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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Volume 4 Issue 3 - 2015
The NAOSA -- The End of The Ethnic Search --Negro American of Slave Ancestry
Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D*
Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA
Received: October 15, 2015 | Published: November 24, 2015
*Corresponding author: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D, Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel: 216 932-0575; Email:
Citation: Nigro SA (2015) The NAOSA -- The End of The Ethnic Search --Negro American of Slave Ancestry. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 4(3): 00208. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.04.00208


"The Negro has been formed by this nation, for better or for worse, and does not belong to any other -- not to Africa and certainly not to Islam."                       -James Baldwin


The book, Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa by Keith B. Richburg (1997), has the author stating about Africa:  "Thank God my ancestor got out because, now, I am not one of them…..                     In short, thank God that I am an American."  The author stated this after three years of living in many parts of Africa as a Washington Post correspondent.


Not only did Mr. Richburg find his own identity, but he has discovered it and revealed it for all Americans.   Now, Americans know who everybody is at last.  Black Americans especially can now identify themselves as Americans consistent with George Washington's "American character" of Christian virtue without reluctance. (Read The Secret Union of Citizens: George Washington's Farewell Address and the American Character by Matthew Spalding and Patrick J. Gerrity.)



Black Americans have struggled with identity since their ancestors "got out" by being brought unwillingly to this hemisphere.  According to Richburg, getting out was a blessing in disguise.  But the deracination resulted in a lack of identity. This lack of identity continues to be destructive because one cannot really fit in without knowing who one is. One ends up being adrift and at the mercy of all forces except one's own.  Self-identity is extremely important.

But at least black Americans now know that they do not belong to Africa.   Black Americans now know they cannot go back, all the hyperbolic fantasies to the contrary. Afrocentrism is over. In a sense, it never was. Afrocentrism has been a Procrustean bed -- and the amputated arms, legs, and heads of black American youth can be found all over trying to be what they are not.  What a waste of time, energy and manpower. Afrocentrism did not work. It will not work.  Afrocentrism is a false identity; it is a fantasy, a puff of wind, a nothing. Afrocentrism is unreal; it is non-being, and any philosopher can tell you that non-being always fails.


Also, "black" as an identity is over.  As any color and any biological trait, "black" depersonalizes, dehumanizes, and becomes a manipulation by those who want to use it.  Upon reflection, it is obvious that those who cry "black" are trying to lead by the nose and not by the brain.  It is also obvious that those always using and insisting on using "black" have little else to say!  Also, counterproductively, it becomes obvious that if one uses "black," one must also use "white" -- or at least others are entitled to do in kind. But "black" is a machete, and "white" is a slaver's whip.  Both are stupid and wrong.  The misuse of words of color, just like the misuse of "race," is to invoke demons and the outcome will be and has been appropriate to Satan.


In the old days, it was "White! White! White!" Anything else was not as good, not as believable, not as worthy, and not as entitled.   "White" decreed superiority, equality, and whatever else wanted.  So now, the same thing is going on, only it is "Black!" This imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery, but it is the most sincere form of revenge. But it was stupid and wrong then, and it is stupid and wrong now. I mean, the KKK (WWW) wears white sheets and hates colored people, while the BBB hates white people and wears colored sheets. Ain't that a pip!


But beyond the unwitting sanctioning of and imitation of "slavery white," the real tragedy of "black" is that it has become a victimhood strategy requiring a posture of "poor me!"  But self-righteous victimhood as an identity IS inferiority! And it is a self-fulfilling inferiority!  It is to be less than one can be for a manipulating purpose.  Therefore it makes matters worse.


In the final analysis, with Afrocentrism, "black" is "white" in the opposite direction and victimhood from which there can be no self-esteem. What results from all this non-being is self-
. . . obviously!


For America and perhaps everywhere, the most accurate and appropriate word is "Negro," for reasons found in my other articles (Race, April 1996; The Races and Solution, January 1996; Why Negro, Caucasian and American are Best, January 1996; Colorless, September 1996) and letters.


