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eISSN: 2641-936X

Electrical & Electronic Technology Open Access Journal


 Ezekiel Olaoluwa
Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
 Dr Ali Zarafshani
University of Oklahoma, United States
Research Interest: PC-interfacing for industrial applications,Electrochemical or Bioimpedance Measurement technology, and Bioelectric and electroacoustic phenomena
 Hla Myo Tun
Yangon Technological University, Myanmar
 Assoc. Professor Sunil Pathak
Chanakya Technical Campus, India
Research Interest: Areas of Clustering Algorithms, Security Issues, Power Constraints and Routing Protocol in MANET
 Asst. Professor Ahthasham Sajid
Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Pakistan
Research Interest: Wireless Networks, Opportunistic Networks, Mobile Communication
 Assoc. Professor Ghazi M AL Sukkar
The University of Jordan, Jordan
Research Interest: Aspects of wireless communication networks including Cognitive Radio, LTE-A, Wireless sensor, Mesh, Vehicular and P2P networks, with emphasis on system architecture and communication protocol design. Other interests include digital signal processing, and image processing
 Dr Ibrahim Akkaya
Ege University, Turkey
Research Interest: Optical characterization, Tissue phantom preparation, Hands on optical experimental and measurement setups and devices, Maintaining and operating optical devices, lasers in optical lab. Diffuse optical spectroscopy.
 Dr Iman Niazazari
University of Nevada, United States
Research Interest: Machine Learning Applications in Power System, Renewable energy, Distruptive Event Classification in Distribution and Transmission System, Optimization in power system.
 Asst. Professor V.Karthikeyan
Anna University Chennai, India
 Dr Kshitij Yadav
Columbia university, United States
Research Interest: Wireless ultrasonic communications for the applications of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Target markets included physical security, including applications such as mobile-operated door locks and wireless networked locks.
 Mohammad Daneshzand
University of Bridgeport, United States
Research Interest: Computational neuroscience models for Deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease, machine vision projects
 Assoc. Professor Nwankwo Wilson
Wellspring University Benin City, Nigeria
Research Interest: Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Decision Support Systems, Education management systems, Data Mining, Parallel Database systems, Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing, Virtual Networks, Intelligent Enterprise Systems, Control systems, Artificial intelligence, Simulation and Modelling, Data protection and Cyber Law.
 Mohsen Kazemian
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Iran
Research Interest: OFDM Wireless Systems, Signal Processing, Digital Pre-Distortion block and linearization of the Power Amplifiers, LTE, LTEA