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Horticulture International Journal

Horticulture International Journal (HIJ) is an open access Trimonthly peer reviewed journal which is concerned with the publication of basic and applied research from all areas of horticulture. It is the branch of agriculture that deals with art, science, technology, and business of growing plants, vegetables, fruits, edible fungi and ornamentals under temperate, subtropical and tropical conditions. It also includes plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design, construction, and maintenance, and arboriculture. Inside agriculture, horticulture contrasts with extensive field farming as well as animal husbandry. This journal mainly concerns with the world wide exchange of original research and advancements in the field of horticulture. Individuals are invited to submit research papers, review articles, short communications, mini-reviews, opinions, letter to editors etc., in the field of horticulture.

Latest Articles

Research Article Open Access

Effect of acid media on seed germination performance of Swiss-chard (Beta vulgarise L.)

Birhanu Tsegaye Sisay, Habtam Fentaye

Horticulture International Journal - March 17, 2023

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Research Article Open Access

Literature Review Open Access

Differentiation of food preservation methods to avoid waste

Michelle Angeles-Segoviano,1 Berenice Hernández-Vázquez2

Horticulture International Journal - January 25, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Mango anthracnose integrated management 

Misael Martínez- Bolaños,1 David Heriberto Noriega-Cantú,2 Eduardo Garrido-Ramírez,3 Víctor Palacio-Martínez,1 Miguel Angel CanoGarcía,4 Juan Pereyda-Hernandez,5 Ricardo González-Mateos5

Horticulture International Journal - December 12, 2022

Research Article Open Access

Phytoremediation plants of metals in leached urban solid waste Phytoremediation in landfill

Sofía Morales-Hernández,1,2 Sugey LópezMartínez,3 Nelly del Carmen JiménezPérez,2,3 Selene Lagunas-Rivera,4 Carlos Mario Morales-Bautista,5 Emanuel Hernández-Núñez Emanuel6

Horticulture International Journal - November 21, 2022

Research Article Open Access

Growth and Yield of Kale, Swiss chard, Amaranth, and Arugula microgreens in response to different growing medium substrates

Roksana Saleh, Lokanadha Rao Gunupuru, Lord Abbey

Horticulture International Journal - October 21, 2022

Review Article Open Access

First record of phytophagous insects in Arundo pugnax (L.). 1753 (Poaceae) in Irapuato, Guanajuato. Mexico

Manuel Darío Salas-Araiza, Rafael Guzmán-Mendoza, Ilse Alejandra Huerta-Arredondo

Horticulture International Journal - October 6, 2022

Research Article Open Access

Chitosan in the protection of agricultural crops against phytopathogens agents

Gallegos-Morales G,1 Sánchez-Yáñez JM,2 Hernández-Castillo FD,1 Castro del Ángel E,1 Castillo-Reyes F,3 Jiménez-Pérez O1

Horticulture International Journal - September 26, 2022

Research Article Open Access

Investigation and analysis of road greening in Jingzhou city

Huan Tang,1 Chun Yin,1 Wei Wang,1 Taoze Sun,1 Hongna Mu1,2*

Horticulture International Journal - September 16, 2022

Mini Review Open Access

High throughput in vitro production of somatic embryoswith innovative cryo cell banking system

Weiming Wang, La Shaun Sanders, Alice Perry, Ebonee Duncan

Horticulture International Journal - September 14, 2022