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Horticulture International Journal

Horticulture International Journal (HIJ) is an open access peer reviewed journal which is concerned with the publication of basic and applied research from all areas of horticulture. It is the branch of agriculture that deals with art, science, technology, and business of growing plants, vegetables, fruits, edible fungi and ornamentals under temperate, subtropical and tropical conditions. It also includes plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design, construction, and maintenance, and arboriculture. Inside agriculture, horticulture contrasts with extensive field farming as well as animal husbandry. This journal mainly concerns with the world wide exchange of original research and advancements in the field of horticulture. Individuals are invited to submit research papers, review articles, short communications, mini-reviews, opinions, letter to editors etc., in the field of horticulture.

Latest Articles

Research Article Open Access

Potential effect of microwaved vermicast on dahlia plant growth and flower production

Shixin Cai, Adedayo Leke-Aladekoba, Scott Veitch, Lord Abbey

Horticulture International Journal - August 19, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Women and market garden production in Benin republic

Miassi Yann Emmanuel,Dossa Fabrice Kossivi,?inasiAkdemir1

Horticulture International Journal - August 9, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Consumer’s perspectives on horticultural herbal derivatives

Noraini Abdullah,1 Suhaimi Salleh2  

Horticulture International Journal - August 8, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Microwave power level and exposure time alteration of compost tea efficacy, and growth of Plectranthus amboinicus

Hanchu Yu, Ekene Mark-Anthony Iheshiulo, Loknath Gunupuru, Lord Abbey

Horticulture International Journal - July 23, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Research Article Open Access

Investigation of formulation preparation of two plant extracts and determination of the effectiveness on Tetranycus urticae koch. (Arachnida: tetranychidae)

Pervin Erdogan,Gamze Esin Kilinc,1 Pelin Aksu,1 Murat Kahyaoglu,2  Numan Ertugrul Babaroglu1

Horticulture International Journal - June 10, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Influence of herbal extract and storage duration on fruit quality of china lime

Maryam Samad,Muhammad Sajid,Ibrar Hussain,Nadia Samad,Nazia Jan1

Horticulture International Journal - June 7, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Effects of different media on the growth and yield of Swiss chard (Beta vulgarisvar. cicla) grown in hydroponics

Phumelele A Hlophe, Kwanele A Nxumalo, Taudjeen O Oseni, Michael T Masarirambi, Paul K Wahome, Victor D Shongwe

Horticulture International Journal - June 4, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Research Article Open Access

Effect of humic acid, seaweed extract and essential oils as antioxidants on pre-and post-harvest quality of red radish plants

Moheb T Sakr,Heba M Ibrahim,Aml E ElAwady,Amira A AboELMakarem2

Horticulture International Journal - May 24, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Viability of the seed of senecio inaequidens D C buried in field environmental conditions

Medina MJA, J Maillet

Horticulture International Journal - May 15, 2019

Review Article Open Access

Study of the possible allelopatic effects of Senecio inaequidens, c (seneçon du cap)

Medina MJA, J Maillet, P Marnott E

Horticulture International Journal - May 10, 2019