International Journal of eISSN: 2470-9980 IJVV

Vaccines & Vaccination
Volume 1 Issue 2 - 2015
Vaccine Delayed is Vaccine Denied- In Context to India
Sagar Atmaram Borker*
KVG Medical College, India
Received: July 24, 2015 | Published: July 28, 2015
*Corresponding author: Sagar Atmaram Borker, KVG Medical College, Sullia 574327, Karnataka, India, Tel: +91 8095382306; Email:
Citation: Borker SA (2015) Vaccine Delayed is Vaccine Denied- In Context to India. Int J Vaccines Vaccin 1(2): 00006. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2015.01.00006


We conquered smallpox with zeal and enthusiasm; we perhaps will do it with others with dedication, perseverance and passion,

Are we really moving in a right direction I once thought; is there anything that’s omitted in our learnt lesson.

We write the programmes and policies in a room filled with luxury; in the field the workers toil with a lot of fury,

Do we really bother about their sweat and blood; their work in areas of famine and flood.

Line listing of cases today seems to be skillfully missing; belated smses from the websites, I can hear them hissing

Pathetic is the story in our country today; we pat our back ourselves and the virus sheds away.
Are we really bothered of the thermal assault; can we rely on the VVM and say it’s not at any fault

Alas if an adult or elderly get polio in India today; shattered will be our dreams of eradication per say.

Newborn hepatitis we advocate world over; do privates, corporates, bureaucrats really admire

What’s the cost Doc is what everybody ask; poor health worker, anganwadi worker and ANM is just put to tasks.

Are our injections absolutely safe today; do we know what universal safety precautions mean anyway,

In a country where parenteral vaccines are given orally and vice versa; can we consider our designations, salaries, AC rooms and a cup of coffee as a bursa?

Is supervision really done in a supportive fashion; no available needle cutters at vaccines sites adds to confusion,

How can we advocate no recapping of a needles, is the poor cleaning staff not at risk if he fiddles?

Are refrigerators not flooded with vegetables and vaccines beside; this is where impotent vaccines usually reside,

The Passionate expert group today has a lot of glory and fame; our vision and mission is in a meticulous frame.

Is this what we want to really advocate; is this what we want our students to learn and grow up?

Is this what we want our lay public to be informed about; is our dream only to be economically stout?

Vaccinating close to the schedule, mobilization of beneficiaries is not a tough game; Intensification Routine Immunization is not a distant dream,

Vaccine delay as justice delayed is vaccine denied; advocate this and we will be bring back to our country its lost pride.

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