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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Volume 4 Issue 3 - 2015
Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D*
Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA
Received: October 15, 2015 | Published: November 24, 2015
*Corresponding author: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D, Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel: 216 932-0575; Email:
Citation: Nigro SA (2015) Abortion. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 4(3): 00213. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.04.00213


Almost 50 Million Abortions

Since 1973...

More than 1/4 of your classmates died:

Born in 1988?
































There are about 4 million births each year-thus about 37% of your class is Dead (probably 40% because it is estimated that 10% of Abortions are unreported). Anyway, when 6 of you get together, there should be 10! 4 of 10 of you did not get the golden rule (do untoOthers as you would have them do unto you). And for those whoCare about it, the black abortion rate is 3 times that of whites.

Millions are dead by abortion   and people wonder Why the economy is bad (not enough homebuyers...and jobs are overseas where the living people are)...duh: where is everybody? 50 million dead! Essentially, your class (whatever class) already fought a war and lost badly (about 53,000 died during 10 years in the vietnam war and 5000 about now in Iraq—and your class alone has lost over a million and a half dead!) have to be stupid to join the military and defend and provide for these old folks who murdered your classmates (let planned Parenthood, the democratic party, and press & media offspring do it—if Killing your classmates is any guide, that abortion junta will kill better than anybody. Until all offspring of New York Times, Hollywood, the Democratic Party and other press & media bigwigs have died in combat, do not serve. It is more their country than yours—their kids must serve first. Actually, the draft should be brought back for all these abortionists and their promoters.). And to pay into social security for these Killers is stupid too—killing all your classmates has wiped out the economy so there are not Enough of you to pay for their killers' social security—so give them euthanasia instead. The us press and media (WLJS —white liberal journalists) are the biggest abortionists around (if you believe in and promote abortion, you are an abortionist)...was censor or distort all information

Except what the editor wants you to know. WLJS actually are American "royalty" in the worst sense of "royalty" because they can say anything and do anything, get rich and Tut Tut better than everyone else. Thus we have government of the press & media, by the press media and for the Press & media. So never believe anything in the press & media without 2 independent confirmations. They are unreliable, incompetent, unbelievable, dishonest, censoring what they do not want you to know and just want to manipulate you to their murderous ways of thinking. It is all "look at me" "believe me" "how great i am" salesmanship and non-being. They do not deserve the first amendment which should mean that the press media will give reasoned, fair and balanced information so you can make true, one, good and beautiful rational decisions for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the no-ethics press & media are a disgrace and all celebrities are fakes and frauds. Do not even bother with them. Get your information from the world wide web but be careful there too! You cannot believe anything you hear or see anymore. The press&media are loud, glitzy, arrogant liars. Do not be suggestible. Do not be gullible. Be careful: the adults around you have murdered more than 1/4 of your would be classmates. You are missing a lot of friends in the 1,500,000 dead classmates in the year of your birth.

Finally, the most treasured and important parts of life to be protected are those which are universally common to all: like water, air, fertile soil, and intrauterine life to name a few. You cannot be for the environment and against intrauterine life. If you do not make it then, you never make it even with clean air, water and soil. Your millions of missing classmates prove all this.

Help fight abortion. It is the killing of a unique creature with DNA same as yours proving its humanity and its right to life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is too late to defend your classmates, but you can help end the killing. And for those who fear too many people, tell them to help solve the Problem by killing themselves and their children—then and only then Are they believable if they mean what they say—tell them to really help out by dropping dead instead of cowardly staying alive and ruining things for others.

Look closely at a group of your classmates — you will see, after awhile, the ghosts of the missing ones. The liberals okayed your death: planned parenthood, the National Organization Of Women, the democratic party, the American civil liberties Union, the contemptible U.S. Supreme Court, and most big city newspapers. They would have let you all die. You are lucky to be alive.

Who are they?

THE SEX-ABORTION-DEATH (SAD) PARASITE: heard of blood money — now it is "SAD money'

That is who they are!

  1. Abortionists.
  2. Population hysterics and contraception/condo[
  3. The NEA - The National Education Associatio
  4. The American Civil Liberties Union.
  5. The abortion-accepting medical profession.
  6. The press and media.