What Negroes accomplished as Negroes can never be outdone or need be done again. They paid the price.  They suffered, fought, persisted and determinedly recovered again and again against overwhelming oppression and mistreatment. Negroes deserve credit for what they were and what they themselves called themselves -- Negroes! But they have been exterminated from personhood by having been renamed to the ignoble "black."  Indeed, no one over five centuries ever took away their name . . . annihilated them like current contemporary blacks have done. From personhood to a nothing color . . . by one's own people . . . converting the greatest to the least . . . from identity to non-being                                No wonder we are in such a mess.


In summary, "Negro" is a proper noun. It is a person and only a person.  "Negro" has precision, exactness, history, a tradition of 500 years, and value in transcendental, evolutionary and entropic senses.  There can be no replacement for "Negro."  Whatever replaces it makes matters worse as events of the past 30 years prove.  "Negro" is a proper noun                      It is an angelic word. Specifically in the angelic hierarchy, Negro is a Principality! It must be used and reborn.



So what is the end of the identity search?  What is the new ethnic group for darker-
skinned Americans who cannot return to Africa and who recognize the obvious fact that Afrocentrism and "black" have been destructive rather than beneficial?


The answer is: Negro Americans of Slave Ancestry -- NAOSA! From all perspectives, NAOSA is unique, precise, historical, distinct, valuable and subcultural! NAOSA's origin is the incontrovertible and unredoable deracination since the days of the slave ships as discovered and witnessed by Keith Richburg.


The benefits of NAOSA as self-identification is that we no longer waste our time seeking to be what we can never be, such as Africans -- when the African continent is too big and diverse for anyone to say they are "from Africa. "  We no longer embrace the fabrication of Black Athena and all the other Afrocentric impudence. We no longer need to chase non-being fantasies such as "black," an identity which is confusing in that it can apply to the night, bugs, dogs, and to printer's ink.  How could we ever identify ourselves as a color?  "Whites" were smart enough to stop doing it.  Are "blacks"?  How can we identify ourselves as a biological trait?  As a continent?  With NAOSA we will no longer pretend to be what we can never be. We will no longer try to do the impossible living a lie.  With NAOSA we will be free at last with an identity that is true, just, concise, and cultural!  We will reestablish vital linkage with the past accurately and become persons rather than anything less.


NAOSA gives an identity which has uplifting dimensions sought by mankind for centuries. It will bring us together and oneness of mankind will be the legacy of NAOSA. The powerful brain-trust of American Negroes will finally have its legacy and its purpose better defined than ever before, without distractions and digressions into false channels.  "Race" will be understood as another demonic word inappropriately used for centuries and a "racist" will be known as anyone who thinks "race" applies to people in any way other than a sport event. More precisely:  anyone who believes in "races" is a racist.  This is an awesome responsibility, and only NAOSA can demonstrate to all others the unity of mankind so necessary for the third millennium to be peaceful and productive.

One does not need Afrocentrism, blackness, victimhood or the resulting marauding run- away slave as an identity.  NAOSA can embrace America and Western Civilization rightfully so. As Keith B. Richburg discovered, America and Western Civilization belong to him. Indeed, properly and accurately understood, the processes of Western Civilization are the only unifying forces for mankind.   Properly and accurately understood, only the principles of Western Civilization will allow the transcendental personhood of the full human family. History shows that whatever else offered always fails. Obviously to the accurate, whatever else is only offered by those who do not understand Western Civilization. In summary, one cannot be fully human by anything less. As long as one is chasing the non-being of Afrocentrism, blackness, victimhood and other non-being, one will not have time to embrace that which one really is. NAOSA.  Lead as NAOSA!


The real burden is just beginning and it is to embrace the third millennium without "race" -- which is a fraudulent term -- and then thanks to NAOSA and others, mankind will be free at last.  We will be on the mountaintop.

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