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Our total heath depends upon our metabolism form mother womb to till death. Now a days we can see many kind of abortion take place one month amenorrhea to till birth and many cases after birth also. We can find many children have no organs many have no good health and many have mal nourish and after birth many children die after 1 day to 20 years. Till now our medical science fails to save the children by any technique or correct it. The reason behind it the medical science does not know the main cause of it. I tried to explain to correct metabolism in my book “Your Health Is in Your Mouth” As we know that metabolism means that indigents mixed with others substance and a chemical change take place inside the body. And it prepares to fulfill the requirements of the body. If any substance lacking in the body then the action and reaction of chemical goes to the different side and the body metabolism gets disturb. Our body have two main substances to nourish the every part of the body:

  1. Red blood cells
  2. White blood cells.

Both blood cells require a balance to keep body healthy .If both of blood cells increase or decrease the body feel ill or disturbance. And our gland start to mal functions. In some cases we see that in our white blood cells increased. It is harmful condition for the body. in this conditions the glob let cells of the body change the shape and start the mucus formation and when mucus increase in the body then its comes out through stool, nose, mouth and female organs and we can find lungs congestion bleedings by mouth also. Sometimes it produces pus formation and create wound in any part of the body. This signs and symptoms we can see outside of the body but we cannot see the effects of white blood cells in our endocrine glands. As we know that when we are in sorrows or fear then we feel only thrust, loss of appetite more urine dryness of throat weakness etc. That means that time our endocrine gland gets some disturbance. Only by external thought and thinking there are many internal changes take place then if the process of source of nutrition gets disturb then what happen the position of endocrine glands.

“Good Health is The Enjoyment of Life”

Before any kind of treatment we must see the conditions of white blood cells and red blood cells. If we correct it then we can cure many problems.

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