The prophets of old had to prohibit the Moloch1 worshipping Israelis from sacrificing and incinerating their babies. Now Moloch is back, brought to you by descendants of those who did not listen to the prophets. These profiteers in death, these worshippers of Moloch, these vociferous and sanctimonious betrayers of humanity, live the ultimate hypocrisy: They kill human individuals, denying such to be the case, just as Nazi Adolf Eichmann denied perpetrating any crime. Unchecked by their colleagues, they have compromised the entire medical profession. They deserve admi-ration and praise from SAD parasites everywhere.

1MOLOCH, MOH lahk, also spelled MOLECH, was an idol worshipped especially by the ancient Phoenicians and Amorites. From them, the idol worshipping heretics of Israel borrowed the custom of sacrificing babies on the altar to Moloch, or else casting them on the lap of his image after it had been heated red-hot. The Bible forbids this worship (Lev 18: 21; 20: 3-5). Kings Ahaz and Manasseh of Judah built altars to Moloch in the Valley of Hinnom, outside the walls of Jerusalem. King Josiah ended the practice.

Population Hysterics and Con-Con2 Investors (2contraception/condom maniacs)

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” Margaret Sanger, 1922, Foundress of Planned Parenthood. (If not “a cleaner race,’ how about “a dirtier race dying of AIDS”?)

“The best measure of a society may be the way it cares for its children. That is how one generation shows it has tone and respect for those who follow.” This statement is from a Planned Parenthood Federation of America ad in the New York limes of November 25, 1986. Having killed almost 1/4 of your 8th grade class of 1987, Planned Parenthood pompously pretends to have “love and respect” for you survivors.

These people are glad your class is as small as it is. They would want it even smaller! These are the “planned parenthood” zealots who have imposed their values on us all, requiring the death of your potential classmates. They have almost fully imposed their values of 1969 (see chart)?

NEA - The National Education Association

This is a teachers’ union. Be wary of teachers. They may try to invade your privacy and teach you death and sex. Slickly. Glibly. Be careful of what they tell you. Many of them are misinformed because they do not know that their own lives began at conception. Or if they do know, many are tyrants because they will not let others (1/4 of your class) have the same chance to live they had. Do not trust anyone who does not know when their life began. Do not do anything for those who will not let others have what they had: a chance to live.

American Civil Liberties Union

Rodent Principled (rats, when crowded, destroy their young), Club of Queer Everything, Citadel of Craziness, worst of all “Isms”, survival of the fittist, humorless, pureed bloods, socialist, Every Man’s Burden, Equal Misery Amend- ment, Empire Building, Deserted Cemetery Builders, too stupid to be domestic, unWestern unCivilization, combining Russian ballet and roulette, savaging, corrupt, powerfully privileged, unhumble, barbarism, sex addicts, institutionalized child abusers, pseudomystical, deformers, never at home, cannibalism, culture killers, Silent Spring - Summer -

Winter - Fall (no children’s voices), warring against nature, assault on dignity, strong and clever twisting to debasement, enslaving, dehumanizing, educated ignorance, truth avoiding, pigs is pigs and dogs is dogs and rats is rats.

Abortion-Accepting Medical Profession

Once respected and honored, doctors are now second-class citizens under wage and price controls. No longer independent as the leading group of professionals, they are unwitting accomplices and implementors of the Nazi program called Lebensunwerten Leben (“life unworthy of life”). -Physi-

cians are now society’s exterminators — and mere veterinarians when it comes to sex. The medical profession was the only group with the expertise and clout to have defeated the SAD parasites in the beginning. Instead, physicians as a profession did little but join them. The mind staggers whenever a group of bright, capable, and honorable people is co-opted by a minority of glib dog-matic death peddlers. This is what happened to physicians — it happens wherever good people do nothing in the face of evil. Have no sympathy for physicians. They have abandoned their Hippocratic tradition. With the Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association, physicians could run a concentration camp.

Press and Media

“Sex sells,” they claim. And “sex sellers” are pimps. These pimps, the press and media, play on your sexuality, providing stimulating ads and movies to seduce you to sex. Any sex and all sex is foisted by the press and media — a power-mad herd of first amendment extremists who believe in nothing enthusiastically except the first amendment itself, behind which they hide when faced with any hint of criticism.

