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Journal of
eISSN: 2377-4282

Nanomedicine Research


 Jingjing Sun
University of Pittsburgh, United States
Research Interest: Multi-disciplinary research background, covering polymer chemistry and physics, organic chemistry, biomaterials and nanomedicine, design and synthesis of various polymer materials for gene and drug delivery to tumors for cancer therapy.
 Khaldum Al Azzam
Jordan University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia
Research Interest: Analytical applications, separation of chiral compounds, Microextraction techniques, of capillary electrophoresis, particularly in the separation of chiral molecules and the bioavailability of racemic or chiral drugs in biological fluids samples
 Md Bellah
University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, United States, United States
Research Interest: Designed, optimized, and monitored metrology recipes for 7nm technology node, Developed best-known-method (BKM) for creating and updating 7nm metrology recipes
 Mm Aziz
Tripoli University, Egypt
Research Interest: Chemistry, Arts and Science
 Mohammad Ismael Nouraddini
Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Research Interest: Laser Material Processing, Laser Ablation, Spectroscopy techniques, Electron Microscopy, Multifunctional Binary Nanoparticles Synthesis, Plasmonic & Magnetic Nanoparticles. Targeted Drug Delivery, Cancer Therapy , Biosensors. Bioimaging, Nanoelectronics,Lab-on-Chip Devices, synthesis, characterization, application of nanomaterials in Biomedicine and Electronics
 Muhammad Ovais


 Nrupa Patel

 Poulami Datta

 Sumantha Kaur

 Tallou Anas

 Yangwei Liu


 Zongmin Zhao

 Prakash Prajapat
Ganpat University, India
Research Interest: Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharma Chemistry
 Hossein Mostafavi

Research Interest: Nanomedicine
 Ramakrishna Borra

Research Interest: Formulation and Research Development, Formulation development of challenging formulations like insulin, vaccines (Per oral), Biosimilars and Anti cancer drugs, ? Pharmaceutical Analytical development
 Vijayakumar Sekar
Kangwon National University , India
Research Interest: Nanotechnology: Fabrication, Processing and Applications
 Emil Bulatov
Kazan Federal University, Russia
Research Interest: Chemistry, Biochemistry