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eISSN: 2576-4500

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal


 Prakhar Jindal
Amity University
Research Interest: Heat Transfer, Liquid and Solid Combustion, Film Cooling, Hybrid Rocket Motors, Advanced Propulsion Systems
 Mohammad Shabouei
University of Notre Dame
Research Interest: Combustion and Flame, Thermodynamics,Fluid Mechanics, Shock Wave-processingof Advanced Reactive Materials,Finite Element Method , elastic and inelastic thermodynamic dissipations
University of California
Research Interest: Aerospace Dynamics; Microgravity; Parabolic Flights; Applied Mathematics; Geophysics Field experience; Chaos Dynamics; Discrete Mathematics; Ethno-Mathematics; Astrophysics; Celestial Mechanics; Geophysics
 Ilias Panagopoulos
European Aviation Safety Agency
Research Interest: Aviation Safety, Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Safety Performance Measurement process
 Dan Lev
Aerospace Industry
Research Interest: Science and engineering
 Zin Win Thu
Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University
Research Interest: Aircraft Aerodynamics, Aircraft Wing Design, Aircraft Performance, Design Optimization, Gas Turbine Engine, Propulsion, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Turbine Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Wind Farm
 Pouria Razzaghi
Southern Methodist University
Research Interest: Optimal Controls, Advance Controls, Spacecraft dynamics and Control, Nonlinear Vibrations, Advance Concept Aircraft Design