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Introduction: Hotmail

Hotmail, a revolutionary email service that made its debut in 1996, continues to be essential in the online world. It's like your digital mailbox where you send and receive emails. Even though it's been around for a while, Hotmail is still used by millions worldwide. To make your experience with Hotmail easier, we'll go over how to log in, what features it has, and answers to frequently asked questions in this blog.

It's really easy to log into Hotmail on a PC, iPhone, or Android phone. Once you're in, managing your emails is simple. We'll also talk about the differences between Hotmail and Outlook, Microsoft's updated email system. So if you've ever wanted to know how to secure your account, get rid of spam emails, or delete your Hotmail account, keep going! Everything is taken into account by us. Let's investigate the realm of Hotmail together.

How To Login Into Hotmail Account:

Regardless of your preferred device, accessing your digital world with the Hotmail login is a simple process. The procedures are almost quite similar whether you're using an Android phone, an iPhone, or your PC to log in.

Hotmail Login from PC:

Hotmail Login from your PC or a computer device is very straightforward. Follow the easy steps below to log into your Hotmail account from a PC.

  1. Launch your browser, then navigate to "https://login.live.com/".

  2. You'll be required to enter your password and Hotmail email address on a login screen.

  3. Enter the email address you used to create your Hotmail account along with the password you chose.

  4. To continue, click the "Sign In" option.

  5. Now you are signed into your Hotmail account.

  6. You can easily access your emails, manage your contacts, and experiment with Hotmail's features.

Hotmail on your PC provides a smooth and uncomplicated experience, whether you use it for personal or professional purposes. You can keep your mailbox organized and connected with your Hotmail account at your fingertips.

Hotmail Login from an Android:

You can log in to your Hotmail account from any Android device within a few minutes. Following is a step-by-step guideline on how to log into your Hotmail account from an Android device.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android Device.

  2. Download and install the Outlook app from the Play Store.

  3. Once the installation process is done, open the Outlook App.

  4. Enter your email address and password of your Hotmail account.

  5. Tap 'Sign In' and you will be successfully logged in to your Hotmail account.

After successfully logging in, you can use your Android device to access your Hotmail inbox and all of its features. With its smooth connection and user-friendly interface, the Outlook app makes managing emails easy even when you’re on the go. For efficient communication and organization, now you can use Hotmail straight from your Android smartphone.

Hotmail Login from an iPhone:

The Hotmail login process from an iPhone is almost quite similar to an Android device. Follow the instructions given below to easily access your Hotmail account through an iPhone device.

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone Device.

  2. Download and install the Outlook app from the App Store.

  3. Once the installation process is done, open the Outlook App.

  4. Enter your email address and password of your Hotmail account.

  5. Tap 'Sign In' and you will be successfully logged in to your Hotmail account.

Once logged in, you can easily access all your Hotmail emails, contacts, and other features.

Hotmail vs Outlook - Features:

To compare Hotmail and Outlook—two of Microsoft's best email services—it's important to look at their differences.

The user interfaces of Outlook and Hotmail are both simple to use and are intended to simplify email management. They let users communicate easily across multiple devices by offering calendar, contact, and message management features.

The ability of both platforms to work together with other Microsoft services is one of their key features. Whether they utilize OneDrive for file storage, Office Online for document editing, or Skype for discussion, users benefit from a common environment that increases cooperation and productivity.

The fact that Outlook often provides more than enough storage possibilities is one significant difference. Users can therefore save more emails and files without having to worry about running out of storage space.

Outlook often offers more options than Hotmail when it comes to security. It can incorporate enhanced spam filtering, two-factor authentication, and other security measures to further protect users from potential threats.

Customization options also vary; for example, Outlook frequently offers extra features for filter setup, email organization, and folder management according to individual preferences.

Outlook's advanced group project capabilities make it an excellent tool for collaboration. Because of its real-time document editing, sharing, and collaboration features, Outlook is the best choice for companies searching for efficient remote interaction solutions.

Although Hotmail is still available, Microsoft suggests users move to Outlook for a more modern and feature-rich experience. Outlook offers users a wide range of support options, ongoing development, and up-to-date information on the latest advancements in email technology.

How to delete a Hotmail Account?

