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eISSN: 2575-906X

Biodiversity International Journal


 BSc Francisco Calaca
University of Brasília, Brazil
Research Interest: Fungal Ecology, Fungal Diversity, Copromycodiversity (Dung fungi), Myxomycetes, Fungi
 Dr Farzaneh Kazerani
Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Iran
Research Interest: Taxonomy of Diptera, Various families including, Syrphidae, Startiomyidae, Dolichopodidae, Empididae, Conopidae
 Dr Kripamoy Chakraborty
Tripura University, India
Research Interest: Mycorrhiza, Bacteriology, Mycology, Plant physiology, Biochemistry, Biodiversity
 Soroosh Mortazavian
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, United States
Research Interest: Water and Wastewater Treatment, Advances oxidation processes
 Addey Charles Izuma
Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
Research Interest: Integrated coastal management, Environmental pollution prevent and control, Environmental impact assessment, Biodiversity management
 Lourdes Marina Bezerra Pessoa
University of State of Bahia, Brazil
Research Interest: Wildlife medicine, Veterinary medicine, Exotic animals, Conservation medicine, Veterinary clinic
 Bimal Bahadur Kunwar
Central Department of Botany, Nepal
Research Interest: Plant science, Disaster risk, Climate change, Conservation, Ecosystem
 Dr Diana Patricia Alvarado-Solano
National University of Colombia at Palmira, Colombia
Research Interest: Ecology, Aquatic pollution
 Dr Daniella Vinha
University of Campinas, Brazil
Research Interest: Plant ecology, Forest inventories, Seed dispersal, Natural regeneration, Phenology Seed germination
 Dr. Mohan Kukreti
Gurukul Kangri University, India
Research Interest: Avian Ecology, Biodiversity
 Dr. Khaled Khasaf Saleh Al Khafaji
Basrah University, Iraq
Research Interest: Aquaculture of shrimps and fishes, Environment and biology of aquatic Macroinvertebrates.
 Ankita Kulshreshtha
Barkatullah University, India
Research Interest: Environmental pollution, Air pollution, Water pollution, Industrial pollution, Noise level, Ground water, Surface water, Soil pollution study