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Women's Health

MedCrave Online Journal of Women's Health (MOJWH) is an internationally peer reviewed open access journal encourages the quality articles on the improvement of women's health and also optimal care for women's healthcare throughout their life span, unconventional research in gender based biological studies, women's health issues include menstrual cycle, contraception, maternal health, breast cancer, child birth, menopausal stage. They can also include medical cases in which women face problems not directly related to their biology like gender-differentiated access to medical treatment. This journal is delighted to accept research papers, review articles, short communications, case reports, mini-reviews, opinions, letter to editors, etc.

Latest Articles

Research Article Open Access

Correlation between tru cut biopsy and final pathology in soft tissue sarcomas

Maria Augusta Velasco Basantes, Juan Carlos Merida, Alvaro Forno Noriega

MOJ Women's Health - April 10, 2024

Case Report Open Access

Post partum rupture of hepatocellular adenoma- a rare case report

Ashita Aggarwal,1 Swati Agrawal,1 Kajal Sharma,1 Megha Singh,1 P Rahul,2 Manju2

MOJ Women's Health - February 19, 2024

Research Article Open Access

Silent struggles, challenges faced by women at workplaces in remote rural areas

Chhabra S,1 Kumar N2

MOJ Women's Health - February 16, 2024

Research Article Open Access

The health profile and prevalent diseases of female patients with HIV/aids treated at the center for studies and care for special patients at a school clinic

Hellen Daniela de Sousa Coelho, Giovana Rocha Camargo, Taís Justo Caniato Guedes, Élcio Magdalena Giovani, Luiz Felipe Scabar

MOJ Women's Health - November 27, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Stress from in-laws and its association with the control of reproductive decisions among women of Pakistan

Oreekha Amin, Bushra Kant, Maria Tariq, Afnan Rizwan, Uzma Nayyar

MOJ Women's Health - November 22, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Surgical treatment for papillary cyst carcinoma thyroglossus

Maria Augusta Velasco Basantes,1 Juan Bernardo Pazmiño Palacios

MOJ Women's Health - October 26, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Review study on aids and its relationship with socioeconomic conditions in one of the poorest states in Brazil

Consuelo Penha Castro Marques, José Carlos Gomes Patriots Neto, Debora Luana Ribeiro Pessoa, Flávia Rafaela Diógenes Ferreira, Letícia Soares Holanda, Hugo Leonardo Silva Corrêa, João Marcos Cordeiro Ribeiro Filho, Graziely De Sousa Absolon da Silva, Sueli de Souza Costa

MOJ Women's Health - October 20, 2023

Case Report Open Access

Conservative management of Caesarean scar site ectopic pregnancy with morbidly adherent placenta: a challenging scenario

Ira Arora,1 Swati Agrawal,2 Ratna Biswas,3 Ashita Aggarwal,1 Harbani Soni,1 Adeeba Saman1

MOJ Women's Health - September 15, 2023

Research Article Open Access

The impact of socio-demographic factors on adherence and persistence to the treatment of female urinary incontinence aided by an app: a randomized longitudinal study

Claudia Veloso Mueller,1 Rogério de Fraga,2 Thalita Cristina Wolff Bertotti,3 Gabriela Rosa Alves,4 Isabel Cristina Bini,5 Maura Regina Seleme6

MOJ Women's Health - September 8, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus in Colombia comparative study and systematic review

Antolín Maury,1 Sara Concepción Maury Mena,2 Juan Carlos Marín Escobar,3 Vanessa Navarro Angarita,4 Adolfo Ceballos Vélez,5 Rosely Rojas Rizzo6

MOJ Women's Health - August 28, 2023