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eISSN: 2374-6947

Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control


 Dr Chi En Lin
Arizona State University, United States
Research Interest: Data analysis, Documentation of design and development activities, Surface chemistry, bioconjugation, and immobilization techniques, Signal enhancement using nanomaterial, Design and execution of clinical and preclinical study, Signal modeling and deconvolution.
 Dr Hari Chandana R Mulamalla
Western University of Health Sciences,, India
Research Interest: Direct observatory unit, skilled nursing unit; rehabilitation, mental health unit, neonatal/ pediatric unit, labor and delivery, and main pharmacy,non-antibiotics, cost-effectiveness.
 Dr Jakir Hossain Bhuiyan Masud
Master of Public Health (MPH) from State University, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Tobacco, Toluene, Glue/gum, Alcohol; Maternal & Child Health, Aging, Health Informatics, Health Economics, Epidemiology.
 Dr Kanagaraj Subramanian
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Research Interest: SDS-PAGE, blue-native PAGE, western blotting, immunoprecipitation, yeast vacuole isolation, vacuole fusion assay, subcellular fractionation, crosslinking of yeast vacuolar proteins. Co-immunoprecipitation, pulse chase detection, surface labeling of membrane glycoproteins using biotinylation, pharmacology analysis of the various small molecule compounds and HDAC inhibitors for correction of misfolded, disease-causing proteins, high-throughput screening (HTS) of small molecule compounds/Proteostasis regulators for misfolding diseases. Lentivirus preparation, amplification and infection in target cells, Proteomics (TMT & LC-MS/MS) and interaction network analysis
 Dr Nazisa Hejazi
Allied health Sciences, National University, Malaysia
Research Interest: HIV/AIDS, HIV-POSITIVE Subjects: The screening study, adults on Antiretroviral Therapy,HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention.
 Dr Nelli Giribabu
Sri Venkateswara University, Malaysia
Research Interest: Male rats, endocrinology, biology, animal biotechnology, Environmental pollution, water conservation and health,brain and behavior, aquatic biotechnology.
 Dr Raktim Kumar Ghosh
An Affiliate of Case Western Reserve University, India
Research Interest: Clinical vignettes, medicine and drug development conferences, Major Accolade, Clinical Competency, Medical skill Pharmacoeconomic analysis.
 Assoc.Professor Shanea Denise Parker
Hampton University, United States
Research Interest: Biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, biostatistics, Pharmaceutical care, profession of pharmacy, drug disease management, patient assessment, toxicology, drug information and alternative medicine.
 Dr Shu Li
The Pennsylvania State University, United States
Research Interest: Pulse Pressure, Diabetics, Non Diabetics, aquatic biotechnology, Health Economics, Epidemiology, Data analysis, Antiretroviral Therapy.
 Dr Sriram Devanathan
Washington University, India
Research Interest: Mammalian Cell Culture, using confocal microscopy, Using Rats and Mice, Human Embryonic Germ Cells,Genetics, Molecular biology & Genomic, Metabolomics & Analytical Techniques, Cell biology & Microscopy.
 Dr Supriya Sen
Umea University, India
Research Interest: Animal studies, Microscopy, Cell biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Confocal microscopy, microRNAs, human umbilical.
 Dr Vishal S. Parekh
Umea University, Sweden
Research Interest: Animal studies, animal surgeries, Metabolic phenotyping, diabetes, immunohistochemistry.
 Dr Wei Wang
Columbia University Medical Center, United States
Research Interest: cardiology, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, psychopathology, metabolic disorders, diabetes and hyperglycemia.
 Dr Ying Wang
Columbia University, China
Research Interest: Roles of Macrophage Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Fission in Atherosclerosis.
 Milad Ebrahimi
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Research Interest: Metformin, magnesium, insulin receptor, insulin sensitivity, adjunct therapy, Mean Arterial Pressure, Pulse Pressure, Diabetics, Non Diabetics.
 Dr Maulin Patel
Oklahoma medical research foundation, United States
Research Interest: Art molecular and cell biology techniques.
 Ginenus Fekadu Mekonen
Wollega University , Ethiopia
Research Interest: Pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, physical pharmacy and pharmaceutics, pharmacology, integrated therapeutics, biochemistry, physiology, Drug Information and Literature Evaluation, Clinical Toxicology,Pharmaceutical care, drug supply management and other related common courses
 Kumera Bekele Negera
Salale University, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Child health care, Childhood disease, Child nutrition, Adolescent health and related issues, Maternal health care, Nursing care quality, Communicable and Non- Communicable Disease of child and Adults.
 Dharmendra Arya
University of Rajasthan, India
Research Interest: Diabetes, Reproductive Physiology and Pharmacology.
 Shukhrat Abdullaevich Khudaibergenov
Tashkent State Medical Institute , Uzbekistan
Research Interest: pancreato-gastro- liver-intestinal area, metabolic disorders, metabolic complications
 Rafael Silva Severino
Universidade Nove de Julho, Brazil
Research Interest: Medicine, Health Sciences
 Haydee Lanzillotti
State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Research Interest: Nutrition, health, Dietetic Nutrition
 Dr Sitora Muminova
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Uzbekistan
Research Interest: Endocrinology, type 2 diabetes mellitus