It's important to consider your options carefully before deleting your Hotmail account because it will permanently remove access to all of your contacts, emails, and related data. But in case you've decided to move forward, the following guide will assist you:

  1. The first step is to sign in to your Hotmail account by entering your email address and password.

  2. Go to your account settings.

  3. Look for the close your account option which is typically found under 'Account Management' or 'Security'.

  4. Please take the time to thoroughly read any instructions or cautions on closing your account.

  5. Verify that you want to close the account. You might need to enter your password again or provide further evidence.

  6. You might be prompted to give a justification for deleting your account.

  7. Check your decision again before completing it, as deleting the account is final and cannot be undone.

  8. To verify the closure request, finish any verification steps that are required.

  9. Know that all related information, such as contacts, emails, and files saved in OneDrive, will be completely deleted when the account is canceled.

  10. If you have any important data, think about backing it up before you start the deleting process.

  11. After the deletion procedure starts, wait for an email or notification to confirm that your Hotmail account has been closed.

Blocking & Unblocking Emails in Hotmail:

One helpful feature in Hotmail for controlling unwanted messages and organizing your inbox is the ability to block and unblock emails.

  1. Open an email from the sender you wish to block in Hotmail to block their address.

  2. Select the "More" option by clicking on the three dots (...) that appear next to the sender's name.

  3. Choose "Block" or "Block Sender" from the menu that drops down.

  4. Future emails from that sender will be automatically moved to your Junk Email bin by Hotmail.

To unblock an email address, go to your Junk Email folder.

  1. Locate an email sent by the person you wish to unblock.

  2. To view the email, click on it.

  3. Select the option that says "Not Junk" or "Not Spam" after finding it.

  4. By doing this, their emails will return to your inbox and you will be able to continue receiving emails from them.

You can effectively handle your inbox by blocking and unblocking email addresses in Hotmail by following these simple steps.

Enhancing Hotmail’s Account Security:

To protect your data, you must make important safety changes to your Hotmail account. Increasing the security of your account by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can protect all your data more effectively. It's also a good idea to change your password from time to time and to stay away from clicking on suspicious messages that ask for personal details. Verify that nothing strange is going on with your account, and only connect to secure Wi-Fi networks. These simple steps allow you to use your Hotmail account without worrying about security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a free email service provided by Microsoft. It is easy to send, receive, and manage emails online. Introduced in 1996, Hotmail was one of the earliest web-based email systems and is now widely used for personal and business communication.

Do Hotmail accounts still exist?

Yes, Hotmail accounts are still in use. Despite the service's rebranding and Outlook integration, existing Hotmail users can still access their accounts and send and receive emails using their Hotmail email addresses.

Is Hotmail and Outlook the same thing?

Although they are not the same, Hotmail and Outlook are connected. In 1996, Microsoft launched Hotmail as an email service. Outlook is a more modern product from the same source. Still, Hotmail and Outlook have been merged, meaning that the Outlook interface can now be used to browse Hotmail accounts.

How do I recover my Hotmail account?

Go to the account recovery page, follow the on-screen instructions, and use the given options to confirm your identity to recover your Hotmail account.

Why can't I get my Hotmail emails?

Numerous factors, including incorrect login credentials, server outages, or network issues, could be the source of this issue. Make sure you have an internet connection and verify your login information twice to fix it effectively.

How do I find my lost email account?

If you are unable to access your email account, use the account recovery options provided by your email provider, such as backup email addresses or phone numbers.

How to reset Hotmail password?

Go to the password reset page, enter your email address, and then follow the instructions to create a new password to reset your Hotmail password.

Why Hotmail is not working?

There could be brief outages or technical issues with Hotmail. Make sure you have an internet connection, try using a different device to access your account, or look for any reported problems on the service status page.

What is Hotmail used for?

Hotmail's primary features include sending, receiving, and managing emails in addition to providing access to other Microsoft programs and services.


In conclusion, Hotmail continues to be a popular email service that provides users with a dependable means of communication. Its Outlook connection ensures better security and functionality. By adopting best practices for account management and security, users can confidently utilize Hotmail's services. Despite changes over time, Hotmail remains a reliable choice for businesses and users as well, offering an easy email experience.

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