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MedCrave Online Journal of Toxicology (MOJT) aims towards enhancing the advancements in research focusing on developments and its structural & chemical properties and their biological influence. This journal publishes high quality original research with the topics including the adverse effects of xenobiotics on the health of humans and animals. The goal of the journal is to advance the scientific understanding of various mechanisms of toxicity. MOJT also strives to publish papers on current research topics like contemporary issues in toxicology, safety assessments, novel approaches to toxicological testing, biomarkers, risk assessment that are important and prominent topics to toxicologists. Gladly accepts all research papers, review articles, short communications, mini-reviews, opinions, letter to editors etc.

Latest Articles

Research Article Open Access

Research Article Open Access

Study of the impurities present in the substances of cosmetic products

Eléonore Couture, Lona Guillemin, Stephane Pirnay

MOJ Toxicology - March 6, 2023

Short Communication Open Access

N-MOC-MDMA a novel “masked” variant found by Argentina federal police

Guevara Sa, Gomara UD, De Seta JC, Martínez MP

MOJ Toxicology - February 20, 2023

Short Communication Open Access

Addiction-related gene GDNF and interaction network

Göksun Demirel

MOJ Toxicology - February 25, 2020

Research Article Open Access

Can connarus rubber extract inhibit the induction of insulin resistance by hyperglycemia?

Satomi Kawaguchi,1 Riki Kawasaki,1 Ryo Murashige,2 Kayoko Yamazaki,2 Shin ichiro Kurimoto,3 Takanori Nakamura,2 Yu F Sasaki1

MOJ Toxicology - February 7, 2020

Mini Review Open Access

Food and nutritional security: the biggest epidemic in future

Vivek Chaudhary,1 Pragati Sahni,2 Ved Kumar Mishra,3 Prashant Ankur Jain,Priyanka Mishra4

MOJ Toxicology - February 5, 2020

Research Article Open Access

GC-MS analysis of chemical components seed oil of Raphanus sativus L.

Waheed A,1 Hamid FS,1 Madiha B,1 Seemab A,1 Naveed A,1 Nadia K,1 Sohail A,1 Saqib M,2 Hina G,3

MOJ Toxicology - June 14, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Antiretroviral effectiveness with Cuban generics in patients with HIV/AIDS in the province of Santiago de Cuba 

Dr. Reinier Besse Díaz, Rafael Ángel Caballero Artiles, Ventura Puente Sani, Liliana Martínez Cantillo, Emilio Cobo Montero

MOJ Toxicology - June 12, 2019

Review Article Open Access

Research Article Open Access

Investigation of fungus associated within co-occurrence of aflatoxins and ochratoxin A in cereals from Egypt

El Sayed TI,1 El Desouky TA,2 Abd El Aziz AM1

MOJ Toxicology - May 22, 2019

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