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eISSN: 2576-4500

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal


 Prakhar Jindal
Amity University, India
Research Interest: Heat Transfer, Liquid and Solid Combustion, Film Cooling, Hybrid Rocket Motors, Advanced Propulsion Systems
 Mohammad Shabouei
University of Notre Dame, United States
Research Interest: Combustion and Flame, Thermodynamics,Fluid Mechanics, Shock Wave-processingof Advanced Reactive Materials,Finite Element Method , elastic and inelastic thermodynamic dissipations
University of California, United States
Research Interest: Aerospace Dynamics; Microgravity; Parabolic Flights; Applied Mathematics; Geophysics Field experience; Chaos Dynamics; Discrete Mathematics; Ethno-Mathematics; Astrophysics; Celestial Mechanics; Geophysics
 Ilias Panagopoulos
European Aviation Safety Agency, Greece
Research Interest: Aviation Safety, Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Safety Performance Measurement process
 Dan Lev
Aerospace Industry, Israel
Research Interest: Science and engineering
 Zin Win Thu
Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University, Myanmar
Research Interest: Aircraft Aerodynamics, Aircraft Wing Design, Aircraft Performance, Design Optimization, Gas Turbine Engine, Propulsion, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Turbine Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Wind Farm
 Pouria Razzaghi
Southern Methodist University, United States
Research Interest: Optimal Controls, Advance Controls, Spacecraft dynamics and Control, Nonlinear Vibrations, Advance Concept Aircraft Design