The most prestigious award for them is the Pulitzer “Prize,” and it was once given to an outright liar of the Washington Post who had to give it back.

The Pulitzer “Prize” was also given in 1932 to a New York Times’ correspondent because he censored Stalin’s starving to death over ten million Ukrainians. In 1983, the New York Times omitted listing this “Prize” winner — another lie (this time of omission) by the New York Times.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer did not immediately fire one of its reporters who was an admitted plagiarizer! The New York Times persists in publishing the religion of “Roman Catholic abortion opponents,” but refuses to mention the religion of abortion leaders. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, “a Jewish abortion advocate,” is chairman of the New York Times, which censored the facts of antiCatholic scheming by abortion promoters as detailed in The

Abortion Papers (a book by Bernard Nathanson, a Jewish former-abortionist leader of the National Abortion Rights Action League who became a Right-to-Life leader).

These are a few examples of the press and media which represent neither you nor truth except by accident. The press and media - LIAR WARS - unfair, unbalanced, unbelievable, untrustable, unreliable, uncommitted to the Declaration of Independence, and unworthy of the first amendment.

Warning: Believing Newspapers, Radio, Television, And Movies Is Dangerous To Your Health.

Ten Suggestibility Prevention Hints

  1. Do not be so impressionable.  Do not be so suggestible.
  2. Do not be so gullible about simple biological functions.
  3. Do not be a "monkey see, monkey do copycat"—you are not
  4. Celebrities are fakes. It takes them hours to look that way, and they get paid to carry on like that (they are fakes!).
  5. Believe nothing on television, in movies, on the internet or    in newspapers without two confirmations from someone       you trust. (Remember that "Journalism" is an "ism"—a religion and a royalty           in the worst sense for its practitioners, who believe they have "divine rights" but are arrogant know it-alls without meaningful ethics and are really unworthy of the First Amendment. Almost all the press and media should be called "PRETENDISM"— not "journalism"—which is a word without meaning any longer.).
  6. Do Not Believe Or Do Anything Except What Is True, One, Good And Beautiful No Matter What Is Done Or Believed By                                 Others (especially whatever from WLJs-White Liberal Journalists-who are tyrants in spite of themselves).
  7. The spirit life means that you are what you think     matter, identity, truth, oneness, good and beauty, and all will be well.
  8. In the long run, you will get (for eternity in heaven, purgatory, or hell) whatever you have thought and done... So think and do what is true, one, good and beautiful (you are what you are doing—think about it. You will get what you have done—think even more about that!).
  9. Boycott all antispiritual dehumanizing degrading antinature glitzy nonsense from the uncivilizing unreliable          self-righteous sanctimonious press and media untouchables (they constitute an unconstitutional unrecognized state religion which ought to be done away with as it now exists).
  10. Stay a kid as long as you can. You have a right to your childhood without adult craziness and without adult sexuality (including adult nudity).  The privacy of your childhood is violated by adults exposing themselves to you. In addition, adulthood is a lot of work. You are not           missing a thing. (Anyone who tells you different is trying to exploit you.)

Stories from the Frontlines:

“No, I will not help you get an Abortion”

Republican political consultant Mary Matlin and her husband James Carville were being interviewed together by television reporter Tim Russert. They are an intriguing couple. She consults for Republicans, and he for Democrats. Their differences were stark, open, deep, and well-articulated. They should write a book on how to make a marriage work.

Carville rekindled my memory when he said, "There is no way that I or Democrats can ever tell a hurting young woman that she cannot have an abortion when she thinks she needs it!" Such, indeed, is the position of all who accept abortion. They are afraid to say, "No, I will not help you get an abortion." They cannot believe that such a statement could be other than harmful. But I remembered an experience from my own clinical practice.

