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About 10 million people in the world die of malignant aliments. At the same time, in Europe more than 60000 women get ill of Ca PVU. With number of 1500 new cases of Ca PVU, Serbia occupies the first place in Europe. About 500 women die of this illness per a year. In about 10% of these cases, genetic factors cause the ailment. Individual behavior, environmental impact (habits, stress, and physical inactivity) increases the risk. Primary prevention of the malignant aliments includes eliminations of bed behavior and introduction of positive behavior.

The purpose of the work

The purpose of the work is the establishment of the total number and structure of malignancies, of female population living in the Municipality of Grocka for the 13-th period (2002-2014).


We used the documentation of the gynaecological departement for the period 2002-2014, it has been reported 347 malignant ailments of female population-2002-23, 2003-13, 2004-29, 2005-38, 2006-31, 2007-30, 2008-26, 2009-37, 2010-30, 2011-16, 2012-31, 2013-27, 2014-16.

By structure

Ca mammae-(C-50)-2002-19, 2003-9, 2004-21, 2005-31, 2006-21, 2007-21, 2008-25, 2009-27, 2010-21, 2011-12, 2012-4, 2013-4, 2014-1, Ca vulve(C 51)-2002-0, 2003-1; 2004-1,2005-1, 2006-1, 2009-2, 2010-0, 2011-0, 2012-0, 2013-0, 2014-1; Ca PVU(C53)-2002-5, 2003-3, 2004-7, 2005-6, 2007-9, 2008-1, 2010-9, 2011-4, 2012-16, 2013-9, 2014-8; Ca corporis uteri(C-54)-2002-3, 2003-4, 2004-6, 2005-4, 2006-4, 2007-6, 2008-9, 2009-5, 2010-7, 2011-4, 2012-11, 2013-14, 2014-5; Ca ovarii( C56)-2002-2, 2003-3, 2004-3, 2005-4, 2006-3, 2007-3, 2008-9, 2009-2, 2010-3, 2011-5, 2012-0, 2013-0, 2014-1.


The Primary Health Centre of the Grocka Municipality-(Belgrad) comprise women population from 15 years onwards (according the latest register from the year 2001, including 31881 individuals. The population includes people from rural environment as well as working class with a very law socio-economical and educational level. There are “personal” risk factors of the early sexual intercourse, indignant hygiene and a greater possibility of the onset of sexually transmission diseases. The external factors include the Nuclear Institution of Vinca, garbage wastage on the territory of Vinca, indentedness of the terrain. If we analyze the results, number of women suffering from the Ca PVU not significantly change. But, the increase of the Ca corporis uteri et Ca ovarii show that we still dont have and appropriate medical check-up (like PAP and colposcopy for PVU) inorder to detect the premalignant et malignant changes of the uterus body and ovary. The worst results appear with cancer of the breast.

The obligation of the introductuin that every women must pass the PAP test, colposcopy and the ultrasound examination once in a year, women older than 45 must pass mammography test and must continue with self-inspection, with the aid of media, will help to stop this negative trend, or at least to minimize it.1−3



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