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Journal of
eISSN: 2373-6453

Human Virology & Retrovirology


 Dr Balaji Olety Amaranath
University of Massachusetts Medical School, United States
Research Interest: Human Virology and Retrovirology
 Dr Chengxiang Wu
Tulane University, United States
Research Interest: molecular virology and gene therapy
 Dr Gary Wang
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, United States
Research Interest: Virology and Retroviruses
 Dr Linlin Guo
University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States
Research Interest: Oncology Biomarker Development
 Assistant Professor Madeeha Aqil
University of Illinois at Chicago, United States
Research Interest: Cancer Stem Cells
 Dr Neelakshi Gohain
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States
Research Interest: Human virology
 Dr Rajesh Kumar
The George Washington University, Ross Hall, United States
Research Interest: Vaccine development, Infectious diseases and immunology
 Dr Sohrab Zafar Khan
University of Virginia, United States
Research Interest: HIV vaccine
 Postdoctoral Researcher Satinder Dahiya
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, United States
Research Interest: Chromatin biology with specific focus on tumor immunology
 Dr Veena V Unnithan
New Mexico State University, Mexico
Research Interest: Microbiology, Virology, Molecular biology techniques like nucleic acid assays, Real time PCR, cloning & next generation sequencing (NGS) from sample preparation to data analysis.
 Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khan
Hamad General Hospital, Qatar
Research Interest: neurosurgery, critical Head trauma, Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (aSAH), Kidney Disease
 Dr. Mostafa Alamholo
Rojava University, North and East Syria, Syria
Research Interest: Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics, Gene expression by RNA sequencing and Microarray, Bioinformatics, Gene transfer by Agrobacterium rhizogenesis, Genetic diversity by molecular markers, Tissue culture, Phylogenetic, Machine learning, Microbiology (antimicrobial, anticancer and antioxidant), Molecular docking
 Dr. Fatemeh Shahbazi
Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Research Interest: Epidemiology of non-communicable diseases, Social epidemiology, Predictive models in epidemiology, Systematic review and meta-analysis, dose-response meta-analysis, network meta-analysis.