As a U.S. Navy physician, I worked at the pediatric clinic of the Submarine Base Hospital in Groton, Connecticut, when not at sea. It was in the early 1960s, and abortion was only available if two physicians certified that it was necessary for the health of the potential mother. I was very busy, as the nurses kept sending in one patient after another, when a young woman in her early 20s appeared in my office and poignantly said: "I'm about 6 or 8 weeks pregnant. I cannot have another baby. I need you to help me get an abortion." I asked her to remind me who she was. She said that I had seen her and two preschool children several months ago in a routine visit for childhood illnesses.

I said, "No, I will not help you get an abortion, and I do not know any doctors who will either. I think you are going through a crisis mode that will pass. Let me have you talk to one of the nurses to help make room for this baby."

On hearing this, she suddenly changed from a soft-spoken, somber, pleading woman to an angry and outraged woman in attack mode.

I listened calmly to her outburst and said, "Please calm down. Somehow things will turn out for the best if you make it so." She hardly listened and stormed out of my office.

The entire incident was forgotten, buried in an avalanche of all that I had to do, not only in the pediatric clinic but for other submariner families and my own missions on the first fleet ballistic missile submarine, the US S George Washington.

After two more 90-day missions, mostly spent submerged, a year passed. I was still active, when not at sea, at the pediatric clinic, treating patients. On one of those hectic days, a young woman appeared carrying a very small baby.

"I'll bet you don't remember me," she said. I didn't.

She went on: "I want you to hold this baby."

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

She said, "No, but you must hold this baby."

So, I took the child. He looked up at me, and I got the usual good feeling that I get from what I call "honeyfying" an infant. Then I said, as I usually do, "How do you gals do this? I know what we guys do, and that is nothing. But, how do you gals do this?"

She giggled and refused to answer, as all women do when asked that question. Then she said, "It was almost a year ago to this day that I was here—and I wanted you to help me get an a ......... " Her voice faded as she couldn't bring herself to say the word.

And then I remembered. It was a feeble memory because so much had happened since. And I said, "It is still going to be all right! Well done! All of us owe our existence to the courage of women who do what no man can do. Thank you for making my day!"

She took the baby back with a smile and joyfully said, "He is just wonderful." She gave me a brief hug and a peck on the cheek and walked out. Stunned for a moment by what had just happened, the tears stopped as the nurse brought in the next patient. Busy again, I forgot about this incident until Carville jogged my memory 41 years later.

So, to political advisors everywhere I say: Yes, you can tell women, "No, you cannot have an abortion." Get used to it.

America got along without abortion for 200 years before Roe v. Wade, and we can get along without it again. The 30 years of abortion on demand  have  been  a  malignant  catastrophe. Abortionists—I  call  everyone  who  accepts  abortion  an "abortionist," and anyone who accepts socialism a socialist"— always claim they want to make abortion safe and rare. But what they really did was to make money promoting it, making it less rare, with little evidence of safety [1,2].

The story, however, doesn't end there. Recently, I saw a precocious 15-year-old high-school student, who said: "So you want me to pay into Social Security for you and the other old folks? When you have killed one quarter of my abortion? I have read about the increasing number of old folks compared to us. And we are supposed to keep you alive? And comfortable? No way! Pretend that you aborted me too. Just like you did when you voted down my school levy. To hell with all of you. You gave my generation abortion. We are going to give you euthanasia."

This young lady clearly had some anger issues with adults. Perhaps, had we told those of her generation all along, "No, I will not help you get an abortion," there wouldn't be angry young ladies who have developed such intense hatred of us "old folks."

The final solution for the Social Security financial crisis might be that anyone who performed, voted for, or otherwise supported abortion should not be allowed to collect Social Security or Medicare benefits.

Sometimes, in the throes of a personal crisis, patients ask for things that, with the passage of time, would result in lifelong regret and personal tragedy if their request were granted. It is during these crisis periods that vulnerable patients need both compassion and the ability of their physician to look beyond the emotion of the moment.  Sometimes fulfilling the physician's mandate of primum non nocere is as simple as saying, "No, I will not help you get an abortion."


  1. Malec K (2003) The abortion-breast cancer link: how politics trumped science and informed consent. J Am Phys Surg 8: 41-45.
  2. Rooney B (2003) Calhoun BC. Induced abortion and risk of later premature births. J Am Phys Surg 8: 46-49.
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