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International Journal of
eISSN: 2475-5559

Petrochemical Science & Engineering


 Chuah Hun Guan
Universiti Sains Malaysia , Malaysia
Research Interest: Mechanical testing method, Surface properties and the mechanical bahaviour of materials
 Ihana Aguiar Severo
Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil
Research Interest: Microalgal biotechnology, Photobioreactors,Process integration, Wastewater treatment
 Okechukwu Agbasi
University of Uyo Permanent Campus, Nigeria
Research Interest: Geophysics, Petroleum Science
 Mohibullah khan
Bahria University Islamabad, India
Research Interest: Structural Geology
 Shahrazad Rifat Raouf
University of Technology, Iraq
Research Interest: Chemical Engineering, Corrosion & Catalytic Engineering and Kinetic Reaction
 Ihsan Dakhil
Al-Muthanna University, Iraq
Research Interest: Wastewater treatment, Adsorption, Absorption
 Faizan Ahmad
Aligarh Muslim University, India
Research Interest: Process Modeling & Simulation, Process/Food Engineering, Process Optimization, Food Preservation
 Hadi Erfani
Scientist in IDES (Institute of Doctors, Engineers and Scientists), Iran
Research Interest: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Nano, Research & Development, Optimization and Standardization
 Dr Mohit Sood
Punjab Technical University, India
Research Interest: Composite materials, advance materials, petrochemical polymers
 Abhinav Kumar
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, India
Research Interest: Water shut-off, conformance control, in-situ gel system, particle gel system, enhanced oil recovery, rheology
 Dr Walther Stikvoort
Retired from NAM, Netherlands
Research Interest: Pressure vessel and piping design aspects, mechanical and structural integrity, fracture mechanics, brittle fracture of pressure retaining components