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eISSN: 2378-3168
Advances in

Obesity, Weight Management & Control


 Giuseppe Potrick Stefani
Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre
Research Interest: Nutritionist, specialist in Clinical and Sports Nutrition, master degree in Health Sciences
 Gu Mi
Oregon State University
Research Interest: Subgroup identication problems for tailored therapeutics in clinical oncology 2015 Power-robustness evaluations of DE tests using NB dispersion methods
 Nila Ghanei
Ebne Sina Hospital
Research Interest: My work conducts competent in evaluation and modification of diets based on patient’s condition and medical history. Also sound knowledge of family-centered approaches to diet therapy
 Su Song
Touro College of Pharmacy
Research Interest: Solid knowledge in physiology, molecular biology, immunology, and medicine related technologies in scientific research, advanced data analysis and review skills
 Olga Stepanova
University of Westminster
Research Interest: Nutrition science
 Ravi Sonkar
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Research Interest: Epigenetic, Obesity, Diabetes, and Hyperlipidemia complications
 Safaa A Al-Zeidaneen
University of Jordan
Research Interest: I am interested in biochemical and pharmacological research aimed to understand and treat cancer and to work on research to produce new cancer therapy. Clinical research of pharmaco-nutrition is of my interest also
 TDMSB Dassanayake
University of Colombo
Research Interest: Sports and Exercise Science, Movement analysis, Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation and disability