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eISSN: 2577-8250

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal


 Professor Irina Anashkina
Mordovia National Research Univesity, Russia
Research Interest: Foreign Languages, Philology, Professional Communication
 Dr Dallel Sarnou
Mostaganem University, Algeria
Research Interest: Virtual Activism, Reading Novels, Writing and Publishing Poetry, Short Stories
 Dr Joseph Godlewski
Syracuse University, United States
Research Interest: History, Theory, Architecture, Urban planning, Geography, Art, Nigerian architecture
 Asst. Professor Yusuf Hossein Khan
International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Tourism entrepreneurship, Political and terrorism issues in Tourism, Travelers loyalty, Safety and risk management in tourism, Tourism destination image and development, Global leadership in Tourism and Hospitality
 Dr Renu Vij
College of business studies, India
Research Interest: Marketing & Management Research, Human resource, business studies, Education
 Dr Armando João Dalla Costa
Federal University of Paraná, Brazil
Research Interest: Humanities, History, Subarea, Modern and Contemporary, History, Rural Development