Journal of eISSN: 2373-4469 JIG

Investigative Genomics


Ashok Dwivedi

Research Interest: Medical genetics

Abhinav Dey

Emory University
United States
Research Interest: 1) Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine 2) Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering 3) Radiology & Radiation Therapy 4) Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics 5) Bacteriology 6) Nanotechnology 7)Virology 8) Proteomics and Bioinformatics 9) Cell Biology 10) Oncology

Atul Kumar Pandey

Hebrew University
Research Interest: Sleep, hormonal regulation, sociality and genetic manipulations

Jiabin Tang

Precision Medicine Diagnosis and Treatments
United States
Research Interest: Clinical oncology, cellular biology, molecular biology, chemical biology, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics

Mohammad Alinoor Rahman

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
United States
Research Interest: Human genetic diseases, cancer related to RNA splicing or NMD defects and to develop RNA-based molecular therapeutics.

Pranab Roy

Institute of Child Health Kolkata
Research Interest: Plant Molecular Biology, Bioremediation and microbial Biotechnology

Qiong Zhang

University of Missouri
United States
Research Interest: Internal medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology

Roman Anton

Research Interest: Basic, preclinical and clinical research in biomedicine, molecular biology and molecular medicines - drug discovery, improvement of management, markets, and sustainability, and general research with impact on the society and science

Sishuo Wang

University of British Columbia
Research Interest: Genomics, molecular evolution and phylogenetics

Sonal Joshi

Wayne State University
United States
Research Interest: Genetics, epigenetics and molecular biology

Vinod Kumar Yadav

University of Colorado School of Medicine
United States
Research Interest:

Yuqing Li

Cancer Prevention Institute of California
United States
Research Interest: Cancer genetics, translational medicine and cancer epidemiology

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