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MedCrave strives to bring online scientific journals that cover almost every aspect of distinct science topics. Our advancements are strictly oriented to the research material of Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Microbiology, Genetics, Clinical & Medical Research, Nutritional Sciences, and many more.

Medical Journals
Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research (JCPCR) - ISSN: 2373-633X
Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy (JDHODT) - ISSN: 2373-4345
Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care (JPNC) - ISSN: 2373-4426
Gastroenterology & Hepatology: Open Access (GHOA) - ISSN: 2373-6372
Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research (APAR) - ISSN: 2373-6402
Journal of Cardiology & Current Research (JCCR) - ISSN: 2373-4396
Journal of Neurology & Stroke (JNSK) - ISSN: 2373-6410
MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology (MOJOR) - ISSN: 2374-6939
Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research (JDVAR) - ISSN: 2377-4312
Advances in Ophthalmology & Visual System (AOVS) - ISSN: 2377-4290
MOJ Surgery (MOJS) - ISSN: 2379-6162
Journal of Lung, Pulmonary & Respiratory Research (JLPRR) - ISSN: 2376-0060
Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal (OGIJ) - ISSN: 2377-4304
Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal (UNOAJ) - ISSN: 2378-3176
MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports (MOJCR) - ISSN: 2381-179X
Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal (EMIJ) - ISSN: 2473-0815
Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research (JOENTR) - ISSN: 2379-6359
Journal of Liver Research, Disorders & Therapy (JLRDT) - ISSN: 2471-1381
Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology (JDC)
MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics (MOJGG)
MOJ Lymphology (MOJL)
Journal of Pancreatic Research, Disorders & Therapy (JPRDT)
Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders International Journal (RSSDIJ)
International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (IJCAM) - ISSN: 2381-1803
International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth (IPCB)
MOJ Anatomy & Physiology (MOJAP)
Autacoids and Hormones Research International Journal (AHRIJ)
Clinical and Medical Images International Journal (CMIIJ)
MedCrave Online Journal of Conference Proceedings (MOJCP)
MedCrave Online Journal of Parasitology (MOJP)
Spectroscopy: Open Access (SOJ)
Trauma & Research International Journal (TRIJ)
International Journal of Kidney Research (IJKR)
MOJ Current Research & Reviews (MOJCRR)
Open Access Journal of Audiology (OAJAL)
Open Access Journal of Science (OAJS)
MedCrave Online Journal of Tumor Research (MOJTR)
Horticulture International Journal (HIJ)
Plant Science Open Access Journal (PSOAJ)
Journal of Agricultural Economics: Open Access (JAEOA)

Clinical Journals
Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation (JMEN) - ISSN: 2373-437X
MOJ Immunology (MOJI) - ISSN: 2373-4442
Journal of Investigative Genomics (JIG) - ISSN: 2373-4469
Journal of Human Virology & Retrovirology (JHVRV) - ISSN: 2373-6453
MOJ Cell Science & Report (MOJCSR) - ISSN: 2374-6912
Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control (JDMDC) - ISSN: 2374-6947
Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access (JACCOA) - ISSN: 2373-6437
MOJ Proteomics & Bioinformatics (MOJPB) - ISSN: 2374-6920
MOJ Toxicology (MOJT) - ISSN: 2379-6294
Journal of Nanomedicine Research (JNMR) - ISSN: 2377-4282
Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology (JAMB) - ISSN: 2378-3184
Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal (PPIJ) - ISSN: 2373-6367
Hematology & Transfusion International Journal (HTIJ) - ISSN: 2469-2778
Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics (JSRT)
International Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination (IJVV) - ISSN: 2470-9980
Journal of Bacteriology & Mycology: Open Access (JBMOA) - ISSN: 2469 - 2786
MOJ Bioequivalence & Bioavailability (MOJBB)
International Clinical Pathology Journal (ICPJL) - ISSN: 2471-0016
Nursing & Care Open Access Journal (NCOAJ)
International Journal of Radiology & Radiation Therapy (IJRRT)
Advances in Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Open access (ATROA)
Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research (JAPLR) - ISSN: 2473-0831
MOJ Autoimmune Diseases (MOJAD)
MOJ Polymer Science (MOJPS)
International Journal of Acoustics and Ultrasonics (IJAU)
International Open Access Journal of Translational Medicine (IOJTM)
Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery Research (JADDR)

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