate or autopsy report. The only death certificate publicly viewed showed signs of alteration.


Scientific evidence seems to be consistent with the observation that a large number of people suffer from man-made mass delusions. An epidemic of mass delusions about sentinel events seems to exist in America.

In general a delusional person suffers because of impaired reality interfering with optimal functioning. It may also be true that any society with a large number of people with shared delusions about significant political financial or financial issues would be less than healthy.

We may predict that the greater number of mass delusions in a given society, the slower the social progress impeded by false assumptions in dealing with major social and political challenges. Furthermore any society seriously affected by the presence of mass man-made delusions would be more likely to repeat similar errors and miss opportunities to correct them.

Man -made delusions : How is it done

  1. Generate a believable story of a sentinel event by falsely identifying a perpetrator and possible motives for his actions. Broadcast the news with dramatic visual images and traumatic photos.
  2. Higher intelligent trustworthy public figures to echo and support the mass delusion.
  3. Neutralize major voices questioning the delusion (personal attacks, vitriol, harassment, name-calling, labeling them as conspiracy theorists or anti-American).
  4. Actively confuse the public by promotion of truly rational and crazy theories about the sentinel event and presenting them as if voiced by people with scientifically sound objections.
  5. Build monuments, museums right history books based upon mass delusion.
  6. Create and perpetuate never-ending controversies about the sentinel event. This is primarily done by total dismissal of already established scientifically proven discoveries proving man-made mass delusions.

Adverse consequences of mass delusions

  1. Lost opportunities to benefit from past errors.
  2. Promotion of copycat crimes by deceptive means.
  3. Erosion of public trust in governmental institutions.
  4. Heightened risk of urgent frustration driven individual or societal hostile and potentially violent actions.
  5. Loss of valuable minds: marginalized by labeled as conspiracy theorists or falsely persecuted through seemingly legitimate reasons.

Possible interventions to combat mass delusions

  1. Public education and awareness of an epidemic of man-made delusions. CDC should lead this effort.
  2. All investigations of Sentinel events must follow scientific principles including total transparency. A one year delay of total access to available data (for national security concerns) should be adopted.
  3. Memorials and private or governmental museums high school history books should be evidence based.


It seems that man-made mass delusions are common in advanced Western societies and greatly enhanced by modern communication. A key catalyst in generation of mass delusions seems to be the unique powers of people with significant control of controlling the news.


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